When I became a rich kid, I had to enjoy it.
Training? That is so boring.
Just add points to the max.

Chapter List:

  1. Okay I Am Leaving
  2. Hard Word is Boring
  3. Praise the Lord
  4. Make People Smile
  5. I Can Split the Table
  6. Give Me Her
  7. It’s Him!
  8. I, Lin Fan is Good Person
  9. If You Hit Me, I Will Hit You
  10. Want To Hit But Kicked Instead
  11. Mad Temptation On The Verge of Death
  12. It’s Good, It’s Very Good
  13. This Is To Clear The Bones
  14. So Painful, The Eyes Are Swollen
  15. If There Is Plenty Of Food, Nothing To Do
  16. Will Be Finished
  17. The Rumor Spread Like A Fire
  18. Must Eliminate The Danger
  19. With You To Say A Few Words
  20. Was Almost Beaten
  21. Annoying, Really Annoying
  22. He’s a Bit Mean
  23. Father Is Terrifying
  24. Fortunately Quick Respons
  25. Drunk Lodged
  26. Who Did It?
  27. You Force Me
  28. Cousin, Let’s Go
  29. Killing Spree
  30. Don’t Move, Grandpa
  31. Sorry, I’m Going To Hang Up
  32. Cousin Will Take Revenge
  33. There Is Day To Come
  34. A Bond Between Father And His Son
  35. Wow, He Wept
  36. I Want To Prove Myself
  37. Out Of Frustration
  38. This Is A Bit Mean
  39. Everyone Was Moved To Tears
  40. Last Time Was a Failure Attempt
  41. Father, Who Is The Winner
  42. Fearless
  43. This is Bad
  44. You Aren’t Afraid
  45. Just Eat Your Own Shit
  46. He Wanted To Compete With Me
  47. I Was the Victim
  48. Again
  49. This is Really…
  50. I Am Stealing Food
  51. So Terrified
  52. It Depends On You
  53. Redemption
  54. A Whole Another Level
  55. Piss His Pants
  56. You Are Such A Bad Person
  57. What Else Do You Want
  58. Red River
  59. Tranquil City Is Still The Safest Place
  60. Overpowered
  61. I Really Want To See
  62. She Was Brutal
  63. My Wife, You Are So Cold
  64. Easily Took The Bait
  65. I Can Do It
  66. Let’s Heading Back
  67. Talking About Me
  68. So Stupid
  69. Is My Cousin That Cruel
  70. Lets Find Something To Do
  71. Cousin Where Are You
  72. If You Dare, I Will Fight You
  73. My House Turn Into Brothel
  74. Poetry
  75. A Bit Different From What I Think
  76. Lin Fan Is Genius
  77. She Is Cruel
  78. I Don’t Want To Go
  79. I Acknowledge You
  80. She is Dangerous
  81. I Am Violent
  82. What A Beautiful Morning
  83. Do You Think I’m A Fool
  84. Hypocrisy
  85. It Is Done
  86. He Is A Demon
  87. Not Pretending
  88. So Painful
  89. Pervert
  90. Come With You
  91. The Corpse
  92. This Person Is Too Cruel
  93. I Did Not Do Anything
  94. How Can There Be Such A Person
  95. Big Leap On The Strength
  96. This Is Not Liang Yongqi
  97. Sugar-Coated Sword
  98. Leaving The City
  99. Suburban Forest
  100. I Am The Party’s Leader
  101. Guinea Pig
  102. I Just Wanted To Have Meal
  103. The Simplest Way
  104. Diffierent From What I Speculated
  105. Look, As I Said Before
  106. Oh God….
  107. River City
  108. This Is Not A Test!
  109. I Am The Head Master
  110. An Innocent Cousin

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