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S.S Chapter 5 Like a Play, It Depends on The Force


“I’ll conquer Mount Tai and then the world!” 

Li Yu greatly admired the mountain with an extraordinary peak. 

Although Li Yu, in his past life, lived in the same country where Mount Tai was located, he had never really seen it in person, but now in another world, he finally had the chance to see the magnificence of Mount Tai, one of the Five Sacred Mountains. At the time, Li Yu had come for a look. 


A foreigner almost two meters high suddenly appeared and approached Li Yu. He talked to Li Yu with a big smile and used an alien language. 


Li Yu hinted that he did not understand what the foreigner said. 

“I am Li Xiaoman, and his name is Kade. We just came to Mount Tai. Just now she said that you are wearing a special dress. He asks, are you, Daoist?” 

The woman was nearly one hundred and seventy cm tall, fair-skinned, walked over, and smiled at Li Yu. 

“Daoist? It seems that the identity of a Daoist is very well known!” 

Li Yu smilingly nodded and came up with an idea in an instant.

“Hehe, this humble one only had a few insights. This poor Daoist is a cultivator, and has dabbled a bit of cultivation, please excuse this one’s barbaric language.” 


Li Xiaoman’s expression became slightly angry, she stared wide-eyed at Li Yu for a while, then smiled, “Little kid, still pretending? Also cultivator? And you even call yourself barbaric? Can you not speak well? Do you even know what is cultivator?” 

Li Xiaoman glanced at Li Yu and couldn’t help but smile.

“Look at your traditional clothes? Look at your short hair. Is this a Daoist? Which junior high school are you from? Your English test score must have been so bad.”


Li Yu didn’t care about being laughed and just stepped away. Having taken only two steps, he suddenly heard a “Yi” scream and looked towards Li Xiaoman, frowning slightly, his face becoming a little serious. 

“En? What happened?” 

Li Xiaoman saw Li Yu’s expression and was stunned. She looked at herself but found nothing. 

“Little girl, it is fate that we met. This Daoist reminds you. Your anger, fierce and full of rashness, you will meet a great disaster today! Coming to Mount Tai … is not worth it!” 

Li Yu’s tone carried some mystery to it. Li Xiaoman looked at Li Yu with an inscrutable look. 

“Ha? You brat are trying to scare this elder sister?” 

As if realizing something, Li Xiaoman put on a disgusted look, “You called me a little girl? This elder sister is at least ten years older than you! Brat, are you wanna pick to fight with me?” 

“Oh! Then don’t listen to this old man, it will lose anyway!” 

Li Yu shook his head and sighed. 

“Xiaoman? What are you two talking about? Hey? This… Who is this peculiarly dressed young man?” 

A well-dressed youth with a confident and elegant smile walked over. 

“Zhou Yi, come take a look. This young man is very interesting!” 

Li Xiaoman turned to look at Zhou Yi and enthusiastically greeted him. 


Zhou Yi walked up, he first acknowledged Li Xiaoman and Kade with a nod, then laughed and looked towards Li Yu, “You look very interesting in this dress. The ancient style is amazing!” 

“This is the original Zhou Yi? This Zhou Yi is a bit silly, but he has a good attitude, he is a suitable host!” 

Li Yu thought in his heart. He smiled and looked at Zhou Yi, nodding approvingly. 

At this time, other people slowly came over. 

“Look! Ye Fan, this ancient costume youth, isn’t he the one we saw last time on the road? Did he come to Mount Tai?” 

“Eh! They look alike.” 

Li Yu: “Hey? Why is Fiend Qi suddenly so heavy?” 

Everyone was here. Li Yu wondered how he would impress Zhou Yi. 

Li Yu deliberately frowned, glancing at the crowd and shook his head, sighing, “It turned out to be destined! Nine Dragons have arrived, the Emperor’s Path will open, is this the world of great bliss? Piles of corpses paved the Emperor’s Path, Who will reach the top?” 

