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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 52 It Depends On You


Liang Yongqi was stupid, he should have known that his father and Master Yuan didn’t dare to mess up with Lin Family.

Well, Liang Yongqi was still a young boy after all.

“Young Master Liang, please mind your words.” Lin Fan said.

Liang Yongqi was irritated by Lin Fan, he didn’t care anymore who was Lin Fan’s father.

Master Yuan said, “Brother Lin, I have no doubt toward Lin family, but you know what is going on, it is too obvious.”

Master Lin laughed, “Brother Yuan, no need to say it in such round about way, just straight to the point. I’m an open-minded person. I will cooperate with you.”

“Thank you for your understanding, brother Lin.” Master Yuan clenched his fist. Although he was opposed to Master Lin, he believed Master Lin wouldn’t do a shameless thing.

“Father, why don’t we take a look at Yuan Family’s storehouse, maybe we can find a clue.” Lin Fan said.

Liang Yongqi muttered, “A clue? Even Zu Xiang couldn’t find anything when my family’s food was stolen.”

Lin Fan glanced at Liang Yongqi, “Why are you against my idea? You have nothing to lose. Besides, maybe the culprit is you all this time because you are the first one who noticed Yuan Family’s food has been stolen.”

Yuan Tianchu was shocked and looked at Liang Yongqi.

Yes, no one knew the truth. Liang Yongqi rushed to the crime scene as soon as possible and said that it was the Lin family’s doing.

‘Rage point +111’

“Bullseye. But if you still want to joke around, I won’t say anything.” Liang Yongqi’s ears and face turned bright red, and then he talked to Master Yuan, “Master Yuan, my family’s food was stolen. I guess the thief is still in the city. Because my men know something about the thief identity..”

He did not expect Lin Fan to be so insidious.

“Ahh… Your explanation is too hazy. The more you talk, the more you blow your own cover.” Lin Fan said.

Liang Yongqi snarled, “Lin Fan, you are framing me without proof.”

‘Rage point +233’

Liang Yongqi turned out had a lot of potentials to produce rage point than Lin Fan expected.

Master Lin didn’t stop the show, from the youngster’s quarrel, Master Lin found out his son was better than Master Liang’s son.

Lin Fan responded, “If you say so, just let us take a look at the crime scene. I have to make it clear for the sake of my family’s reputation. Master Yuan, what do say?”

Master Yuan didn’t want to lose his face in front of Master Lin.

“Brother Lin, you are a knowledgeable man, let’s go to the scene.”

Master Lin agreed to the offer, he was also curious about how the thief could steal the food.

Yuan Family’s Residence, Storehouse.

They arrived at the scene, many people was also curious about what happened to the nobles’ family.

“Master.” The guards greeted them while he was trembling to see Master Yuan.

Lin Fan looked at the surroundings and sighed, “The thief was so mean. He didn’t leave even a single rice.”

Master Lin looked at Lin Fan, he was worried if he couldn’t solve the case, his family’s reputation will be ruined.

“Brother Lin, from the looks of it, all food was stolen overnight, when the guards open the storehouse in the morning, they didn’t see anyone.” said Yuan Yuan.

“Of course the thief will run for his life.” Lin Fan said.

Master Lin said, “The thief is not your average person, he was able to steal all the food overnight.”

When Lin Fan heard Master Lin’s word, he was smiling, because Lin Fan was the one who could do that.

A remarkable achievement.

Liang Yongqi pulled Yuan Tianchu and glanced at Lin Fan while he was whispering, “Brother Yuan, I’m not lying to you, he was the one who stole our food, we can’t be fooled by him.”

“When I was drinking at the Pavilion he admitted that he was the one who stole it. What do you think?”

Yuan Tianchu believed in Liang Yongqi’s word. Whoever hated Lin Fan were hoping that Lin Fan was the thief, and finally found a reason to kick his ass.

“What!” Lin Fan shouted.

“Come here! I find the clue.”

The crowd came around.

An ant died trampled by someone.

“It’s just an ant.” Liang Yongqi said.

Master Yuan frowned, pinched the ant, and looked carefully.


Then again.

Lin Fan shouted, “There is a very small hole here, but it fits for the rice to go through.”

Everyone looked at it, and it turned out to be a very small hole, even if you look closely, it was still difficult to find it.

Master Lin showed a hopeless expression toward Lin Fan because Lin Fan’s statement was too obvious.

“Master Yuan, ant, rice, small hole, something comes to your mind?” Lin Fan tried to lead Master Yuan’s opinion.

Master Yuan took his time thought about Lin Fan’s word, he looked up fiercely, and said, “The ants steal food.”

“Yes, it is the ants who steal the food. So, no wonder they could come in undetected.” Lin Fan said.

“Master Yuan, give me water.”

Master Yuan instructed the guards to bring a bucket full of water.

Liang Yongqi and Yuan Tianchu watched Lin Fan and all of them were confused.

Lin Fan took the bucket from the guards and poured it to the hole.

Water flowed until it reached the opposite side of the hole.

“Come out with me.” Lin Fan walked outside to the opposite hole.

I saw Lin Fan took the knife from the guard and stabbed the ground with it. And he found the water was flowing which meant it was connected.

Lin Fan said, “Look there is a tunnel, this might be connected to somewhere. Now we can search for the direction of food’s route.”

“Master Yuan, do you have a map of Tranquil City?”

“Here you go.” Master Yuan said.

Lin Fan took the map and opened it on the ground.

Lin Fan squatted but everyone was still standing, so he said, “What are you guys doing?”

Master Yuan hesitated for a moment before he finally squatted and followed Lin Fan.

Lin Fan pointed at the map and said, “As you guys can see, the tunnel turned 45 degrees and  headed in a straight line afterwards.”

“This means we can pin point the food’s route.”

“Look at my hand.”

Lin Fan drew a straight line from Yuan Family’s storehouse and he finally stopped at… Liang Family’s storehouse.

But Lin Fan didn’t say anything.

“Look, this is the food’s route.”

Lin Fan was circling his finger around the Liang Family’s storehouse on the map as if he was saying…

“You know what I’m getting at right?!” Lin Fan thought.

“Young Master Liang, don’t you dare framing someone without proof. And based on what are we find here, it’s more likely your family is the culprit. If you want to frame someone, go ahead to frame your family.”

“Father, let’s go home.”

Lin Fan beckoned, he already said what needed to be said in there, the rest was in Master Yuan’s hands.

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