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S.S Chapter 36 Rescue Tingting


Master Li lay down on the soft sofa. Lean with two beautiful women beside him.

“Very comfortable!”

Wealth and glory in a great life, Master Li could easily get that.

His sons and nephews were in Yanxia Cave, they were cultivating, and they even have some basic methods for practicing Qi. Li Family was the most powerful family in the town.

With his intelligence, he could easily become wealthy.

“The only one left is the Wang Family. Well, I must find an opportunity to destroy the Wang Family too.”

When Master Li was about to touch the body of the woman around him. Suddenly …

“Sir! Sir! Bad news! Bad news!”

Someone screamed and was panic, interrupted Master Li’s pleasant dream.

“What is wrong?”

Master Li shouted angrily.

“Sir! Seventh Young Master … he is … he’s dead!”


Master Li was shocked, and he immediately sat down, “What happened?”

“Master Li, there is a cultivator in the town. He uses mystical art to kill Seventh Young Master!”

“Cultivator? Damn it!”

Master Li was very angry and kicked the chair in front of him. “Hurry up! Report this to Yanxia Cave. Just say … there is a cultivator from outside who wants to seize the mine and he killed the Seventh Young Master. Tell them to come back quickly to help the Li Family.”


The servant left quickly.

Master Li’s face was pale, “No matter who you are, I will kill you!”

“Brother, I will tie your hair.”

Tingting took a wooden comb in his hand, walked behind Li Yu with a smile, and held a bronze mirror in front of Li Yu.

“Yeah! Looks good, you are a natural at this.”

Li Yu reached out to take the bronze mirror, and looked at the golden crown in the mirror, with a handsome figure like a prince, he nodded with a smile.

“I’m not good at combing my hair!”

Li Yu shook his head in the mirror, “Looks like I have to find someone who can comb my hair! This little Tingting seems pretty good!”

Putting down the mirror and turning to look at Tingting, Li Yu’s face changed.

Li Yu saw Tingting’s pale face, and he seemed to be falling.

“Tingting? What happened to you?”

Li Yu was shocked and quickly reached out to help Tingting.


Reaching out to help Tingting, his hands were as cold as ice, Li Yu panicked.

“Is this … Yin body? Very cold.”

Seeing the little girl tears turn into ice beads on her small face, Li Yu felt an inexplicable pain.

“Poor little girl! She is born with Yin’s body. She … cannot live for more than twenty years, not to mention the abnormal properties of her body. This is a curse for her!”

Li Yu shook his head slightly and sighed silently.

“Brother, I’ve prepared food … Ah! Tingting!”

Old Jiang came to call Li Yu to eat, he suddenly panicked, screamed, and tripped when he saw Tingting.

“Tingting! Tingting!”

Old Jiang held Tingting’s arm, warmed Tingting’s cold body with his body, and tears covered him, “My little girl! My poor little girl! God! What have I done? What did she do to deserve this kind of curse?”

“Old Jiang, maybe … I can cure him.”

Li Yu couldn’t stand seeing this situation.

“Brother …”

Old Jiang looked at Li Yu with tears in his eyes, “Brother, can Tingting be saved?”

“Please, save her!”

Li Yu crouched down and reached out to touch Tingting, “Yes, I can cure her!”

“Thank you! Thank you!”

Old Jiang cried, and he knelt before Li Yu.

“Old Jiang, don’t do it!”

Li Yu quickly helped old Jiang, “You don’t have to go that far. I have decided to help Tingting. This is not a severe illness. This is just an abnormality in her body. Tingting might not be able to live for more than 20 years without proper treatment. But I have a way to cure her!”

Hugging Tingting and taking her to the courtyard, Li Yu found a bench in the courtyard and sat down.

“This is an abnormality in her body must indeed be healed.”

Staring at the painful face of this little girl, Li Yu took a deep breath.

“System, give me a restoration pill in the Forbidden Land.”

Quickly, the system displays the restoration pill in the resource library.

Li Yu took the restoration pill, and he shook his head quietly, “This inconspicuous object turned out to be this little girl’s savior.”

“Tingting, I can cure your illness. Come on, take this pill, and you will get better soon.”

Li Yu gently fed the restoration pill to Tingting, he whispered to Tingting’s ear.


Tingting seemed to hear Li Yu’s words, her lips trembled, and she swallowed the restoration pill into her mouth.


The sound of the wind was heard in Tingting’s body. A bright light shone throughout the courtyard.

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