I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 89


The Black-Haired King Kong slowly moved his feet away.Zhou Ye breathed a sigh of relief.The weight of the Black-Haired King Kong was too terrifying.Fortunately, only one toe is stepping on Zhou Ye’s body, and the center of gravity was not on that toe. Otherwise, Zhou Ye would die on the spot.Zhou Ye stood up tremblingly.The Black-Haired King Kong was a little curious, stretched out his big hand, and pinched a Zhou Ye’s leaf.It lifted Zhou Ye directly and then leaned him on its hand.”What are you?” The Black-Haired King Kong asked.The sound was like thunder, deafening.Zhou Ye wanted to suggest that he speak quietly.”I’m a Spiritual Weed. What’s up?””It’s interesting.” The Black-Haired King Kong nodded and then took a deep breath.Suddenly, its eyes lit up.”Brother, you have good taste.” The Black-Haired King Kong was extremely happy.Zhou Ye: “…”The Fuck.It doesn’t even Lu Xiaoyuan likes to smell my fragrant body. I think this the Black-Haired King Kong can smell too.Strong suction came from the nostrils of the Black-Haired King Kong.Zhou Ye sighed, floating helplessly in the hands of the Black-Haired King Kong.He was afraid that the Black-Haired King Kong would be unstable, and when he let go of his hand, his Zhou would be sucked into his nostril.In that case, it would be too scary, and it would make him think of ascending immortal in place.”Yes, it’s pretty good.” The Black-Haired King Kong nodded.He started talking to himself.”The smell of this little spiritual weed smells pretty good. I think I am going to store it directly?””In that case, I can smell it every day, and it’s refreshing and excites…”The Black-Haired King Kong raised his other hand and rubbed his chin.After a long time, it began to mutter to itself, “This is not appropriate. If I become obsessed with this taste, wouldn’t it be necessary to refresh yourself when you fight with those demon beasts in the future?”Zhou Ye listened and said directly: “Big brother, I’m a…””Shut up, let me think about it first.” The Black-Haired King Kong directly threw Zhou Ye on the ground and then covered him with its palm.There was darkness all around, and Zhou Ye still felt the temperature in the palm of the Black-Haired King Kong, and he yelled at him as a qualified spiritual weed.”Nima! Believe it or not, I’m, Zhou would ask someone to avenge you…”Shouting and listening to the echo, Zhou Ye was very sad.”The injury on my body is still a bit serious…” The Black-Haired King Kong said to himself.It thought a lot of things.The Black-Haired King Kong grabbed Zhou Ye again, and then touched his chin with one hand, and muttered as he thought, “This little spiritual weed seems can heal my wound…””If I eat it directly, it will break the rules. I definitely can’t free like this…””However, I should be able to taste it without screw up my life.”As he said, he pinched a Zhou Ye’s leaves.As soon as he pinched it, he happened to pinch Lu Xiaoyuan’s ring.”What’s this?” The Black-Haired King Kong narrowed his eyes.It might be that he is a little short-sighted and couldn’t see clearly at all.He brought Zhou Ye close to his eyes and squinted his eyes to observe him.After watching for a long time, he shook his head.”What the hell is it? Just forget it. It seems I can’t eat it yet.”The Black-Haired King Kong curled his lips.”Brother, let me go quickly. I’m a…”Zhou Ye was uncomfortable.He couldn’t finish his words.The Black-Haired King Kong directly sealed Zhou Ye’s ability to speak.If he could still speak at this time, Zhou Ye definitely jumped up and said to The Black-Haired King Kong: I’m a Qinxu Shan’s disciple!”It’s too special…” Zhou Ye cried and said in his heart.”Little spiritual weed, I going to take one leaf of yours, shouldn’t it matter?” The Black-Haired King Kong suddenly wanted to try it.But after thinking about it for a while, it was over.This little spiritual weed already has spiritual intelligence. If I eat a single leaf of it, it is equivalent to eating one of his arms.It’s too cruel.”Wait, I can’t do this.” The Black-Haired King Kong had firm eyes and was very conscientious.If Zhou Ye didn’t have the spiritual intelligence, then the Black-Haired King Kong didn’t think about it and just finished it.But Zhou Ye has spiritual intelligence. So, The Black-Haired King Kong didn’t dare to break the rules.”Brother, I will not eat you today, nor will I eat you in the future, but you have to follow me.” The Black-Haired King Kong looked at Zhou Ye seriously.Later, it unlocked the spell that sealed Zhou Ye’s ability to speak.”Okay, brother, can you put me down first?” Zhou Ye was very excited when he realized that he could speak again, feeling that he was just on the verge of life and death.”Hahaha, finally, I have a day to be a big brother!” The Black-Haired King Kong looked excited and danced.”Brother, starting from today, I will take care of you, the whole wood world, whatever you want, if someone bullies you, directly tell them my name!” The Black-Haired King Kong was beating his chest very confidently.”Brother, don’t pretend to be forceful. Just now, you were beaten up by others.” Zhou Ye sighed.The Black-Haired King Kong: “…””Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal. There is a big brother on my top. That guy is really awesome.” The Black-Haired King Kong laughed.Hearing this, Zhou Ye nodded helplessly.”Let’s go, brother. I will take you to see my elder brother. I want my elder brother to know that I’m now a King Kong with a younger brother.” The Black-Haired King Kong ran away holding Zhou Ye.Zhou Ye looked at the wound on its body and couldn’t help asking: “Brother, don’t you want to heal your wound first?”When the Black-Haired King Kong heard this, he stopped and looked at his body.After a while, it suddenly smiled and said: “Don’t worry, it’s just a small wound.””When my elder brother beat me, I was almost beaten to death.”Having said this, King Kong paused for a while, then raised his eyebrows at Zhou Ye quite proudly, and continued: “But even in that situation, I still survived. Brother, you want to see him, don’t you?””I don’t.” Zhou Ye shook his body.The Black-Haired King Kong asked with some doubts: “What are you talking about?””Stop talking! aren’t you going to see your eldest brother? let’s go, quickly!” Zhou Ye sighed, feeling irritable.What kind of King Kong is this? Why should I follow it to its strange places? Even I refused it.”Yes.” The Black-Haired King Kong noddedAfterward, it held Zhou Ye and dashed.The speed of the Black-Haired King Kong was extremely fast. Every time it jumps, it will cross several miles.Along the way, Zhou Ye had a lot of exchanges with the Black-Haired King Kong, confirming that the Black-Haired King Kong was principled.According to what it said, the coercion rose from the weakest to the highest when fighting with a Manticore, which had already scared away some innocent, weak creatures.Significantly few innocent creatures have been affected by the big demon beasts fight.In this regard, Zhou Ye had to sigh.The wood world was very harmonious.As long as you don’t die, it’s really too safe.A quarter-hour later, the Black-Haired King Kong took Zhou Ye for at least a thousand miles.”Where is this?” Zhou Ye asked curiously while looking at the endless forest.The Black-Haired King Kong whispered, “Don’t panic; it’s almost here.”After speaking, it started running wildly again.After a while, they came to the foot of a high mountain.As soon as it arrived at the bottom of the mountain, it yelled, “Big Brother! I am coming to see you!”The loud and noisy voice makes people feel the eardrum burst.With a loud shout, it alarmed tens of thousands of birds in the surrounding area.

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