I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 77


Zhou Ye never thought that Lu Xiaoyuan was also the disciple of the big-faced man.

He always thought that Lu Xiaoyuan was the mount of the big-faced man, or a friend, descendant or something.

However, it never occurred to him that Lu Xiaoyuan was actually the disciple of the big-faced man.

This is embarrassing.

Besides that, wouldn’t Lu Xiaoyuan be able to bully me with confidence?

Is the education that Lu Xiaoyuan gave to me based on love as a senior-junior relationship?

In the future, live as a weed would be scarier, make me feel like I fall to the deep in darkness and unable to see the dawn.


“I’ve to become stronger, so Lu Xiaoyuan can’t bully me.”

Zhou Ye muttered in his heart.

He put the dark green crystal-core in the soil, then stood up from the spiritual field and walked to the first house from the left.

When he walked to the door, he found that the door was really high.


Two of his leaves touched the door, and Zhou Ye pushed the door hardly.

When he got inside the room, he looked that there are two bookshelves in front of him.

The bookshelves were empty, and there was nothing.

Zhou Ye didn’t know if it was really empty or if there was a mystery inside.

He found that a wooden sign hung on the edges of the two bookshelves.

These signs were all engraved with words.

The bookshelf closest to Zhou Ye was engraved with the four characters ‘Six Worlds in Detail’.

He didn’t look at this bookshelf for the time being but instead set his gaze on another bookshelf.

The sign on the second bookshelf was engraved: Spirit-level spells.

“This bookshelf should contain books within the spirit-level spells knowledge, but there is nothing on it. How can I read it?” Zhou Ye was speechless.

He walked in front of the bookshelf and felt a strong suction.

“What is going on?”

Zhou Ye was a little confused.

How can a bookshelf have suction power?

Could it be that the bookshelf has refining ability, is it has a cultivation base?

Zhou Ye was shocked.

He moved away from the bookshelf of spirit-level spells and found other bookshelves.

He suddenly wanted to see if all the bookshelves had suction.

Before he was walking to the next bookshelf, Zhou Ye realized that although each bookshelf looked the same, the materials were different.

For example, the previous two bookshelves are made from an odd kind of wood, nothing special.

However, although the following bookshelf’s color is the same as the previous two bookshelves, the material used does not seem to be wood.

Zhou Ye guessed that this bookshelf should contain high-end goods.

Then he looked up at the sign.

Earth-level spells!

“Is it above the spirit level?” Zhou Ye felt the suction on the bookshelf, but he ignored it and continued to move forward.

After passed the bookshelf of earth-level spells, he saw another bookshelf.

This bookshelf, made of white jade, exudes a soft breath and repulsive force.

Zhou Ye looked up at the sign.

The sign was also made from white jade, and it was engraved on it: Heaven-level spell.

Zhou Ye lifted his roots and wanted to get closer.

But the repulsive force was getting bigger and bigger, which made him unable to move forward at all.

Zhou Ye pushed his body with spiritual energy, but the result was the same. He still unable to get close to the bookshelf.

Zhou Ye tried many methods, but none of them worked.

After he thought about it, Zhou Ye felt that he might be too good to be close to this bookshelf.

He returned through the same way and walked to the bookshelf of earth-level spells.

The closer he got to the bookshelf, the stronger the suction he felt.

He didn’t know what was going on.

But he was exploring the room.

The tip of his leaf moved slightly and touched the bookshelf.

The next moment, that suction force suddenly increased, and Zhou Ye directly sucked into the bookshelf.


Zhou Ye was not alert. He was very shocked.


“What the fuck is this place?”

Zhou Ye found that he had come to a strange place.

This room was so dark, with no ceiling, and its ground has so many lush weeds.

He walked among the weeds and felt that these weeds were all alive and moving.

“Is this the magic space in the bookshelf?” Zhou Ye felt very magical.

After walked for a while, Zhou Ye found many trees, each of which had a hollow in the trunk, which contained the light ball.

Every light ball has the size of an adult fist.

They emit a faint light, and they were beautiful.

Zhou Ye ran under a tree and tried to touch the light ball with his leaf’s tip.

But he suddenly discovered that his leaf could not reach the light ball at all.

If Zhou Ye in his human body, he could easily reach the light ball, but now his body has been sealed by Lu Xiaoyuan, and he could only maintain his real body.

His real body was only three feet and one inch, and couldn’t touch the light ball at all.

And then he tried to fly.

Zhou Ye used his spiritual energy to make himself levitate, and then he touched the light ball with his leaf’s tip.

When his leaf’s tip touched the light ball, a ray of light was emitted from the light ball and submerged into Zhou Ye’s torso.

In that light, there was an introduction about the spells.

“One punch?” Zhou Ye felt a little weird.

Isn’t it funny if a weed learns how to boxing?

Even if I transformed into a human body to learn boxing, it is unrealistic.

As Lu Xiaoyuan said, he would always be just a weed.

“Oh, this thing is not suitable for me.” Zhou Ye shook his head, then ran to another tree and touched the light ball in the same way.

Time passed quickly.

Most of the things Zhou Ye touched were some punching techniques, palm techniques, and the like.

Among them were the leg technique, the knife technique, and the stick technique, but these were a few.

As he got deeper and deeper, Zhou Ye found that the light ball’s color seemed to be getting brighter.

“Is it the appearance for the higher rank?” Zhou Ye guessed.

But I didn’t think so much.

He hasn’t even found a spell suitable for his cultivation for the time being. There was a shit to talk about.

Finally, Zhou Ye touched a light-silver ball, and suddenly he was surprised.

The top-grade of the prefecture-level transformed your body into a sword.

Introduction: Imagine yourself as a sharp sword, which can cut everything and destroy everything.

Zhou Ye thought.

As a weed, how can I imagine myself as a sword?

Just when he was about to complain.

Suddenly remembered a sentence.

“Every plant can be a sword.”

“My body, it seems that it can become a sword?”

Zhou Ye looked at his own body.

Suddenly, he wanted to give it a try.

He cracked the light ball with his leaf’s tip.

The light ball shattered, and the silver fonts appeared in front of Zhou Ye’s eyes, made him feel dazzled. He did not know where to start.

Fortunately, he has plenty of time, and he was reading very seriously.

“Imagine yourself as a sharp sword, and the sword light flickers between every move…”

As Zhou Ye read it, it seemed to be quite impressive.

This spell should not belong to the category of Mystic Skills.

When he finished reading, the silver lettering gradually disappeared, gathered together, re-formed the light ball, and returned to the hollow of the big tree.

Then Zhou Ye jumped to the ground and sat down, lost in his thought.

After a while, he called out the Status Panel.

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (Top-Grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Treatment (Enhanced).

Cultivation Realm: Mystical Core Early Stage.

Physical Realm: Mid-Grade Spirit Stage 2 (+).

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Mystic Skill: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Consummation). Cloud Step(Consummation).

Transform Skill: Turn your body into a sword (Unable to use).

Universal Point: 404.

Draw Ticket: None (+).

[A new item has added to the Status Panel.]

Zhou Ye was a little surprised.

It seems that turning a sword into a body really does not belong to the category of Mystic Skills.

At the same time, he felt that this thing was a bit dangling. With 404 Universal Points, there was actually no way to raise the sword-transform into the beginner stage.

It’s a bit irritating.

However, he was looking forward to it.

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