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S.S Chapter 15 Sacred Demon


“Immortal, help!”

“We beg you to slay the demon, Immortal!”

“Immortal saves us! Immortal saves us!”

When Li Yu arrived, everyone was ecstatic and kept pleading.

“Immortal! Help save us from our predicament!”

Zhou Yi fell to the ground and looked at Li Yu with excitement.

“Raise your head.”

Li Yu patted Zhou Yi’s shoulder. Turning his head to look at other people, Li Yu smiled and nodded. “You don’t have to panic, since Eight Trigrams can’t be activated, of course you can’t do anything anymore. But I will give you a way!”


The Sacred Crocodile obviously did not agree with Li Yu’s statement.

The sound of a terrifying roar and a huge figure like a mountain,


The people in the Eight Trigrams altar suddenly screamed and shivered.


Li Yu turned around and pointed at the Sacred Crocodile, yelling loudly: ”Sorry, let them go!”

Li Yu stood up, pointing with the sword. He looked at the Sacred Crocodile like a mountain.


The light sword shone through the clouds. Tearing the sky and dissipate the sandstorm.

The light sword broke through the sandstorm, the dust disappeared and the stars in the sky could be seen again by everyone.


The Sacred Crocodile suffered critical wound, the huge figure injured, and the blood spilled like raindrops.

“The Immortal is mighty!”

In Zhou Yi’s eyes, Li Yu underestimated the Sacred Crocodile, and suddenly he was overjoyed and quickly congratulated to Li Yu.

“The mighty Great Immortal!”

“The mighty Great Immortal!”

The people on the Eight Trigrams altar also smiled and cheered loudly.

“How did you do it?”

Li Yu nodded and smiled.

“It is just small wound! If I use the Heavenly Lake Sword of maximum potential, maybe he will die?”

Although Li Yu’s face was light, but his heart was beating fast, “Doesn’t the Heavenly Lake Sword have a Red Pine core? The core in Heavenly Lake Sword can even kill sages. But, why can’t it kill demon?


After the Sacred Crocodile was injured, and the demon roared again, covering the sky.

The whole body of black scales slowly changed its shape, and the Sacred Crocodile turned into human figures. The black scales turned into a mysterious gold armor, covering the whole body.

The demon with his new form, descended to the ground.

This was a middle-aged man with a height of two meters, full body armor, tall and majestic, like a god of war.


The middle-aged man, like a demon, fell to the ground and screamed in the sky. The fierce and violent atmosphere was like a stormy wave.


The people on the Eight Trigrams altar were screaming again, and they were scared of the Sacred Crocodile.


Li Yu sighed with was peaceful and clear, and the atmosphere was as bright as ripples.

Everyone’s mind was cleared because Li Yu calmness, sweeping away the fear for everyone.

“Thank you Great Immortal!”

Zhou Yi was also stunned to see what happened in front of his eyes. He suddenly woke up and thanked Li Yu.

“No need to be so polite.”

Li Yu nodded to Zhou Yi, but his heart was somewhat helpless. Was this method clearly the best way to help them? Li Yu felt guilty toward Zhou Yi because when he met with Zhou Yi, he disguised himself as Grandpa.

However, Li Yu had no way to face the threat of the Sacred Crocodile, he didn’t want to waste energy easily.

“Hey ants, how dare you hurt me?”

The tall, burly middle-aged man stared at Li Yu, and with endless brutality aura. Step by step, surrounded by storms like a god of magic.

“Are you the strongest among them?”

Li Yu felt tense, but now he could not retreat.

“Damn You!”

Li Yu shook and pointed his fingers at the Sacred Crocodile. He shouted loudly: “You have strayed from the right path, but you still don’t know how to repent. Repent now! If you refuse, then I will show no mercy!.”

“Hey ant! You are just bringing the Heavenly Lake Sword and Red Pine. You dare to speak up!”

The crocodile with a ferocious sneer and walked up toward Li Yu. “Hey, I will let my little children tear you apart a little.”

“Damn, he actually knows that I use the Heavenly Lake Sword?”

Li Yu was confused in his heart. He had already used the Heavenly Lake Sword to the maximum extent, but he could only hurt the Sacred Crocodile and could not kill him.

The Cultivation of the Red Pine was indeed nothing, but the Heavenly Lake Sword was not the Sword Qi of the Red Pines, but the Sword Qi was obtained from people killed in the lake.

There was a difference between Sword Qi that obtained by training and obtained by killing. The Heavenly Lake Sword got its Sword Qi by dying cultivator around the lake. Enemy like sacred demon cannot affected by Sword Qi from killing, because sacred demon has intense killing aura around them.

“With the Sword Qi of the Red Pine to deal with the Sacred Crocodile, even if we are fighting, our fight will take a while. This style really did not suit my high-profile!”

Li Yu’s eyes swept a little around and secretly made up his mind. “If I can do something cool, maybe Zhou Yi will be impressed.”

“More importantly, I’m still not strong enough to fight it. Even if I get hit by the Sacred Crocodile, I would not die. So…”

“Hey animals! Don’t you know how to repent? or your mood is bad?”

Li Yu had a trace of pity in his eyes and shook his head at the Sacred Crocodile. “You have strayed from right path, but the day is an exception for you, repent!”

Li Yu waved his hand with grief, and a green gas blew out of Li Yu’s body into a round circling to the sky, and “boom” slammed on the head of the crocodile.


The eyes of the Sacred Crocodile were dimmed, and he fell to the ground and disappeared.

“Oh… already finished?”

On the Eight Trigrams altar, everyone was dumbfounded.

The fierce flames, the world’s peerless demon, like the demon’s existence, and just died?

“The mighty Great Immortal!”

Zhou Yi sincerely glorified Li Yu.

Although he believed in Li Yu’s role as a Great Immortal, he almost believed about 80% to 90%, but he still had some suspicions in his heart. Seeing this circle and this signature supernatural power, he no longer had doubt.

This is obviously “King Kong”! In addition of Three Gods, King Kong is the signature of The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord!

“The mighty Great Immortal!”

The people on the Eight Trigrams altar also worshipped respectfully.

“Ha ha!”

Li Yu laughed.

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