I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 1 Okay I Am Leaving


I Don’t Want To Go Against The Sky, this is one of my favorite novel xD


Inside the house.

A man sitting at the bedside, he looked calm and a little dignified.

He looked very calm but bewildered at the same time.

“I’ve been here for three days, and I don’t know how to go back.”

Lin Fan was very confused. He remembered he was still at the subway station just a while ago.

In the subway station, something that was not very pleasant happened. He was in the middle of a fight with two big men. He was considerably strong, which those two didn’t know about. He started it with Wing Chun, but it turns out it just took merely three seconds to finish them. Those two big men turned into his sandbags. Well, common sense wouldn’t apply to him.

The next time he opened his eyes, he was already here.

At first, he thought it was someone’s prank.

But he came into the realization that no human would dare to mess with him, especially pulled this kind of prank.

Furniture in the house was made of a deep redwood, and the air was filled with its fragrance.

Very wonderful.

Today is the third day since he came here.

When he first came here, he didn’t dare to walk around, didn’t know anything, including where he was right now.

“It’s a bit weird. It’s like I’m in the novel. if my memory serves me right.”

Lin Fan held his head with both of his hands like he was on rage and desperation.

He looked to the mirror.

He had confirmed it countless times since he came here, looked exactly like back before came here, except for the long hair he had now.

He didn’t know if this was really his own body or other with a lot of resemblance to his body.

Different worlds, two identical people, that kind of situation wasn’t uncommon, but the current situation still seemed a bit awkward.


Lin Fan took a look at his left arm and looked at it in a hurry. When he saw the scar mark on his arm, he was paralyzed.

“This is my original body.”

He couldn’t believe it.

How did this happen?

He had a scar on his arm, a vaccine mark, which was really hard to fade away

He calmed himself down for a moment.

“Just forget it, even if you came here, you would be fine, you are just afraid of yourself, not the outside world, what is the big deal?”

After locking himself in this place for three days, he had enough, he didn’t want to run anymore. He walked out of the door boldly and took a good look at this unfamiliar world.


Oh crap.

He quickly doubted himself since he was miserable in his previous world, assuming things remained the same, questioned himself, can he survive in this world?

Although he still had doubts about it, he decided to move forward.

“It should be fine.”

He couldn’t afford to think negatively. As an aspiring young man, he must have the courage and took the first step bravely, even if he was in an unfamiliar environment.

Lin Fan opened the door.

The first thing he saw was a large courtyard with rocks and flowers.

This was the home of the landlord.

“It seems that I’m pretty lucky. In this unfamiliar world, I became a rich man.” Lin Fan was delighted with the current situation.

It was impossible to imagine what the life of a rich man would be, but now he was a landlord.

Could he retain this lifestyle in the future?

Passing the arched door, he continued walking and left the courtyard.

He has been thinking about something.

He should be a rich man, but he has not seen a servant in these three days, not even one of them.

No one delivered breakfast, lunch, or dinner to his room.

He was so hungry, this was why I’m afraid of unfamiliar places, these past three days have been extremely harsh for him, but fortunately, there are some cakes inside his room, but considering the amount, it didn’t even last a day.

At this time.

Two servants came and saw Lin Fan with a puzzled expression, one of them respectfully said: “Young Master, how come you came out?”

Lin Fan just nodded.

He was cautious at first, but since he knew that he was a Young Master, that meant he didn’t need any permission to go out and have a stroll.

To make sure the servant wasn’t suspicious of him, he refrained from talking too much.

The servants bowed their heads and felt something was off.

Young Master was not the same as usual.

But he couldn’t bring himself to ask anything else.

Lin Fan cleared his throat, acted dignified like a Young Master, one of the servants said to another, “You should accompany this Young Master.”

The servant was about to say something, but they knew the temperament of Young Master, knowing that there was no point in saying anything to him once he made up his mind, besides, it would ruin his mood, so he decided to refrain from saying anything and followed Lin Fan instead.

He was too unfamiliar with this place.

He must bring someone along, in case something happened.

At a corner, Lin Fan stopped. He was startled since he almost ran into someone.

Just to take advantage of his own status, he yelled arrogantly, “Watch your step! Who do you think you are?”

After uttering these uncouth words, he looked up and saw a man in front of him. He looked powerful, he seemed so overwhelming but very young.

Obviously, saying these harsh words with a condescending tone would draw people’s attention, in this narrow road.

Lin Fan noticed that the man looked at him with all puzzled, and this man wore a pretty good garment, he definitely wasn’t an average person.

But what about status? Is he anywhere the level of a Young Master?

This man had several aides with him, some shook their head and chuckled.

Meanwhile, the rest of them gasped in disbelief.

Lin Fan patted the man’s shoulder and said, “Brother, you want some trouble?”

Very polite greetings.

Although Lin Fan didn’t know who the man is, he looked considerably strong, and he had a feeling that this man knew him, maybe he was one of his relatives.

If his prediction was right, there should be no problem.

