Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 220


Marine G 5 branch base.

A sizzling fire fell from the sky, looking to attack the marine again, when a rolling hot lava to meet the…


The lava and the flame collided together, turning into a small ball of fire in the air and dropping on the ice, emitting a “bared” sound.

“This is the World Order Unit marine base, I will not let you desecrate justice, Big Mom…”

The one who spoke was the Admiral Sakazuki, who had just arrived, and with him came the top fighting force of the Marine Headquarters, Vice Admiral Garp.

Thus, because of the arrival of these two people, the Four Emperors, who had an absolute advantage, became evenly matched.

“Admiral Sakazuki! Vice Admiral Garp!”

Seeing these two people come, the marine was cheering, feeling their back suddenly hardened a lot.

Sakazuki stood on the platform and shouted, “For justice! Never let these damn pirates set foot in the base!”

“Oooh!” At once, the morale of the marine reached its peak.

“Humph! You don’t know how to live!”

Big Mom looked at them and waved her left hand, Thundercloud Zeus turned into a tiny lightning link to the sky.


Shortly, an explosive thunder suddenly down, directly attacked the rear of the marine artillery position.

“Inugami Guren!”

Sakazuki shouted, the melting magma arm turned into a huge attack like a dog, and the lightning struck together, the two impacted and scattered. At this point, Garp quickly flew forward, wrapped Haki in the bucket of fists, a smashing his fist to Big Mom, shaking her back several steps away ……

On the other hand, the ice and rice cakes strong substance kept splashing, Katakuri and Admiral Kuzan fought inseparably; sword and chopping waves crisscrossed, Dracule Minhawk and Smoothie also fought inseparably; the Empress constantly unleashed the Devil Fruit ability to petrify and shatter those pirates; and not far from the side, Vice Admiral Gion and Charlotte Perospero (Charlotte family eldest son, Minister of Candy, the bounty of 700 million Belly) also fought together …

When Admiral Sakazuki saw this, the lava in his hands became more and more intense, “Ryusei Kazan!”

With a shout, Sakazuki focused the power of magma to the shoulders, a crimson hot material rose to the mid-air, and then that material suddenly exploded in mid-air, turning into a thousand hot meteorites, paving the way to the sea pirates and.

Boom boom boom boom!

Some of the hot lava smashed on the ice, directly burned the ice, some directly exploded in the group of pirates, and the pirates who were hit screamed in the dead and wounded.

When Big Mom saw this, she urged the Sun Prometheus and also sent out a ball of scorching fire to stop Sakazuki’s attack.

“Sakazuki, don’t be too cocky in front of me.”

Big Mom stretched out her hands, and spots of light appeared on her hands…

In a short time, the original pirates and marines who were killed stood up, picking up swords and muskets ready to fight again.

The marine was stunned and dumbfounded. And the pirates revealed a hideous and treacherous smile one by one.

What the marines didn’t expect was that these stood up and “resurrected”, both the marine and the pirates, all pointed their attacking fingers at the marine.

“This… What’s going on here?”

A lot of marine forces saw the situation, and they were all shocked.

It turned out that these dead people “resurrected” along with the fire and lightning just now, were resurrected with Big Mom Soru Soru no Mi. She stored the soul into the flame, thunder and lightning and corpses, so that it had a life force.

When Garp saw this, he once again flew forward, and his pitch-black fist once again greeted Big Mom, “Iron Fist!”

“Give me proper credit! Garp!”

This time, Big Mom charged with her fist, and the two fists clashed together with a loud sonic boom. Garp was knocked back several steps.

When Sakazuki saw the situation, he urged the hot lava in his hand, “Dai Funka!”

The lava burst out towards Big Mom, and several dozen corpses just “resurrected” suddenly appeared in front of Big Mom, instantly burned to charcoal, but Big Mom was unharmed.

“Artillery! Fire!”

An unknown Vice Admiral waved his command sword, and dozens of artillery soldiers in the back row opened fire in unison.

“But… Damn…”

“Is this the Four Emperor?”

“She doesn’t have a weakness at all!”

The marine shouted in some despair as the Big Mom attacked again…

Sabaody Archipelago, Area No. 5..

PX-5 got the order of Admiral Borsalino, and opened a big hand to grab Baby-5. Leiyin’s heart was very anxious, and rushed to rescue.

“Pressure cannon!”

Bartholomew Kuma blasted the compressed shells directly toward Leiyin. With very little physical strength and chakra left, Leiyin could not resist and was blasted on the ground for dozens of rolls before stopping.

Trying to get up with a wretched body, Leiyin struggled.

By now, Baby-5 had been taken away by PX-5.

“Damn it!”

Leiyin’s face was full of reluctance, but there was nothing he could do. Since he came to this world, he had never encountered such a desperate situation.


Extremely reluctant Leiyin bellowed, an extremely powerful energy ripple with him as the center, spread and dispersed in all directions, those three people. In addition to Sentomaru who had a trace of dizziness, the other two were not seriously hurt.

“Oh ~ what a powerful Bushosoku Haki, Leiyin, you really surprised us ~” Borsalino said slowly …

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