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S.S Chapter 8 Grandpa Officially Launched


In a dark Bronze Coffin.

Zhou Yi did not panic like others, just sat in the corner of the wall.

In Zhou Yi’s mind.

There was a simple and elegant Purple Bamboo Book floating, with an endless purple light that shines.

“Is that Highest Heavenly Book?”

Since Zhou Yi was born, he was used to ancient China. When he saw the words of Purple Bamboo Book, he thought about Li Yu’s mysterious identity.

“Is that a Divine’s item?”

Zhou Yi took a deep breath.

“Is this the inheritance that Great Immortal gives me?”

Zhou Yi was excited and focused his mind on the Purple Bamboo Book.


A beautiful bell rang in his mind, and the purple bamboo book slowly opened.

“Hey? Zhou Yi, do you open the system?”

Near Mount Lu, Li Yu suddenly heard a system prompt, “The host is starting!” Li Yu smiled, “Alright then, let Grandpa play with you!!”

With heart and soul, Li Yu took advantage of the system connection and took over the Highest Heavenly Book System, and turn into a Grandpa.

In Zhou Yi’s mind, Purple Bamboo Book slowly opened.

“Dao is a mystery. There is no trace of the original dao. In thirty thousand miles from the east after five thousand years, you may find it.”

The endless purple lights, a Grandpa was riding a green cow, with a purple light.


Seeing scenes like that, Zhou Yi was not psychologically ready, he was stunned.

The Grandpa rode a green cow, and Li Yu created his substitute.

“This system connection function can even adjust the images displays at will, very interesting.”

Li Yu smiled and played more energetically.

“To become Emperor, you will go through a thorny path, will you take this opportunity? It seems my incarnation is not chaotic.”

Li Yu stood before the old man who was riding a cow and smiled, nodded toward Zhou Yi.

His appearance with his long hair, attractive gaze rode on a green cow and appeared in the air.

Zhou Yi immediately crouched down, and he gave his regards.

“No need to be so formal.”

Li Yu smiled and waved his hand. 

“Because you can get this opportunity, it’s natural to have a great sense of responsibility in something.”

Speaking of this, Li Yu stopped and turned to look at Zhou Yi, “I will give you the opportunity, but you must be able to full fell ambition, must be strong, fearless, and never give up. Can you do it?”

“Yes… I can do it!”

Zhou Yi’s answer was categorical.


Li Yu admired and nodded, “Your journey is just begun. The path to becoming Emperor has been opened. It’s not easy to become the Emperor, I hope you won’t change your mind and continue aiming the peak. Even if you must step on countless corpses, “


Another melodious bell rang.

In a flash of purple light, the Grandpa was riding the green cow has disappeared, leaving only one Purple Bamboo Book in his mind.

On the bamboo strip, there was a brilliant light, and a message flowed into Zhou Yi’s mind.

“This is… this is…”

Seeing the mysterious line, he saw the brilliant weapon of gods and amazing heavenly treasures. Zhou Yi was shocked.

“Is this all exchangeable? This is truly a great opportunity!”

Zhou Yi was excited.


The Bronze Coffin slammed hard.

Everyone screamed and hysterically.

“Are we falling?”

Zhou Yi was restless and holding on to Bronze Coffin’s wall, and set his body to survive.


Bronze Coffin’s sound is like a thunderstorm.

The people in the Bronze Coffin clearly felt that there had been a big collision.

Strangely, right after the impact, which was like a falling meteor, the Bronze Coffin’s wall glowed with dim light.

“What’s the incredible speed! Is this a shooting star?”

Li Yu saw this scene through the system and grinned, “Since you’re in an illusion, start your job!”

In Zhou Yi’s mind, the quest popped out.

‘The main quest is opened!’

‘Main quest: Road of the Greatest.’

‘Quest description: The path of the Great Emperor begins with conquest. It will be full of steps on thorny. The way of the Great Emperor is never an easy one. You must step on countless corpses to reach the peak.’

“This is……”

There was a voice in his mind, and Zhou Yi was shocked and almost shouted.

“There is still a quest? What is this?”

“Still have a quest? Is this Highest Heavenly Book?”

Zhou Yi wiped his forehead.

‘Highest Heavenly Book is made in heaven, created from mysterious material in the Eight Diagrams Furnace. The origin of this material is so mysterious, and even supreme being does not know its roots.’

“What is this?”

After hearing this explanation, Zhou Yi finally believed. Highest Heavenly Book is clearly a system.

‘The main quest is opened. Does the host accept the quest?’

“This… what if I don’t accept the quest?”

Zhou Yi was still not wholeheartedly believe. And in his heart, he was very doubtful about anything.

‘The significance of the existence of the Highest Heavenly Book is to helps the host become the Great Emperor. If the host decline, the system will choose another host.’

“Oh … can you still do this?”

Zhou Yi was very tense and thinking, “If I accept, what will happen if I die?”

‘If hos accept the main quest, and the Highest Heavenly Book System will be bound to the host and cannot be separated. If the host dies, the System will be destroyed.’

“Do it!”

Zhou Yi took a deep breath and nodded silently.

“Where is Road of The Greatest? After I become the Emperor, I will do best! I will take this quest!”

Zhou Yi squeezed his fist tightly, and he aroused endless fighting spirit. 

“Am I going to set foot in this world? There is no way but forward!”

“The host receives the main quest, the system is bound!”

Purple Bamboo Book shines beautifully.

A middle-aged man with a literary appearance emerged from the light.

“Greet Your Majesty, I am the Heavenly Spirit Book!”

Middle-aged men with stern crowns and long fluttering hair, his hand raised Zhou Yi’s head and descended before Zhou Yi.

“Your Majesty! The path of the Great Emperor begins with conquest. Please change the world, restore the order!”

“Do it!”

Zhou Yi was very excited.

“Haha! This is so fun!”

Li Yu quietly laughed. The Heavenly Spirit Book, of course, set by Li Yu.

“Zhou Yi! Zhou Yi! You don’t waste your opportunity to become Emperor.”

“Do best!”

Li Yu pressed his stomach and smiled out of breath.

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