Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 203


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 203 – I Can Reluctantly Test the Medicine For You.

Lin Fan exclaimed, loud like a thunder making people around him jumped.

Huang Li was a beautiful woman with strong curiosity. An object that caused such a shocked and horrified look must be remarkable, but what exactly was that object?

The skinny master said, “Master Lin, what exactly is this object?”

Mao Si said, “Master Lin if you can tell us what the object actually is, the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion will definitely be grateful.”

Lin Fan stood there with his hand in the air, unmoving. His expression was very convincing that even the best actor would have to bow down before him.

“Great horror, it’s really a great horror.”

“My immortal heart can’t even bear the shock that this object has brought me.”

Lin Fan ignored everyone’s gazes, went straight to the chair, and waved his hand, “Hurry up, serve me the immortal tea to calm my heart.”

The skinny master hurriedly said, “What are you all still waiting, didn’t you hear what the master said? Hurry up, serve the best tea.”

Immediately after.

The master appraisers were busy, one person took the tea leaves, and the other person poured the water.

Lin Fan lightly patted his chest as if he was under some kind of great stimulus; his previous calm eyes were now shown a horror look.

This wasn’t something that people could pretend. Because if they could, it only meant that their acting skill was award-nominee.

Lin Fan trembled slightly, “This object is coming from ancient times, and it has a very deep background. When I think of the horrific origin of this object, my muscles are starting to stiffen. Hurry up, help me loosen up my bones.”

Everyone around was stunned by Lin Fan’s words.

They looked at each other.

Wondering if Lin Fan was telling them the truth or not.

If he’s lying, why did it feel terrifying?

So, the determined masters of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion obediently squatted beside Lin Fan and started to rub his legs and his shoulders.

The finest tea was served, it had strong qi and tangy fragrance, and you could tell just by smelling it that this tea was extraordinary. This was the absolute finest tea.

If you were to sell it, it must be worth quite a fortune.

Huang Li’s beautiful face was now filled with anxiety like she was about to die. She wanted Lin Fan to tell them quickly what the object actually is, but looking at Lin Fan’s expression, she knew he wasn’t pretending. It’s obvious that he suffered a great shock because of this object; it was a terror for his soul.

But what on earth could cause such a huge disturbance?

Her heart was itching as if many ants were crawling around. She couldn’t wait to know the truth, but looking at Lin Fan’s condition, it’s obviously impossible to rush him. They could only wait.


A group of appraisal masters was serving Lin Fan, and it felt quite good. Other than their dry and abrasive hands, everything was fine.

The massage was pretty good.

The tea was even more precious. The feel when it entered the mouth, it was like there was a vortex of qi inside the mouth, and it was good for the limbs too, making it extremely comfortable.

It was a luxurious serving indeed.

But this unknown object was indeed powerful, and the price was definitely high. This was something that he or the appraisal masters had never seen before in their lives.

Lin Fan slowly said, “I feel much better now. Right after I touched this object, I was shocked by how terrifying this object is. If I had to describe it, this is an absolute horror. This object has an amazingly terrifying background.”

“If you want to know what this object is, let me tell you a story.”

Huang Li quickly concentrated. She didn’t want to miss a word.

The same goes for appraisal masters; all of them were listening with their ears perked up. For them, what they were about to hear was the origin of a legendary object that they had never seen before.

Seeing everyone was listening attentively, Lin Fan continued, “According to the legend, there was an extremely powerful tribe in ancient times. Their newborn babies were as strong as an ox, but one day, a baby was born, the baby was weak and considered a failure by the tribe.”

“Eighteen years later, the baby grew into a handsome man and met the woman he loves, but for fundamental reasons, he can’t be humane. So, he left the woman to be a widow to ensure he won’t harm her, and it broke his heart to do that.”

“Then the man searched the mountains and rivers and finally found an elixir. So, he swallowed the elixir, and after swallowing it, the dark side inside him was instantly gone.”

“And this…”

Before he could finish his words, Huang Li interrupted him. Her face somehow looked ugly, “Could it be that you’re saying this is that elixir?”

The appraisal masters had the same look as her.

Perhaps they didn’t expect this object to be so useless. They had wasted their time for so long in vain, even sacrificing two True Stage cultivators. It was too great of a price to pay.

“No.” Lin Fan shook his head.

Huang Li said, “Then what is the point of you telling us this story.”

“I’m telling you this story to let you know that various rare elixirs existed in the ancient past and also to give you an illustration of how extraordinary elixir can be.” Lin Fan said.

He didn’t expect that they would think the object he was talking about was this object.



The appraisal masters were angry.


What a horrible guy, they absolutely hated people like Lin Fan, talking a big game, but turned out it was all bullshit.

Lin Fan slowly said, “This elixir is called the Flying Immortal Infant Elixir. There is a huge difference between elixir and spirit grass. Spirit grass needs to go through several kinds of treatment before they can be made into pills, but elixirs are not, as they are inherently pills and can be swallowed directly.”