“This one…” 

Zhou Yi looked at Li Yu, and his face was unreadable, “What are you talking about? The Gods?” 

“Eh? The Concealed Emperor Qi, just like a Dragon, hid in the abyss!” 

Li Yu suddenly looked up at Zhou Yi, and his eyes were dazed. It seemed that there was an infinite mystery flowing in his eyes. 

“What are you doing with me?” 

Zhou Yi laughed, turned, and looked towards Li Xiaoman, “You are right. This young man is really weird!” 

Li Yu turned a deaf ear to it and seemingly figuring out something. 

“This is the true path!” 

After a few moments, Li Yu read Zhou Yi’s fortune and smiled towards Zhou Yi, “Your surname is Zhou. The Zhou surname was originally Ji. You have the prosperity of a Great Emperor. Haha! Very good!” 

“Prosperity of a Great Emperor? Me? That’s funny!” 

Zhou Yi pointed to his nose and couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Nine Dragons have arrived, the Emperor’s Path will open! The time has come. I have to be careful. This poor Daoist is leaving!” 

Li Yu pretended to be a master as he turned and left. His long sleeves fluttering, it seems vague with a bit of an expert’s style. 

“What does he mean?” 

Zhou Yi turned to look at Li Xiaoman and only felt a bit puzzled. 

“Who knows. Just now, he said that I would have a great disaster today!” 

Li Xiaoman shook her head, “No matter who he is. Let’s go! Let’s climb Mount Tai!” 

A while later, Zhou Yi and the others visited Mount Tai walking all the way, and without realizing it, they have already arrived at Mount Tai Peak. 

The sun already set. 

Standing on the Mount Tai Peak overlooking the earth, looking at the mountains and rivers, everyone’s mind was relaxed, the troubles in life, the sorrow in work, seemed to have disappeared. 

“At the top of the mountain, everything looks small! That’s true!” 

Everyone admired its beauty but did not pay attention to a group of black shadows dropping from the sky. 

“Bang! Bang!” 

They were shocked by the sudden burst of loud sound coming from the air. 

The group looked up in amazement and gazed towards the sky.

They saw nine giants silhouette’s descending from the sky. What’s more surprising was that it seemed to be giant dragons. 


At this moment, all the people who saw this scene near Mount Tai were shocked. Is this thing a dragon? How come a dragon descended from the sky? 

“Nine Dragons?” 

Zhou Yi looked up at the falling Nine Black Dragons and suddenly remembered Li Yu’s words, ‘Nine Dragons have arrived, the Emperor’s Path will open.’ “What the young man said is true?” 

At the moment, it was a mess at Mount Tai. 

Countless people cried out of fear and screaming. 

Zhou Yi and his group were also running away, running wildly and trying to escape. Even though Zhou Yi had some hope for the Nine Black Dragons to descend from the sky, he also knew if the dragons descended, they would be crushed. 

“Hong long! ” 

A Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry echoed! The Nine huge Black Dragons, dragging a Bronze Coffin, came slamming down. The violent turbulence seemed like shaking the depths of the earth, dust-covered everything, gravels were splashing. 

“Haha! Finally, it’s here!” 

Looking at the dust-covered sky, Li Yu smiled and walked to the huge Bronze Coffin towed by the Nine Dragons. 

After opening the Resource Collection Function of the System Resource Storage, an invisible black hole appeared around Li Yu, and the shock wave and splashing gravels rushed to Li Yu, disappearing completely. 

“It’s him! What is he doing?” 

On the run, Zhou Yi turned to look at the whereabouts of the Nine Dragons, but he saw Li Yu right next to the Bronze Coffin. 

The violent shock did not affect Li Yu, and the splashing gravel disappeared in a radius of a meter around his side. 

“He certainly not an ordinary person!” 

Zhou Yi deeply took a deep breath, and he remembered what Li Yu had said to him. 

“I’ll be a Great Emperor?” 

Zhou Yi gripped his fist tightly, and something called ambition slowly grew in his heart.

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