I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 90


The Black-Haired King Kong continued: “Big Brother! I got a little brother today!”The big demon beast’s face on the top of the mountain turned black and was very angry.When he immersed in cultivation, he was awakened by the shouts, and it almost broke his eardrum burst.”Are you still my little brother?!”Zhou Ye saw the intense spiritual energy on the top of the mountain.That spiritual energy formed into a golden eagle claw and stretched towards The Black-Haired King Kong.”Hey, big brother, don’t welcome me to the mountain like this. It will make me very shameless.” The Black-Haired King Kong was caught by the golden eagle claws and protested somewhat helplessly.The golden eagle claws shrank back.The Black-Haired King Kong was lifted to the top of the mountain.Zhou Ye saw the appearance of the giant demon beast, and he was taken aback.He looked at the gleaming, golden feathers like steel and looked at its sharp eyes.Isn’t this guy Jin Xiaoer?Jin Xiaoer, who had returned to his own turf, was really aggressive.”Did you come over thousands of miles just to show your new little brother?” Jin Xiaoer stretched out his wings and asked coldly.I have to say that Jin Xiaoer now has a feeling of absolute authority.”Hey, big brother, the little brother I going to show you this time is a bit special.” The Black-Haired King Kong showed a pleasing smile, and then he raised his hand and held Zhou Ye to come to Jin Xiaoer.”Look, big brother, do you think this little spiritual weed particularly interesting?” The Black-Haired King Kong raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile.Jin Xiaoer lowered his head slightly. His eyes focused on Zhou Ye.He was taken aback for a moment.There was a particularly familiar feeling in his heart.”Brother Jin, what? It’s only been a few days since we’ve been apart. You may recognize me?” Zhou Ye sighed, a little sad.In his tone, he seemed to be disappointed with Jin Xiaoer.Jin Xiaoer was stunned and then asked a little strangely: “Are you a little spiritual weed?””Wait, do you know this spiritual weed?” The Black-Haired King Kong raised his other hand and scratched his head, looking confused.Why does it seem that Big Brother and this Little Spiritual Weed know each other?”Brother Jin, you disappointed me so much. It’s only a few days since we apart. You have forgotten me.” Zhou Ye sighed.Jin Xiaoer immediately retorted when he heard this.”How that can be! You are my good friend of Jin!” Jin Xiaoer emphasized.”However, what makes me curious is, why did you run into this guy?” Jin Xiaoer pointed to The Black-Haired King Kong and asked Zhou Ye.He was changing the subject.The Black-Haired King Kong stared at Zhou Ye without speaking.He still didn’t understand the situation.Why big brother and this little spiritual weed know each other?I want to be this little spiritual weed’s elder brother too.How could this matter be such a coincidence? It made the Black-Haired King Kong so sad.”I ran into this buddy fighting with a Manticore on the road. At the time, I couldn’t avoid it. After they finished fighting, this buddy found me. Then he invites me to be his little brother, and then he brought me here.” Zhou Ye lifted the tip of the leaf and pointed to the Black-Haired King Kong.”It turns out like that.” Jin Xiaoer nodded, indicating that he understood.Afterward, he looked at the Black-Haired King Kong and said with a bit of hatred, “That Manticore obviously is a big problem, and how could you still bring someone who can bring you the bigger problem?””Is it possible to remember more? This is the fifth time.”The Black-Haired King Kong scratched his head and muttered: “What can I do? That Manticore has wings and can fly. If it can’t fly, I will kill it in minutes.”Jin Xiaoer took a deep breath.”Huh, forget it, your IQ is not high. