I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 71

[Name: Hundred Dry Leaves.] [Class: unknown.] [Ability: unknown.] [Remark 1: One bottle is refreshing, two bottles you’ll never get tired, and three bottles soar in place.] [Remark 2: Although Hundred Dry Leaves is good, don’t be greedy, please be wise to use it.] [Note 3: After you drying this Hundred Dry Leaves bottle, you will become the most handsome herb!]

Zhou Ye: “???”

He looked at the detailed information displayed before him, his face turned green.

What the hell?

Does this mean it can make me addicted?

That definitely doesn’t work.

Zhou Ye was sure that he would not spend a whole bottle. He would just drink a sip, and then he would go away immediately.

As my first draw ticket, drawing out this thing is a sad story.

Zhou Ye was a little troubled.

Why on earth is the System doing this to me.

Can we play happily together?

Zhou Ye stared at the Hundred Dry Leaves on his hand and didn’t know what to do with this thing for a while.

Zhou Ye shook his hands.

The dark blue and greenish liquid in the bottle was also swaying.

It looked attractive.


Suddenly, a small figure appeared beside Zhou Ye.

Lu Xiaoyuan stood beside Zhou Ye.

She sniffed Zhou Ye’s body, and then said, “Let the fragrant scent on your body come out. I can’t sleep without smelling it.”

Zhou Ye didn’t answer her, but he let go of his body’s fragrant scent come out directly.


Lu Xiaoyuan took a deep breath, and she was delighted.


Lu Xiaoyuan yawned, she felt sleepy, then she rubbed her eyes with her little hands and prepared to go back to sleep.

But just after two steps, she looked back at Zhou Ye and asked, “Little Spiritual Weed, why don’t you go to sleep?”

“Huh, I can’t sleep.” Zhou Ye replied.

Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head and then found Hundred Dry Leaves in Zhou Ye’s hand.

She approached Zhou Ye, then took the Hundred Dry Leaves in Zhou Ye’s hand and observed it.

“What is this?”

Lu Xiaoyuan couldn’t understand the words on the package, so she could only ask Zhou Ye curiously.

“A very magical thing.” Zhou Ye sighed. He didn’t want to explain too much.


Lu Xiaoyuan played with Hundred Dry Leaves, and she twisted her hand, accidentally unscrewing the lid.


The tip of his nose approached the mouth of the bottle. Lu Xiaoyuan smelled it, then frowned.

“It smells interesting.”

Zhou Ye wanted to tell Lu Xiaoyuan not to touch that thing. He wanted to say that it was poisonous.

But when he just turned his head to look at Lu Xiaoyuan, he was dumbfounded.


Lu Xiaoyuan drank the Hundred Dry Leaves, and then she stretched out her hand to wipe the rest of the Hundred Dry Leaves from the corner of her mouth.

“Little Spiritual Weed, do you still have it?” Lu Xiaoyuan asked with excitement.

Zhou Ye scratched his hair.

“How do you feel right now?” he asked.

Lu Xiaoyuan scratched her head.

“What do you mean?”

Zhou Ye: “…”

“I mean, don’t you think about it if this thing harmful?”

Lu Xiaoyuan’s eyes were blank, and she shook her head, “I think it tastes pretty good. I’m sleepy just now. But this drink give back my good spirits, this drink can refreshing my eyes!”

As she said, she shook the Hundred Dry Leaves bottle in her hand.

Zhou Ye looked at the sky, and said after a long silence, “You know, that’s poison.”

“Really?” Lu Xiaoyuan was suddenly taken aback.

She felt it carefully as if there was no problem, but the smell still smelled in her mouth.

When he looked at her expression, Zhou Ye didn’t want to communicate with her anymore.

This kind of deer who likes to drink other people drink is not suitable for communicating with me.

“Uh, no wonder you don’t drink it.” Lu Xiaoyuan suddenly understood.

“Yeah.” Zhou Ye nodded.

I think she likes to drink that…

“Then, do you have any more?” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at him, looked forward to it.

