Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 456


“So, any words?” Steve said as he wanted to know what everyone was thinking.

“I disagree with them! If we sign that accords, the government will put us under surveillance all the time! That would be no different than a caged animal!” Sam said with a frown on his face.

“But, 117 countries are ready to ratify this accord. We can’t just act like we don’t care, Sam!” Rhodey said as he read through the document that the Secretary left behind.

“I have a calculation that you might use to make your decision about this problem.” Vision said as he came through the wall, “Since Mr. Stark made his identity as the Iron Man publics, the number of superhumans who appeared on a public view increased! At the same time, major events with the potential to cause world destruction rise at the same proportion.

“So you’re trying to say that it’s actually our fault?” Steve asked with a frown on his face.

“I’m saying that there may be a causal link. Our ability attracted challenges that bred into disasters. So, I don’t think we should totally oppose and resist this new regulation.”

“Yes, that’s right!” Rhodey said with a smile on his face.

At this point, Steve turned his attention to Dio and Tony, who were still silent the entire time. He knew that he couldn’t make a decision on his own.

“Dio, tell us what you think.”

“Me? I am here to have fun! So far, I am not part of the Avengers! So, I think it wouldn’t matter what I think.”

“Come on, you and I both know that it would be impossible for the UN to let someone with your power wander around without surveillance!” Steve said matter of factly.

“You are right. I already saw this one coming.” Dio smiled sarcastically, “Not only did they want to monitor my personal freedom, but they were also prepared to take everything away from me, including my spaceship, my alien henchmen, and the alien technology that I have in my hands. Those shameless act of claiming everything they don’t deserve was idiotic. Never in my right mind would I sign this document!” Dio said as he flipped the document and showed everyone the accord point about him.

The others came around to check out the content.

Sure enough, it clearly expressed all that Dio has said. Furthermore, they used all kinds of grandiose reasons and the word ‘For the sake of peace and safety of the Earth’ countless times as if Dio was an active criminal!

At this point, even Vision and Colonel Rhodey, who had just clearly expressed their support for signing this accord, were speechless!

“You have the power of wiping a city with a single shot! For god’s sake, who wouldn’t be afraid of that kind of power!” Tony said all of a sudden as everyone remained silent.

He suddenly stood up and walked toward the coffee machine on the corner.

“Tony, I know you have already made a decision, but don’t you dare undermine my property! I will not hold myself from dismantling all of your armours into scraps metal!” Dio said with a frown on his face, he didn’t know what irritated Tony, but it wasn’t Dio’s problem!

“Yeah, I admit that you are way stronger than me! However, I still have to say that we all have to sign this accord because we need this kind of restrain!” Tony said solemnly.

“From what I know about you, if you are enraged, you lose all reason and self-restraint! Maybe you wouldn’t care at all if you destroyed all countries in this world!”

“That’s enough! Tony! Are you hearing yourself right now? What is wrong with you!” Steve shouted angrily as he stopped Tony from talking further.

“It’s okay, he’s right! I do not care about them as I will destroy anyone that becomes my enemy! My principle is as easy as that! So you better told those people in the UN to start thinking carefully about what they wanted from me! Or there will be ‘consequences’!” Dio laughed and left the room.

He knew that the Civil War plotline was in line this time. The Avengers would be split into two sides, further weakened the Earth from Thanos’ invasion!

In the beginning, Tony chose to fight the congress as he didn’t want to hand over his armours.

While he might succeed in keeping his armour, he still compromised and handed over the War Machine to Rhodey, who was a colonel of the US Army at that time!

Today, since he couldn’t persuade Dio to hand over the powerful technology in his possession, he was ready to take the hard path!

He wanted to take responsibility for his mistakes, and there was nothing wrong with that!

However, he shouldn’t try to force others to accept his ideas as well. No one else should have to pay for his mistakes, as it wasn’t fair for anyone else!

So, when Dio left, Tony told everyone about the young black man who died on Sokovia because of him!

“We have absolutely no decision-making process. We have to take responsibility, in whatever form we can, and we’ll be lawless if we don’t accept this accord!” Tony said solemnly.

“Tony, look, I also blamed myself for being weak and not being able to save everyone! When Dio warned you back then, you chose to keep going yourself! You chose to ignore everyone else, and now, you have the audacity to stand here and say that we lack a decision-making process? Don’t you think that you are being unreasonable right now?”

Steve said with a tight frown.

“Yes, that’s right! I admit that I was wrong! Because of that mistake, I hoped that no one else would make the same mistake as I do in the future! We need to sign this accord for that to happen!” Tony said as he started to shout now.

“When I realized the unthinkable consequences of my weapons falling to the wrong hands, I shut down all of my weapons department and never made any of that again!”

“Tony, you ‘chose’ to do that! If we signed this accord, we would give up our freedom, our options! What if the government sends us to do something that we shouldn’t have? Or stop us from doing what is right? What would be your decision then?” Steve said calmly.

Tony sighed and helplessly said, “The reality now is that we have to sign this now, or we will be forced to sign it later.”

Just as the debate of what they should do kept on going, Steve’s phone vibrated, and as Steve read the message, he immediately left the room. “I have to go now!” he said with a sad look on his face.

The message read, ‘She had passed away peacefully.’ At that instant, Steve knew that Peggy has died!

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