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”When Zhou Ye heard this, he didn’t know what to say.Although what Jin Xiaoer said was right, he was too straightforward.After hearing the words, The Black-Haired King Kong exploded.”Big brother, how can you blame all that to me!” The Black-Haired King Kong seemed very hurt by Jin Xiaoer’s words.”Don’t bluff with me! Or I will give you a lesson.” Jin Xiaoer glanced at him.The Black-Haired King Kong stunned, shrinking his neck, and dared not continue to argue.Regardless of his cultivation realm, combat effectiveness, or age, Jin Xiaoer has been far away from him.”Brother Jin, don’t talk about this. You help me take this thing off first.” Zhou Ye said and shook his ring-bound leaf towards Jin Xiaoer.Jin Xiaoer narrowed his eyes and looked at his leaf.”A spatial ring?””Little Spiritual Weed, you are amazing. Where did you get it?” Jin Xiaoer was a little curious.”Lu Xiaoyuan tied this to me, and she said that I should give this thing if I meet you.” Zhou Ye swayed, then said.”Master Lu gave it?” Jin Xiaoer’s eyes lit up suddenly.It’s from Lu Xiaoyuan, that’s a big deal.Is that big guy give me something bad?”Yes, Lu Xiaoyuan gave you that it was the reward for driving us to the world last time. It was a Tier 6 Demon Pill.” Zhou Ye said.Jin Xiaoer was shrouded with golden light, transformed into a human form in the blink of an eye, and then stood in the palm of the Black-Haired King Kong.”Oh, it’s a reward for what I did. It’s too much. I don’t think I will take it.” Jin Xiaoer said with a beaming smile.Even though he said that his movements were very fast, he directly moved his hand towards the spatial ring, and the spatial ring appeared in his palm.When he thought, the demon pill with six thunder patterns appeared in his palm.”My God.” Black Hair King Kong’s pupils wide slightly.He took a deep breath.If he can refine this demon pill, his cultivation level will definitely rise a lot.”Umm, Big Brother…””Shut up!” Jin Xiaoer glanced at him.”Okay.” The Black-Haired King Kong shut up obediently and looked at the demon pill in Jin Xiao’s second hand eagerly.Jin Xiaoer tossed the spatial ring, and then looked at Zhou Ye, “Little Spiritual Weed, here your space ring.””No, I can’t take it.” Zhou Ye shook his two leaves at him.Jin Xiaoer suddenly realized.How could it be possible for Little Spiritual Weed to carry a spatial ring in his real form?”Is Master Lu hasn’t unblocked the spell for you yet?” Jin Xiaoer looked strange.”I forgot to ask her when I came out.” Zhou Ye wanted to cry without tears.His tone was full of bitterness, and with some hope, he asked, “Brother Jin, can you broke this spell?”Jin Xiaoer looked at Zhou Ye’s body carefully and finally shook his head helplessly.”Sorry, I can’t, her sealing spell is too high, I can’t even see her back. How can I unlock the spell she cast by herself?”Zhou Ye was slightly disappointed.”By the way, is there anything important for you to come out this time? If not, how about being a guest here for two days?” Jin Xiaoer invited with a smile.”There is nothing important. Master said that while Lu Xiaoyuan is in her ponder period, he let me come out to gain much experience.” Zhou Ye replied casually.”What, Master? Do you mean that Great Master?” Jin Xiaoer suddenly looked solemn.”Yes, indeed.” Zhou Ye replied.Jin Xiaoer’s feet suddenly felt a little soft.In the entire Wood World, no more than three people could subdue the Great Demon Beast Lu Xiaoyuan.At the same time, Zhou Ye’s Master identity was also very famous in the entire Wood World.”Have you worshiped Senior Lu Xiaoyuan’s Great Master as a teacher?” Jin Xiaoer asked cautiously.”Yes, Lu Xiaoyuan and I are the disciples of that Great Master.” Zhou Ye replied, very sincerely.”Great Master…” Jin Xiaoer and the Black-Haired King Kong gulped at the same time.The Black-Haired King Kong felt that his legs were shaking uncontrollably.”By the way, I never know what my Great Master name is, Brother Jin, do you know something?” Zhou Ye asked curiously.He really didn’t know what the big-faced man was called.”That one is…”

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