“Master.” Another servant that he saw earlier, rushed toward Lin Fan while holding a bag of silver, Young Master wanted to go out, it would be troublesome if he didn’t bring any money with him, so that servant fetched some for him, when the servant caught up with Lin Fan, he saw Lin Fan and the man, and the servant’s soul almost left her body due to the shock.

“Master?” Lin Fan was startled because the servant didn’t say it to him but to the man instead.

“What?” Lin Fan was really surprised after finding out this man was the Master.

This was the karma for his arrogance earlier. This man whose age didn’t seem that far apart from his has actually held a high status than him.

This man was Lin Wan, he was Lin Fan’s father in this world.


The man’s expression suddenly changed, and he immediately yelled, “You sure have the guts to take him out without my permission.”

Followed by a heavy blow to the servant, the servant fell on her knees, her face turned pale, her forehead bled.

“Take care of this imbecile!” The man sighed.

“I’ll accept any punishment, merciful Master, but please spare my life.” The scared servant bowed her head and beg for forgiveness with blood gushing out from her forehead.

Lin Fan was astonished seeing what happened in front of him, this man in front of him who they called Master was so ruthless.

And from the looks of it, only Lin Fan, who was shocked seeing this kind of treatment, everyone else didn’t think this was a big deal at all.

Afterward, two sturdy guards stepped forward and were about to take the servant away. Lin Fan could not bear to see this any longer.

“Stop right there.”

He stopped these two guards spontaneously.

His tiny body couldn’t be compared to these two burly guards, they could’ve knocked him out with two hits if he wasn’t a Young Master.

“I left by my own accord, he has nothing to do with it, let him go at once!”

Lin Fan was a person with a very high sense of justice, he wouldn’t mind being involved in a fight for doing the right thing.

But in this situation, he didn’t have to fight or anything given that he was Young Master.

The servant was lying on the ground with tears and blood mixing on his face.

The servant dare not look the Young Master in the eye, but to his surprise, Young Master stood up for him, and he was grateful for that.

Being a servant was really harsh, they could’ve got beaten up, and no one even batted an eye.

Most of the time, they were abused and be disposed of later on, and nobody really cared if they actually died.

‘Congratulations, successfully activate the System.’

There was a sudden sound in his mind.

“Is this my golden finger?”

Lin Fan, who was addicted to the novel, could instantly tell that he just got a golden finger.

When it came to the fantasy novel, he was second to none, he could’ve just read the prologue, and he could quickly figure out the plot.

And he knew that he ought to check the status window.

Once he opened it, the parameter caught his attention.

‘Name: Lin Fan’

‘Level: 9’

‘Spiritual Power: 0’

‘Cultivation Technique: None’

‘Martial Arts: None’

‘Rage Point: 10’

Lin Fan didn’t understand what Rage Point mentioned in the status window was?

He racked his brain to guess what it was.

“Ha ha ha, it seems like you got scolded by Young Master Lin Fan.” The middle-aged man who was standing beside the Master laughed at the guard.

Seeing this burly middle-aged man laughed, Lin Fan asked him. “What are you laughing at? you want some too?”

The Rage Point suddenly increased from 10 to 30.

Lin Fan instantly understood that this Rage Point was probably the key to his golden finger.

However, he was intrigued by the fact that his rude remark toward this middle-aged man gave 20 Rage Points, meanwhile, when he scolded the guard earlier, he only got 10 Rage Points.

“Did he just get dumped or something? that must be why he gave more Rage Points.” Lin Fan mumbled.

“Mind your manner, how could you disrespect Master Yuan like that, you wanted to learn ‘Tiger Style Swordsmanship’ from him, right?” Master Lin yelled at Lin Fan.

The middle-aged man who was called Master Yuan just smiled bitterly. Obviously, he was holding back his emotion because Lin Fan was a Young Master.

“It’s fine, I’m not offended, I’m sure he didn’t mean that.”

Lin Fan was aware of his status, but he still didn’t know who was this person called ‘Master Yuan.’

But even though he was a Young Master, he did get ahead of himself

But wait for martial arts?

What kind of world is this?

Is martial arts something everyone could do?

All those thoughts filled Lin Fan’s mind at once, he took a deep breath to collect himself.

“No.” Lin Fan replied.

“Rage +5.”

and now only increasing by 5 points, it barely gave any

Master Lin endured anger, “Why not?”

Lin Fan had no idea how to answer his question. He didn’t even understand why Master Lin asked such a question.

“I didn’t sign for this. And why should I learn martial arts?” Lin Fan said indifferently.

“Get the hell out of here.” Master Lin couldn’t take it anymore, he thought Lin Fan was clowning around to tease him.

“Alright, no problem.”

Lin Fan quickly left before Master Lin nagged him once again.

“Rage +100.”

Lin Fan, who has walked away noticed that suddenly the Rage Point increased by 100 points, he shook his head in disbelief, he didn’t even know anything about martial art, and suddenly Master Lin snapped at him and sent him away, and did exactly as he was told, but surprisingly Rage Point still increased, what’s more this time it gave him 100 Rage Points, which really left him wondering.

Meanwhile, another guard was consoling Master Yuan, who seemed grumpy after being disrespected by Lin Fan.

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