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S.S Chapter 17 Cheaper


“Let’s see the treasure we get.”

When everyone started eating, Li Yu opened the system resource library and began examining treasure.

Li Yu has killed a lot of crocodiles, including the Sacred Crocodile, so he got a lot of treasures.

The first was armor.

The mysterious golden armor of the crocodile’s scales was converted into a holy robe by the Sacred Crocodile. That was already a holy quality. The treasure below the holy level cannot damage the mysterious golden armor.

“Not bad!”

Seeing this mysterious golden armor, Li Yu laughed.

Previously Li Yu’s sword could have injured the Sacred Crocodile. It was because the Sacred Crocodile was in his original form and has not worn this armor yet. Otherwise, he might not be hurt.

“Too bad, the armor size is too big for me. If I want the right size, I must create it with energy. With my current strength, I would rather keep this item than converting it to energy!”

There was nothing Li Yu could do anymore for now beside kept it. Li Yu shook his head while looking at the next item.

A sword.

Three-foot long sword. The design was simple, one-eyed, and sharp. Similar to the Tang Dynasty sword.

“This is the holy sword too.”

Seeing this sword, Li Yu remembered the original work, Sacred Crocodile turned into a dog with a magic stick, then was cut into pieces and was put into a pan.

“Can this sword slay the devil?”

Li Yu smiled and nodded, although this sword quality was lower than the devil’s treasure, this sword was a holy sword too. But one level below the holy, what could possibly rival this holy sword?

By combining the holy sword and the Heavenly Lake Sword, the sword would get stronger.

In addition, there was a bronze Buddha statue.

“This turned out to be a forbidden treasure.”

Seeing the prompt given after the system analysis, Li Yu could only shout.

Buddha was the reincarnation of Amitabha in this world, and it was natural cultivation. The forbidden treasure that he left was extraordinary.

“Even though it’s only a few items, that’s enough for me.”

Li Yu was very excited. This thing could only be used a few times but could produce great strength without consuming energy. This was very good.

The last was the Sacred Crocodile itself.

As a Sacred Crocodile, flesh, and blood of the Sacred Crocodile had unlimited energy and were full of light.

After seeing the size of a Sacred Crocodile, which was as big as a mountain, he wondered how much energy did Li Yu get?

“Very good! I can use even greater strength without having to think about energy consumption.”

With the Heavenly Lake Sword, plus the treasure of the Sacred Crocodile, Li Yu could use holy level power as he pleased, without worrying about energy consumption.

“Haha! Great! Great!”

Even though the holy level power still weak in the later period, but for the current period, this power could still be used. What’s more. Li Yu was given a time limit of one year.

Yes, one year.

The time limit for the initial mission of the system was one year, and Li Yu could only stay for one year in this world.

“The last is the holy grail.”

Seeing the black smoke stored in the resource library, Li Yu shook his head, “There’s no point in storing this thing, it’s rotting right away!”

“System, decomposition of the mind of the holy grail.”

With Li Yu’s orders, waves of unseen volatility in resource collection were swept away, and black smoke faded and turned into extraordinary light.

“scanning result, the holy grail can improve one’s spiritual experience and combat experience.”

If Li Yu wanted cultivation experience in the future, he should increase strength by adding skill points. At this time, it was necessary to cultivate combat experience.

What’s more, Li Yu could use it himself!

“Oh? Right! There is also a Sacred Crocodile! System, separate the cultivation and experience from Sacred Crocodile.”

“Sacred Crocodile is separated and cannot be transferred to the Host!”

“What? Can’t be transferred?”

Li Yu felt disappointed, he would have reached Great Immortal, if he got the cultivation and combat experience of the Sacred Crocodile. With such cultivation and combat experience, he could even defeat the Sacred Crocodile easily.

“Oh, good!”

After checking the treasure, Li Yu was satisfied and smile.

“Zhou Yi, are you done eating?”

Zhou Yi looked at the messy ground, and everyone felt ashamed.

“Finished eating?”

Li Yu was stunned and saw chicken bones and all kinds of sundries on the ground.

“Ok, it is alright!”

Li Yu smiled and nodded, and waved his hand gently, and the leftovers from the food on the ground suddenly disappeared. These strange objects would not enter the resource library but would automatically be disposed.

“Having magical power is really convenient!”

Everyone looking at the scene was amazed and a little jealous.

“The boy has long admired fairy tales, and he has no teacher to learn them. Today, I will now teach you how lucky you are!”

Liu Yunzhi suddenly stepped forward, and “bruk” bowed to the ground and turned to Li Yu. “Please make me your disciple, Great Immortal!”

“Right? Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Great Immortal is in front of you. Isn’t he a great teacher?”

Following Liu Yunzhi’s example, and others also bowed in front of Li Yu. “We beg you to make us your disciple, Great Immortal!”

“Damn it!”

Zhou Yi saw this situation and was annoyed. 

“If the Great Immortal teaches martial art to Liu Yunzhi, it is not impossible for him to become strong! I already consider myself a descendant of Li Yu.” Zhou Yi looked at everyone and was very uncomfortable.

But he knew that he could not oppose it. At this moment, he could only wait for Li Yu’s decision.

“I hope Great Immortal won’t accept it,” Zhou Yi thought silently.


Li Yu smiled and waved his hand. “I understand how your feelings right now! Don’t be in a hurry! Everyone is destined to go to their own path of martial art. When you reach the Big Dipper, everything will become clear.”


The Bronze Coffin suddenly swayed and then started descending!

“Look, it’s a Big Dipper?” Li Yu smiled as he pointed.

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