Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 297


Pepper was confused about why Dio didn’t let Crystal fall asleep until he returned home, but she knew that it was private, and so she would take care of Crystal until Dio comes back again.

. . . . . .

At the same time as Pepper was attacked. The President of the United States of America was also being attacked by Mandarin’s terrorist group! Thankfully, the Iron Patriot was there to save the president and knock the terrorist out of the airplane!

Meanwhile, Tony was attacking the terrorist’s hideout to rescue the people who were also kidnapped by the terrorist group. But Jarvis immediately notified Stark that there was something wrong with Iron Patriot armour as it was flying out of the path that Rhodey has marked to help Tony out. There was someone else who had the technology to hijack the Iron Patriot armour!

Tony tracked Rhodey’s location and immediately flew towards his location!

  . . . . . . . .

Night immediately come, and the Rocks Enterprise that has been abandoned after a serious oil spill incident had become the terrorist group’s base camp. Killian and all his followers who have undergone the Extremist Virus procedure were waiting for Tony’s arrival. Killian knew that there was no way Tony wouldn’t come there tonight.

Taking advantage of the night, Tony and Rhodey sneaked into a boat nearby the terrorist’s base. But unfortunately, Killian’s man saw Tony coming and immediately shot him with his gun. The spotlight immediately flashed towards Tony and Rhodes’s location.

“It seems no one in the Stark Family can teach this man about a proper etiquette of visiting someone else’s place!” Killian said as he shot another bullet at Tony. After Maya’s betrayal, Killian didn’t care about Tony’s well-being anymore. He knew that the Extremist Virus was unstable, but he didn’t care anymore.

The battle escalated after Tony called out all his suits that were controlled by Jarvis to fight alongside him. The place instantly lit up like fireworks! But not too far from the terrorist’s base, Dio was coming at high speed from the sea! While Aokiji of One Piece could ride his bike on the sea as he froze them, Dio could use his [White Album] to skate on the ice!

  . . . . . . .

“You are weak, Stark! You are nothing more than a broken armour that I can melt into a pile of scraps!” Killian said tauntingly. He was annoyed at Tony as he kept avoiding a direct confrontation against Killian and kep running around while also ordering his unmanned armour to block Killian’s path!

“Wow, you sure are cocky! Let’s try this instead!” Tony said as he called his last armour and immediately put it on! This was the Iron Man Armor: Mark XLII!

Killian immediately rushed towards Tony as he knew that all of Tony’s Iron Man Armours were weak against the Extremist’s lava-like ability. However, Tony wasn’t moving! He waited for Killian to come while preparing a martial art stance of his own. But sadly, Tony never really practiced martial arts except for several times Dio made him do it!

Obviously, Killian, who has received thorough training in a martial art, easily fended off Tony’s uncoordinated attack. As he saw the opening, Killian immediately punched Tony’s chest while having his Fist heated to the point were an iron would easily melt! But his punch didn’t do anything to Tony’s armour! In fact, Tony didn’t even feel the shockwave of Killian’s punch!

Tony immediately took the opportunity to attack as he saw that Killian was surprised that his heat didn’t do anything! Tony punched Killian straight on his jaw and made Killian stumble backward a little bit. But Tony knew that the punch wouldn’t do anything as the Extremist Virus have the enhanced healing power too!

“Tony, I swear I will kill you painfully!” Killian said as he was getting furious at Tony!

Killian walked towards Tony while burning the wall beside him to prevent Tony from escaping! As he came closer, Killian then threw Iron Man to the ground and held him while making sure that Tony was heating up below him!

“You are done, Tony! How do you feel about being cooked alive! I will serve your meat well done to Pepper later!” Killian said furiously.

“Not good! Pepper doesn’t like well-done steak!” Tony said as he pulled out a hidden knife from behind his palm and sliced both of Killian’s arms with it!

Killian spontaneously stood up and screamed in pain, the pain was unbearable, but the Extremist Virus didn’t allow him to faint!

“This is not perfect, but it looks pretty good for now!” Tony said as he flashed the Adamantium Knife that he was using to cut Killian just now. This was the secret behind this armour, it was durable thanks to the Vibranium Alloy, plus his weapon was extremely sharp thanks to the Adamantium Alloy!

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