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I Am a Magic Sword Chapter 3 High-Grade Sword


After reopened the door, Shi Lei, Jin Zhengqiu’s great apprentice, discovered that there was one less person.

“Have you seen Shen Xiaoming?”

“No, he went out last night and didn’t come back.” The apprentice who lives with Shen Xiaoming replied.

“Where did this smelly boy go?” Shi Lei said angrily, “He didn’t say hello when he went out, and he didn’t come back all night!”

As the apprentices’ big brother, he was Jin Zhengqiu’s only second disciple, who was also responsible for managing all the apprentices.

Jin Zhengqiu also has another apprentice, who has inferior talent in casting swords but was good at work management. He was responsible for the business of a weapons shop in Tieshi City.

Jin Zhengqiu likes quiet places, so he built Jianjian Lu on a hillside in the Xueyun Mountains near Iron Stone City. The apprentices lived in Xueyun Town at the foot of the mountain.

“If he doesn’t come back today, he will be removed from the list!” Jin Zhengqiu said flatly.

Shi Lei said respectfully, “Master, I am worried that Shen Xiaoming has encountered some trouble!”

Iron Stone City was rich with iron ore, and Jin Zhengqiu was a master blacksmith with the highest skills in Iron Stone City and a master in the True Origin realm. He had a high status in Iron Stone City, and no wonder many teenagers would try their best to pass his examination and become his apprentices.

Shi Lei knew very well that Shen Xiaoming was a teenager from a small village, and he was also very intelligent. There was no reason not to cherish this quota!

“In trouble?” Jin Zhengqiu looked up and saw Shi Lei. “I ask you, what are the rules for being my apprentice?”

“If you have something to go out, you must ask for permission … you can’t just go out at night …”

“Do you understand?”

“Got it!” Shi Lei nodded.

Shen Xiaoming was not the first person to be fired because of this rule.

Shi Lei thought carefully. He also felt Shen Xiaoming was in the wrong; no matter what happens, Shen Xiaoming should tell him first.

In Iron Stone City, even the strongest three families, the Liu, Bai, and Xu, had to give his master some face.

Was there anything that can’t be solved, and you need to leave without saying goodbye?

So Shen Xiaoming’s disappearance was perfunctory by Jin Zhengqiu.

As for Chen Hao, no one mentioned him at all.

As if he had never been in this world.

Jin Zhengqiu looked at the black-blood divine sword in front of him. He was not thinking about making the sword continue to evolve, but about how to create a sword like the black-blood divine sword.

All-day, Jin Zhengqiu was entirely out of state, holding the sword in a daze.

Shi Lei was a person who could not hide things in his heart, “Master, do you have anything on your mind?”

“No, no, just thinking about a sword-casting problem.”


 Shi Lei nodded in understanding.

Jin Zhengqiu was obsessed with casting swords known to all the people in Iron Stone City.

In the afternoon, Jin Zhengqiu ordered, “You go back and come early tomorrow!”

“Yes, master.”

After dark, Jin Zhengqiu locked the blacksmith’s shop door, changed into a night suit, and jumped out of the window wearing a mask.

Seeing this scene, Chen Hao spirit di it one brace up, he knew, Jin Zhengqiu certainly couldn’t help it.

Xueyun Town was the town closest to Xueyun Mountains. There were a lot of monster beasts living in the depths of Xueyun Mountains. Many mercenary groups venturing to the depths of Xueyun Mountains gather here.

Few fighters who live in this world are good at stubble, and there are several in their hands, with more than a dozen lives, not to mention Jin Zhengqiu.

Refining swords with humans was initially exclusive to the Demon Sect!

He lurked in the shadow of a hidden alley, just like a poisonous snake waiting for prey, with cold eyes looking at the drunken mercenaries passing by.

After about a quarter of an hour, a mercenary who stumbled appeared, and Jin Zhengqiu jumped fiercely, covering the mercenary’s mouth, stabbing Chen Hao’s long sword into his chest, and then quickly pulling the body into the alley.

No longer a person, of course, Chen Hao will not have any symptoms of dizziness.

He only felt a burst of warmth flowing into the sword body, nourishing his soul.

That warm current brought a great sense of comfort, feeling that his body and soul were sublimated, just like entering heaven, if there was heaven in this world!

When the warm current disappeared, Chen Hao still wanted more.

There was a feeling of addiction!

Being used by Jin Zhengqiu to kill people, Chen Hao did not feel the slightest sense of guilt.

After all, when he was a human being, he had not lived a whole day in this world.

He was full of hatred for this world.

Chen Hao was sure that Jin Zhengqiu was definitely a master of assassination. The assassination technique was neat and straightforward. He killed four tall and burly mercenaries who didn’t seem to be weak in a short time.

After absorbing the fifth mercenary, Chen Hao knew that he had reached a critical point and was about to evolve again!

Jin Zhengqiu also noticed that the black-blood sword began to heat up, so he lost the idea of continuing to kill people and quickly left the alley and entered a small courtyard nearby, which was also his own.

After closing the door, he put the black blood divine sword, which was hot and red, on the ground. Seeing that the Excalibur began to seep out gray impurities, Jin Zhengqiu confirmed his guess.

The black blood divine sword’s evolution was not accidental; just like the legendary sword, it needs to kill!

Non-stop killing!

Did Jin Zhengqiu have any plans to give up the Black Blood Divine Sword?

No, absolutely not!

Was he afraid?

No, not fear, but happiness, joy, and excitement.

He raised his black blood divine sword and waved it gently. The corner of the table was cut off without any hindrance.

Pulling out a hair and blowing it on the blade, the hair was cut into two pieces.

Jin Zhengqiu nodded with satisfaction, and he knew that the black-blood divine sword of intermediate grade had been successfully promoted to high grade!

He can’t help but sigh, “It’s a magical sword. I don’t know if you have limits!”

At this point, Cen Hao also enjoyed himself in the divine sword.

Sword name: Black Blood Divine Sword

Grade: High-grade weapon

The first sword master: Jin Zhengqiu

Talent: Killing the Master


1. Bad luck (turned on): steadily reduce the fate value of the swordmaster by 1 (the luck value of 10 can be called the son of heaven’s luck);

2. Killing evolution: Evolving itself by absorbing blood and soul;

3. Automatic repair: spend a certain amount of blood and soul on repairing itself;

4. Evil Spirit Aura (opened): The more creatures killed, the stronger the condensed qi aura, forming a unique qi aura. The qi aura not only affect the enemy’s mind but also causes fear and fear. It also affects the swordmaster

Black Blood Divine Sword produces the fourth skill!

Moreover, this skill looks very powerful, and it was also a growth skill that could influence the character of the swordmaster.

Of course, the current qi aura was fragile, and there were only six people died under Chen Hao. The impact of Qi aura on the swordmaster was negligible.

But this was at least a welcome progress.

In addition to bad luck, he had another skill that can influence the swordmaster.

He was not a dead thing. He did not want to be a tool for others!

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