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“The Sacred Crocodile has appeared, and Zhou Yi has no defensive martial art.”

Li Yu saw the scene of the attack of the Sacred Crocodile, and he gave command from the “Heavenly Spirit Book”.

“Heavenly Spirit Book, tell Zhou Yi to redeem defensive martial art, but if he wants to attack, let him exchange his energy point into sword too.”

Whether it was the defensive martial art or the sword, all of that energy came from the treasure that had been collected, so Li Yu didn’t need to consume energy.

“I didn’t have that much energy, I have only one thousand energy point, so he must use that energy carefully!”

Li Yu smiled and stepped forward.

“Very funny if the satellite found me walking on Mars.”

Li Yu thought about it while walking.

With the system, the environment on Mars could not affect Li Yu, he just redeemed a little air that directly into the lungs, and his could breathe was safely.

Ok, this is purely boring.

“Let’s go take a ride early!”

Li Yu couldn’t stand this dusty environment, and Li Yu flew away in the direction of the Eigth Trigrams.

Near the Great Thunder Temple ruins.

Zhou Yi saw a woman fell to the ground and suddenly he ran to her.

“Heavenly Spirit Book, I want to exchange.”

Seeing someone dying in from of him, and fearing death. Zhou Yi was a little panicked.

“Your Majesty, according to the current situation, you need to redeem a defense skill and an attack skill. Please choose.”

The Heavenly Spirit Book provided many skill options to exchange.

“Too much, let’s see, I must choose according to the circumstances.”

Zhou Yi was confused, seeing many a lot of martial art.

‘Your Majesty, the defensive martial art I recommend is the “King Kong Blessing Mantra”, and the offensive martial art I recommend is “Virtual Sword”.’

“Good. Redeem immediately.”

Spontaneously Zhou Yi answered.

“The exchange was successful.”

The light entered Zhou Yi’s body, he felt a great force flowing throughout his body.

“As a King Kong… everybody can’t pierce though this defenses .”

A sound of Heaven, the golden light fell like rain, splendid white feather sprinkled on everyone, and the whole body was dyed with a layer of golden glow, brilliant and dazzling.

“Is this a group blessing?”

Zhou Yi stayed for a while and quickly asked the Heavenly Spirit Book. “is this a group blessing? Why don’t you tell me earlier?”

“Your Majesty, for now, you still need a group of blessings because you are carrying a group of subordinates.”

The Heavenly Spirit Book looked at Zhou Yi with innocence.

“Oh… alright!”

Zhou Yi was speechless.

This was actually Li Yu’s doing. Before the system was connected, he saw that the woman fell in front of her eyes. This is a kind of test for Zhou Yi whether he would save everyone or not.

Golden light sprinkled all over the body, and everyone was shocked.

“Ah? This is…”

“Hey? My strength has returned!”

“Yes. Yes. I don’t feel tired anymore.”

After the golden light sprinkled the whole body, everyone obviously felt that the fatigue of the body was swept away, and their strength had returned.

“Zhou Yi!”

Liu Yunzhi suddenly looked at Zhou Yi with anger. “So this golden light is your doing. You really have hidden things from us! Zhou Yi, how dare you keep the treasure for yourself? Hurry up and hand it over.”

“Zhou Yi?”

When he heard Liu Yunzhi’s words, everyone looked at Zhou Yi together and looked a little different.


The golden light of Liu Yunzhi’s body and Zhou Yi’s energy was collided and made a sound like a bell. Because the golden light of Liu Yunzhi was gone, he fell down to the ground.

“Zhou Yi, how dare you do it?”

Liu Yunzhi’s eyes are red and full of resentment.


Liu Yunzhi screamed and pointed of the sword.

An icy and sharp sword passed through the air, and the sound “slash” of sword with a frightening aura.

A monster that split into two pieces fell to the ground.

The monster was about ten centimeters long and has a thin finger. It was like a crocodile that covered with black scales and was extremely eerie.

“Ah? What is this?”

“Is this the monster attacking us just now?”

Everyone saw the monster’s body and shocked. There was more than one monster like that.

“Is this a crocodile? It’s not good.”

Zhou Yi looked at the two-legged crocodile.


As soon as they screamed, everyone ran wildly.

Liu Yunzhi could not do anything for now, he could only run to survive.



Everyone was attacked by crocodiles, but because of the extraordinary golden light’s power, no one was hurt.

Zhou Yi took a sword and slashed those crocodiles.

Soon, everyone ran to the Eigth Trigrams.

“Quick! Quick! We finally survived!”

The crowd stood on the Eight Trigrams altar and panted.

After a while, the light curtain was blocked. The light continued to shrink. Gradually, there was only a thin light covering the Eight Trigrams. All around was an endless sandstorm.

“Eigth Trigrams altar is absorbing the power of the light? Will the Kowloon Bronze Coffin continue to move forward, relying on these forces to start?”

Zhou Yi looked at the light gradually shrank, nodded, and asked the Heavenly Spirit Book: “Where are we going with this Bronze Coffin, Heavenly Spirit Book?”

“Your Majesty, the Bronze Coffin will go to at the Big Dipper.”

“Big Dipper? What is that place?”

Zhou Yi was interested in the Big Dipper and asked quickly.

“The Big Dipper is a world where martial art experts and the heroes gather. When you arrive at the Big Dipper, you can compete with the heroes.”

“The world of the martial art expert? It’s great!”

Zhou Yi clenched his fists and was excited.

“Zhou Yi!”

Liu Yunzhi interrupted the conversation between Zhou Yi and Heavenly Spirit Book.

“What’s wrong?”

Zhou Yi turned to look at Liu Yunzhi and asked faintly.

Liu Yunzhi pointed to the golden light on his body and said to Zhou Yi: “Do you want to use it alone? Don’t that the treasures obtained from the Great Thunder Temple? Everyone has a share, you want to keep it for yourself, no way!”

“Yes! That’s right!”

“Yes! Hand over! Hand over!”

Some jealous people had also shouted.

“Would you like me to hand it over? Why? Don’t forget, if it wasn’t for me, all of you would’ve died. You should be grateful, instead you want to take my treasure”

The look on Zhou Yi’s face was not good.

“This treasure belongs to everyone. You should give the treasure to us. Even if the others get the treasure, surely that person will save us too.”

Liu Yunzhi shouted Zhou Yi.



Another bell rang, Li Xiaoman and Ye Fan were swaying.

“Ah! Monsters are coming.”

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