“No, there is nothing anymore.” Zhou Ye shook his head.

If I have some more, I would have given it all to Lu Xiaoyuan.

“Oh, then I’m going to bed.” Lu Xiaoyuan reluctantly returned the bottle to Zhou Ye and then disappeared.

Zhou Ye stared at the Hundred Dry Leaves bottle in a daze.

After a long while, he cheered up.

“Hundred Dry Leaves, eh…”

Then he wanted back to cultivate, absorb Universal Points, and wanted to draw tickets again.

He didn’t believe it. Today terrible things always happened.

He was sitting cross-legged, and he put his hands in front of the lower abdomen.

Zhou Ye mobilized the power in his crystal-core, a cyan light spot appeared on the fingertips, and then it condensed into a seal.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth within one mile seemed like a calm sea blown by a light breeze, but waves were still slowly rising.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth aura was sucked into the seal by Zhou Ye.

They entered Zhou Ye’s body along with the source of the seal’s power, and then there was no more.

[Universal Points increased by +0. 1.]

The aura of the heaven and earth were not much.

This was the fundamental reason why there are not many masters in the human world.

It was also the fundamental reason why Zhou Ye didn’t want to be in the world longer.

He more liked the wood world.

My little life is better there.

“It seems a bit slow to cultivate like this.” Zhou Ye stopped cultivating, and after he thought about it, he began to explode in his strongest state.

His real body was revealed.

In the breeze, he swayed his weed figure.

He sucked all the spiritual energy within ten miles of heaven and earth and then directly refined.

The actions were rude and even alarmed the great cultivators deep in the palace.

In the darkness, those bloodshot eyes opened and looked at Zhou Ye on the roof of the distant house.

In those eyes, there was sadness.

“Kid, you are too much…”

“The old man must give a lesson to you today!”

Then he thought about it again carefully.

“Forget it. The old man is seriously injured now…” The ancestor gave himself an excuse.

Not to mention Lu Xiaoyuan and Jin Xiaoer could rub him on the ground.

Too dangerous, I must keep in low profile.


An hour passed.

Zhou Ye couldn’t maintain his strongest state.

During this period, he absorbed much spiritual energy in this world and gained a full thousand points.

Zhou Ye opened his eyes.

“Alright, today, I want to prove Goddess of luck.”

“System, come out! I want to draw a ticket.” Zhou Ye was very arrogant.

Holding Universal Points in my hand is so crazy.

First of all, he felt that the 1st Tier draw is not worthy of him.

I want to draw the 2nd Tier right now. I hope it worthy for me.

Not much nonsense.

Zhou Ye draw ten of the 2nd Tier directly.

[The draw is complete, please check.]

He consumed all the Universal Points.

Zhou Ye began to check what he got this time.

The first thing was a special weeder.

This made Zhou Ye very sad.

The second one was fifty points.

The third time is 30 points.

He now wondered if there is any misunderstanding between himself and the System that makes him get bad draw tickets.


The first nine draws left Zhou Ye very sad.

But when he saw the last one made him even sadder.

That thing was a bloodline ability.

He was very happy to see the bloodline ability.

But this bloodline ability was a bit too strong to make people panic.

[Name: Sex Changer.] [Class: None.] [Ability: To change your gender when you transform into the human body.] [Remark 1: Although you are forcibly transformed into a man, you still cannot change the fact that you are a root of grass.] [Remark 2: After activating this bloodline ability, you don’t need a girlfriend, you only need your own hands.]

“Why are you doing this to me.”

“Why don’t we two love each other?”

“Why do you like to pierce my heart like this.”

“Do you know that this makes me very sad?”

Zhou Ye looked sad.

He stored the bloodline ability on the panel.

He believed that with his heart, he didn’t need this bloodline ability.

Although his real body was a spiritual weed, his mind was still human.

Sex Changer?

Fuck, this is nonsense.

I’m a real man!

He promised his entire life, he would never use this bloodline skill.

I swear!

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