“There are five infants laying inside this Flying Immortal Infant Elixir, which means it has been growing for fifty thousand years, but nine is the perfect number, so there are still forty thousand years to go before it can be completely mature.”

“It’s a pity. You guys picked it too early. If you wait another forty thousand years, you’ll be able to get a perfectly mature elixir.”

“But it’s not completely a lost, if it does grow to maturity, you may not be able to pick it because it will already have a spirit by then.”

What Lin Fan said was the truth.

Upon hearing those words, Huang Li and the others looked at Lin Fan in amazement. For them, what Lin Fan said was too mysterious, making it hard for them to believe.

A ninety thousand-year-old elixir?

What kind of concept was that?

“Then what does this elixir do?” Huang Li asked.

The appraisal masters around looked at Lin Fan in anticipation; they wanted to know the wonders of this elixir.

There was a hint of doubt in their heart whether what Lin Fan said was true or not. None of them could see through this object, only Lin Fan could. So, they didn’t know anything about this object, that’s why they were suspicious.

Then one of the appraiser masters whispered.

“Everyone, please be careful. In case he was just trying to make us think that this object is worthless.”

“I know. Even if this object is worthless, I’ll never let him take it away.”

It just didn’t occur to them, what Lin Fan said next, left them completely shocked.

“If it’s a mature Flying Immortal Infant Elixir, the person who takes it will be able to forge immortality, cast an immortal body, and increase their lifespan by an additional of sixty-six thousand and sixty-six hundred years.”

“But unfortunately, it’s just the five thousand years old Flying Immortal Infant Elixir. After taking it, it can increase qi dramatically and give additional life span by twenty thousand years, while eliminating the bad things inside the body. After all, even when you can’t cast an immortal body, you can still have a great benefit from it.”

“So, it’s not too much of a pity, this elixir you got is so valuable that it would be hard to compare even with a dao artifact. Perhaps this is the only unearthed elixir nowadays.”

“Congratulations, it really is a payoff.”

To say that this object was not something to envy was a lie.

Good things were always obtained by others.

It had to be said that the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s luck was too strong to be able to obtain this kind of elixir.

It’s good that they met Lin Fan. Suppose it was another person who had a bad intention. That person could just tell them that this object was just an Eight-Grade Spirit Grass, which is not very useful, and no one wouldn’t know it anyway.

But Lin Fan wouldn’t do such a thing.

Huang Li’s mouth wide opened, she was shocked by the wondrous uses of the elixir that Lin Fan had said.

It’s really terrifying.

“I wonder if you can tell me where this object was found?” Lin Fan asked, he really wanted to know the origin of this elixir. ‘Holy shit, what an elixir. This must be the first time an elixir like this was being found; otherwise, how could the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion didn’t know about it.’

So he’d like to know where they got it.

He’d like to go on an adventure there too.

Harvesting one strain would make him rich.

It would make him didn’t want the Eight Grade or Ninth Grade Elixir anymore. They were all rubbish.

“Master Lin, I hope you don’t have the idea of going there. That place is extremely terrifying and dangerous. Five True Stage cultivators from the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion came there, and two of them died. The other three that came back alive were all severely injured.”

The way Huang Li addressed Lin Fan had changed.

She’s now addressing him as a master.

Lin Fan was shocked to hear that, but regardless, was it necessary to be terrified?

The True Stage cultivators were already the most powerful immortal cultivators in this world. However, if there were any places that still could kill them, it didn’t sound convenient.

It didn’t feel real.

Huang Li hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, but she had seen the three wounded strongmen who had returned, all of them looked miserable, entangled in an unknown and bizarre qi that constantly damaged their bodies.

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion had expended a great deal of effort to heal their injuries, so it would not continue to deteriorate.

“It’s best for you not to go there, even our Heavenly Treasure Pavilion has no desire to go there anymore.”

What she said was indeed the truth.

The losses were just too great.

It’s all a bit too much to bear.

Lin Fan nodded and didn’t say much, but in his heart, he thought that he definitely had to go there. Not now, but in the future, at least until he’s strong enough.

Two True Stage cultivators were dead.

If he were to go now, it’d be like he was looking for death, and it’s unnecessary.


At this time.

Huang Li looked at the elixir again, “Master Lin, everything you just said is true, right?”

If what Lin Fan said was true, then this is indeed an exceptional treasure.

No matter what you take, you won’t change it.

Lin Fan smiled, “It’s natural for you not to believe it, I can reluctantly take this elixir for you, so you can see the effect.”

Lin Fan really wanted to swallow the elixir.

After all, it’s good stuff, a really good one. But, unfortunately, that good stuff wasn’t his. It was a bit frustrating to think about.

Huang Li said, “That’s not necessary. We believe in what the master said. For us, it was such a blessing to be able to obtain this elixir.”  

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