I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 37 The Sunset Abyss


“Hmm…” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded.

After eating the piece of black python meat in three or two bites, she wiping between her lips afterward, the grease disappeared without a trace.

“I am gonna sleep!” Lu Xiaoyuan walked under a big tree.

She lay down there and closed her eyes directly.

“Hey, this meat so yummy.” Yao Yao also finished eating.

She looked at the remaining black python meat, I was a little greedy, but my belly could no longer hold it.

The golden feathered eagle saw this and threw the black python into the air.

Then he opened his mouth and breathed in sharply.

Zhou Ye saw that the black python shrank exponentially, and finally became the size of an earthworm, falling into the mouth of the golden feather flying eagle.

That’s awesome.

Condensing a giant black python and turned it to the size of an earthworm.

Zhou Ye thought that when the golden feathered eagleusually foraged for food, I’m afraid it didn’t even need to be roasted, it was all swallowed directly.

After all, it was concentrated into such a large size, what was the need to roast it, directly swallowing it in one bite, convenient and hassle-free.

Yao Yao ran toward Lu Xiaoyuan and lay next to her under the tree.

The golden feathered eagle was very sensible.

He was very conscious of his vigil.

Time flew by, and it was late at night.

Lu Xiaoyuan and Yaoyao fell asleep.

The golden feathered eagle stood not far away with his eyes closed. He used his skill to monitoring the movement of grass within a few miles.

Compared with Lu Xiaoyuan and Yao Yao, Zhou Ye was very hardworking.

He was cultivating all the time.

Although the Universal Points grew slowly, Zhou Ye did not give up, as long as the Universal Points were increasing.


The next day, early morning.

Lu Xiaoyuan woke up.

She rubbed her eyes and looked around.

The ground was dry, and there was no sign of dew on the plants around her, but the breeze blowing in made her feel a little cold.

Beside her, Yao Yao was hugging her arm, sleeping soundly.

“Hey, Little rabbit.” Lu Xiaoyuan pushed her.

“Huh?” Yao Yao slowly woke up.

“What’s wrong?” She asked somewhat confusedly.

“Time to wake up.”


They got up and then saw the golden feathered eagle that had stood all night like a statue.

“Are we leaving now?” The golden feathered eagle suddenly opened his eyes and asked towards Lu Xiaoyuan.

“Yeah.” Lu Xiaoyuan nodded her head.


A golden light was emitted from the golden feathered eagle.

Then, he transformed into a huge eagle.

The moment he transformed back into his real body, it gave an incredible feeling.

The actual body was too large.

“Let’s go.” Lu Xiaoyuan pulled Yao Yao’s hand and leaped onto the golden feathered eagle’s back.

“You two, get ready!”

The golden feathered eagle said, then with a long squeal, he spread his wings and flew into the blue sky.

After flying into the sky, the golden feathered eagle transformed into a golden light and flew towards the distance.

With the golden light protecting his body, the strong wind wasn’t hampering him so that he could fly faster.

Zhou Ye woke up, took a look at the situation, and then continued cultivating.

For him, as long as he was still at Lu Xiaoyuan’s side, there was nothing to worry. He just needed to cultivate at ease.

If anything happened, Lu Xiaoyuan was able to handle it.

The speed of the golden light was fast, and a thousand miles distance were traveled in a blink of an eye.

On the ground, many demon beasts were looking up at the sky and roaring madly at the flickering golden light.

They believed that the golden light that flew over their territory was provoking them.

The golden feathered eagle had no time to pay attention to those demon beasts.

Just revealing a single breath would make those demon beasts tremble with their tails and their legs. They would not dare to act rashly.


Flying high, the golden feathered eagle felt an aura land on him.

He glanced at himself.

That feeling made him uncomfortable as if everything that he had was exposed to others.


The golden feathered eagle snorted coldly.

That aura was so unbridled, and it distracted the golden feathered eagle.

The golden feathered eagle was incomparably suffocated.

That aura came from a cultivator that had a cultivation realm higher than him, that aura could unscrupulously provoke him.

However, when the owner of that aura felt Lu Xiaoyuan’s existence, it stunned.

Fuck, something was going to happen.

