Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 204


The Empress arrived at the pier, with dozens of female warriors on land twisting bows and arrows to disturb the Sea King. The Sea King sometimes burst out of the water to raise huge waves, and sometimes roar as if to swallow these women warriors. The women warriors retreated to hundreds of meters from the sea to release arrows. Although the Sea King was powerful, it was only a creature of the sea, did not dare to come to land.

Amazon Lily was located at the Calm Belt of the Great Like, where it was the nest of the Sea King. This time it might be the negligence of the captain of that ship, forgetting to use the Amazon’s unique water snake to expel the Sea King, or it might be for other reasons. If the female Emperor led the team, it was unlikely that this would have happened.

The female warrior was designed to anger the Sea King, stall it, and wait for the Empress to come to the rescue.

The Sea King looked somewhat like the evil dragon in Western mythology, with three fins on its head and a body length of nearly 200 meters. At this moment, the ship was still inside its stomach.

“Lord Boa Hancock.”

When the female warriors saw the Empress coming, they felt a glimmer of hope.

While seeing this scene, Hancock was also in a dilemma.

Her Devil Fruit ability could petrify the Sea King, but then, the Sea King would sink into the sea, and the Kuja Warriors in its belly would also sink with it.

In this case, was there really no way out?

Was the elite force, which had been painstakingly trained for several years, just going up in smoke?

While thinking, that Sea King also lost its patience, it was not tangled with the female warriors, turned around and swam towards the sea.

“It’s running away!”

The female warriors shouted, and the Empress became even more anxious in her heart.

At this time, Sandersonia said to the female Emperor, “Sister, I will lead the troops forward to chase.”

The Empress nodded, “You must find a way to chase the female warriors back.”

Sandersonia led the order, gathered the troops, and prepared to attack.

“Don’t waste your efforts.”

At this time, Leiyin had appeared at the port at some point.


“Even if you catch up, what can you do?” Leiyin said.

Indeed, as he said, what Sandersonia wanted was to catch up with the Sea King in the fastest boat first, and then think of a way. However, to take out the ship in the stomach of the Sea King, that was no joke.

The empress looked at Leiyin, and her anger was unbearable, “You are just there to talk about the wind, so what can you do? It’s still useless!”

Leiyin smiled, “Then, our mighty Kuja Tribe Majesty, are you still helpless?”

“You,” Leiyin’s words made the Empress’ face white with anger.

“Everyone back away from me, if you are hurt I do not care.”

Leiyin put away his smile and slowly took two steps towards the sea, he stretched out his right hand and lightly drank.

“Thunder Light Sword Transformation!”

After the words, the lightsaber had already appeared in Leiyin’s hand. He held the sword in both hands, and the energy in his body surged rapidly.
At the same time, the Bushosoku Haki opened to the maximum. Sensing the Sea King, he closed his eyes roughly calculate, and his hands suddenly swung.

“Leopard Sword Wave!”

A powerful sword wave suddenly glided on the water, straight at the Sea King. The Sea King felt this powerful ki, and was shocked that when it turned back to look, the sword ki directly cut through its back. After an earth-shattering scream, the blood of the Sea King stained the sea, and then, a pirate ship and many women came out of the Sea King’s cut back.

When the sword ki dispersed, it still carried a powerful aftershock, which stretched for hundreds of meters before disappearing.

The Empress and the other female warriors on the shore were already stunned.

Leiyin turned his head and slowly said, “I’ll go get the boat, you guys stay here and take over.”

Go get the boat? What did you mean?

When the female warriors were confused, Leiyin opened the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and summoned the Susanoo. He flew over the sea, and Susanoo reach out his hand and grab the boat, and the other big hand fished up the female warriors who fell into the sea, and saved them on the shore.

All the women of the Kuja Tribe were frozen in place just now, what happened?

Less than ten minutes, Leiyin completed the series of actions, killing the Sea King, rescuing the warriors of the Kuja Tribe from the body of the Sea King, everyone watching was simply like seeing a mythical story.

Was human beings really able to do this thing? There was no way that even a Devil Fruit power could do such a thing, right?

Frozen for a while, the female warriors on the shore have gone to meet the rescued female warriors.

Leiyin retrieved Susanoo, his face unchanged. The female Emperor stared straight at him, secretly thinking: This man was not a human, was he really a demon?

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