My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 328


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After Tang Yu had harvested the high tower owner’s residence, there were already quite a few valuable items piled up in his space ring. He somewhat regretted that he didn’t bring a few more space backpacks when he went out… Red Moon’s spatial ring was even smaller than his and couldn’t hold much.

“I was misled by Zhor’s poverty.”

“Perhaps he was poor compared to the rich mages. After all, they don’t need money to cast spells, right?”

As expected of a bald mage, Lane’s collection of books was extremely diverse. Tang Yu couldn’t count how many books he had. 

The good thing is that Mage Lane organized these books in a well-organized manner. Tang Yu directly skipped the ‘novel biography’, ‘customs and landscapes’, ‘human art’, and other books. He directly found the ones with really high value.

Spellbooks, blueprints, research notes.

He recalled when Elaine, with a tattered grimoire, walked on the road of a mage. Lane here had hundreds of grimoires, although it was not as many as other miscellaneous books.

90% of them are basic mage jobs. But nearly 10% of the books had Tang Yu turned the page with shining eyes. Feeling himself as the elegant mage, at least another step closers.

There were more than 200 blueprints… the one Tang Yu brushed from the market, plus Kevin’s research was only about 34 types.

The quantity is completely incomparable.

But the blueprints, like the spell books… Most of them were very basic simple blueprints, and the production was not weapons, but certain small devices, such as the crystal ball of light, uninverted cane… many even belong to no rune equipment categories. From the level and the difficulty of production, it was no more than the basic rune longsword.

Tang Yu did not look away. These ordinary devices aren’t difficult to research. But it always requires time, and in doomsday, they lack time. 

Kevin was the opposite of these drawings. He was good at researching and manufacturing combat equipment. Perhaps it was because the environment was different. Kevin’s world was similar to the post-doomsday environment. The major goal of the research was their destructive power. The fourth age was relatively peaceful. The mage alliance was a neutral organization that rarely fought with people. But with their own strength and resources, not much dare to provoke the rich mages.

Many of the Mage Alliance’s research was on generic devices, which happens to make up for Kevin’s shortcomings.

Tang Yu also found two very valuable blueprints from it.

[Flying backpack.] [Floating boat.]

As the name implies, a flying backpack belongs to the single weapon equipment, allowing the user to levitate and even fly. And the floating boat was the symbol of the Mage Alliance.

Lane had recorded it.

“Set offense and defense in one floating boat, with strategic-level significance. But unfortunately … The floating boat’s production method was only theoretically feasible. For hundreds of years, the Alliance had tried a total of three attempts at floating boat manufacturing, each time at great expense. But in the end, it all failed without exception. I really do not know where the problem lies.”

It is said that there were a few floating boats passed down from the third era at the Mage Alliance headquarters.

Tang Yu’s eyes lit up. For him, as long as it was theoretically feasible, that was enough!

The Mage Alliance can not manufacture. Perhaps Kevin is also not capable of such large carrier manufacturing. However, he still has the workshop. It’s not hopeless!

Tang Yu was eager to immediately stuff the backpack into the workshop’s scanner.

“Listening to Lane’s story, the Mage Alliance has more advanced blueprints such as the Floating City. That is the real miracle creation, but the Floating City seems to have completely disappeared into history, there were no physical objects remaining. Lane himself has even not seen the blueprints of the Floating City.”

Exhaling lightly, Tang Yu walked out of Lane’s Mage Tower.

The rest he did not look again. He just stuffed the most valuable information into the space ring. He would take some time later to study in detail. He walked towards a mage tower on the left side, which in turn was crippled, and the wind of annihilation that was blown in by the void space erased half of it.

From Lane’s diary, Tang Yu learned that this mage tower belonged to Mage Merlin, who was also the Mage Alliance branch minister. And the center of the control secret realm was located underground in the Mage Merlin tower.

The Rift Sky Crystals, without a doubt, were also there.

Tang Yu, on the contrary, was a bit hesitant. By taking away the Rift Crystals, maybe the secret realm will collapse instantly. However, in this Mage Alliance branch, there were still many places worth digging.

He could scrape away the important information and items in the five mage towers. Still, within a short time, he would certainly not be able to search the five mage towers, as well as the entire town, carefully.

If he got the Rift Crystal but missed an important treasure, wouldn’t it be a blood loss?

After thinking about it, he still entered the secret realm hub first to find out what happened.

“Ding! Detected the presence of Rift Crystals #2.”

“Ding! Detected Rift Crystals #1.”

Tang Yu: “……”

He realized that he thought wrong! Making a secret realm necessarily requires rift crystals. However… rift crystals are not necessarily the core of a secret realm!

The system detected two copies of Rift Sky Crystals. The one with unit number two is the core of this secret realm. Because the town was larger and the crystals used were larger, it was defaulted to two units by the system.

And next to the treasure chest, there was one unit of Rift Crystals.

‘This damned..’

Tang Yu immediately held the entire treasure chest away.

There was no need to hesitate either. He decided to continue scouring the Mage Tower.

At this time, Red Moon suddenly spoke, “Someone is coming, and my clone is under attack.”

“What exactly is the situation? It’s coming so fast.”

“I don’t know, clones can’t share senses, they can only transmit simple signals… However, the number of enemies should be quite a lot, clones carry limited power, the source power that can be stored in their bodies is very little. So they may not be able to exterminate the enemies.”

Tang Yu was a little worried, “Will something happen to the clone have an impact on you?”

“It’s okay.” Red Moon’s voice seemed calm, “clone was originally used to self-explode attack, no matter how many die, it does not matter. Once the clone can not hold up the fight, it will use the final self-exploding attack.”

“……” Tang Yu was speechless.


Outside the secret realm.

“Quickly, group one attack.”

“The second group can’t hold up, the third group is on top!”

“Long-range groups don’t stop, all switch to rune bullets.”

Li Ting was also holding a battle sword, boosting morale, “After this battle, each person will be awarded two hundred spirit stones. Each captain will be awarded five hundred, and whoever can inflict fatal damage on her, I will award three thousand spirit stones!”

In an instant, all the members of the mercenary group were fired up with murder intent.

Finally, with a violent explosion, the hunters in the inner circle were all dead and wounded. Everyone in the outer circle was also wounded. However, a smile of relief was shown in the surviving hunters’ faces.

It was as if they had finally defeated the final demon king after all the hardships.

Suddenly, from the secret realm entrance in front of them, a burst of ripples like water waves spread out.

Two figures emerged from it.

One was dressed in black robes, and the other in battle armor.

The rest of Li mercenary regiments’ survivors’ smiles on their faces froze.

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