The owner of that aura quickly withdrew his bit of aura to avoid Lu Xiaoyuan.

Felt the aura disappear, the golden feathered eagle smiled in his heart.

He knew in his heart that that aura must have retreated because of Lu Xiaoyuan.

As far as he knew, most of the high-level demon beasts in the Wood World had been beaten by Lu Xiaoyuan.

So, who the hell dared to come and stop Lu Xiaoyuan’s trip?

In a water pool, a green-scaled dragon was shivering.

“Damn, what bad luck! How could I meet Lu Xiaoyuan when I want to eat my breakfast?!”


The green-scaled dragon spat and palpitated towards the sky. He made sure there is no danger before he was cautiously exiting the water pool.

For it, it had undoubtedly just almost experienced a life and death battle.

Once Lu Xiaoyuan got angry and took action, and then she followed that aura to find it, it would inevitably be a fat beating.

Moreover, there was a seven or eight percent chance that it would become the roasted dragon meat in Lu Xiaoyuan’s hands.

It was too dangerous.

It seems like I have to keep a low profile in the future; otherwise, if I meet someone that has a higher cultivation realm than mine again, I will be in trouble.


A day passed, the golden feathered eagle had crossed millions of miles.

During that time, he had also encountered many powerful demon beasts.

These demon beasts were at first insolent, and one by one, they emitted their auras on the golden feathered eagle, as if they were trying to scare the golden feathered eagle into taking something out to honor them.

However, when they saw Lu Xiaoyuan, they have pulled back their auras directly.

Then, like a mouse seeing a cat, these guys were trembling with their tails between their legs.

This made Lu Xiaoyuan very disappointed.

At first, she had thought that the journey would be interesting.

But how could she have imagined that she was already famous and no high-ranking demon beasts dared to behave in front of her.

Lu Xiaoyuan felt very bored.

But I can’t just find someone and beat them up for no reason. That’s not good.

She had to come up with an excuse.

Otherwise, her reputation would be ruined.

If the other demon beasts knew this, they would definitely squirt in secret.

I don’t want to have a reputation like that.

For the next few days, Lu Xiaoyuan spent the next few days in boredom.

Finally, on a cloudless clear day, they arrived at the Sunset Abyss.


The golden feathered eagle landed on the edge of the cliff and said to the drowsy Lu Xiaoyuan, “Senior Lu, we’ve arrived the Sunset Abyss.”

“Oh, good.” Lu Xiaoyuan came to his senses.

Lu Xiaoyuan took Yao Yao and jumped to the edge of the cliff, and she looked into the distance.

From the edge of the cliff, all the way to the sky, there were endless rolling black clouds.

Below the black clouds were the abyss.

Exactly how deep it was, no one knew, as everyone who had fallen to there would never come back.

Even Lu Xiaoyuan was a little afraid of this abyss below.

Zhou Ye looked at the scene around him and pondered.

“Sister Lu, is it just going to be endless?” Yao Yao pointed to the cliff at her feet, then to the sky.

On the far side of the sky, there was any number of cliffs and black clouds.

“It seems like that, and I remember that the edge of our Wood World Continent looks like this.” Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head and said, after thinking back.

“It’s a bit strange, eh.” Yao Yao didn’t understand, she pondered.

To Zhou Ye, it was still easy to understand.

To him, this Wood World Continent was a huge island, and these black clouds were seawater.

Of course, the analogy was so metaphorical, what the real situation was like, Zhou Ye didn’t know.

“Senior Lu, are we just going to go over there?” The golden feathered eagle asked.

“How would you pass if you don’t go this way?” Lu Xiaoyuan rolled her eyes.

“Go! Go straight over.”


Lu Xiaoyuan brought Yao Yao and leaped onto the back of the golden feathered eagle again.

Then, the golden feathered eagle leapt and flew into the depths of the Sunset Abyss.

While they entered the range of the Sunset Abyss, they heard a roar that was like thunder coming from it.

“What kind of little demon dares to trespass before the Sunset Abyss has opened!”

Heard this voice, the golden feathered eagle seemed to have been struck by lightning, and his movements were stopped and locked in the air.

When Lu Xiaoyuan heard this sound, her face was cloudy.

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