Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 473


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Dio’s word sounded so condescending. Everyone in the UN’s secret conference heard everything Dio said as they put a hidden mic on the secretary of state’s shirt.

They began to rack their brains about what action Dio would take if the world actually declared war against him.

They also calculated the heavy loss they just suffered as their abundant resources were destroyed singlehandedly by Dio!

They understood that the gap between Dio’s technologies and theirs was too far apart that there was nothing that they could do to overcome it!

The 117 nations could only sit back and watch as they knew that they had chosen the wrong option, and there was nothing else they could do about it anymore!

The biggest issue was the threat that Dio could be anywhere undetected, while they were like sitting duck, easily targetable.

If Dio’s threat were real, the nations must remain on alert all the time, waiting for Dio to strike one of their cities.

They obviously couldn’t afford to be on alert that long since the economy in that city would be crippled and thus would create another chain reaction that would just become a nuisance later.

The nations’ leaders regretted their decision to create the Sokovian Accord as they now realised that they couldn’t control the Avengers!

The greed and political play would pollute the Avengers, making it ineffective in the long run.

The small countries began to take a step back and gave up as they could no longer afford to support the UN on their crusade against Dio.

Since the country that suffered the most damage right now was the United States, they had no reason to take part in it!

“Come on! We can’t shut down the operation now! We have to form the United Nation Army now and eliminate that lunatic immediately!”

“And how do you plan on doing that? We can use the nuke, but do you know where to launch it?” someone mocked.

“So, what do you want us o do? Comply to that lunatic?”

“Well, I will not join on another crusade! You can do whatever you want, but don’t expect me to be part of it!”

“You, motherfucker!”

“Don’t blame me now. I never agreed on using force, to begin with! Just look what violence you bring! I am done here. I hope you realise what you are doing here was chasing after a fool’s gold! Goodbye!”

“I agree with him. Now, my country is small; there is no way I would get anything out of this! The risk is not worth it, and there is no guarantee that we can pull it off the end. I am also done here. Good day, everyone!”

“Now, we should use this chance to look back! The Avenger was superheroes who try their best to defend the earth. Without them, we would’ve been long gone! I don’t know what we are thinking back then, but clearly, everyone was blinded by greed to somehow get their hands on the spaceship that not even one of us has anything to do with! So, with that thought, I don’t see any reason left for me to be here! So long, everyone!”

The screen that projected the 117 nations leader began to turn black one by one. Most of them realised that they didn’t gain anything from antagonizing Dio and the Avenger any longer and therefore immediately called it quit.

They realized how dumb they were for being tempted by the USA to take part in this charade while they clearly didn’t have anything to do with it.

They hoped that they could turn back time and revert everything to how it was before!

But some countries did believe that Avengers wouldn’t give in to the UN’s pressure, and therefore they’ve already expected that something like this would happen.

They wanted to weaken the USA, and Dio’s threat seemed intriguing as the destruction of New York, and Washington DC would be a premise of the USA’s demise!

The public would surely be rioting against the decision to antagonize the Avenger soon enough!

At that time, the USA would face a problematic matter as the USA had the most willful people.

As for Dio, even though the nations’ leaders said that he was a lunatic now, they knew that Dio didn’t have anything to worry about now!

Under the pretence of self-defence, no one would blame him for retaliating. Because of that, the online conference ended abruptly without any clear solution.

The USA president was dumbfounded as he has always thought that the USA was the most powerful country in the world.

Nobody ever dared to fight back against the USA, but now that Dio clearly demonstrated that he didn’t have anything to fear against the USA, the president realised that there would always be someone that he shouldn’t pick a fight with!

Now his option to use the Avenger was gone too!

The only one who could fight Dio at this point was Vision, since Tony, Rhodey, and Natasha obviously wouldn’t be able to fight Dio.

It was a shame that Hulk and Thor weren’t present. Nonetheless, Vision wouldn’t be able to defeat Dio alone!

Out of desperation, the International Security Council was forced to call SHIELD and contacted Nick Fury to see if he had any solution to deal with Dio.

After all, the Avenger was Nick’s creation, and he was on good terms with Dio. If Nick didn’t have any solution to this matter, the USA would have no other option besides waging war against Dio.

“I know something about Dio that the others don’t. So, hear me out now; he was the type of person who didn’t know the concept of fear! He was the kind of person who will not give a fuck no matter who his opponent is. In fact, he also has a strong thirst for revenge! If you all still remember the case of HYDRA infiltrating SHIELD, Dio’s parent was the victim of this case. Do you know what happened? Dio investigated the case alone and killed all of the perpetrators in cold blood! He wouldn’t care about the consequences of his action as long as he thought that he was on the right! For your information, he has already gone on a little adventure to another galaxy and earned himself the notoriety as a cold-blooded overlord; he has even destroyed a planet before! He also has a planet of his own that he could control to his liking! So you better keep this in mind and take an appropriate measure!” Nick Fury said coldly.

Nick also brought up Dio’s evaluation report and some record of Dio’s experience in the universe that Nick had successfully acquired when he researched Dio’s ship earlier.

Nick wasn’t jealous of Dio’s accomplishment, but he honestly wanted the International Security Council to reconsider their idea of making Dio their enemy!

Although everything that Nick has said to the International security was indeed the fact, he didn’t mention Dio’s good deed to them.

As an example, the planet that Dio destroyed was Ego that threatened to destroy the entire galaxy!

If Dio didn’t kill Ego, then Dio could be considered cold-blooded, but because he killed Ego himself, Dio should be praised as a hero!

But Nick Fury’s goal right now was to scare the International Security Council a little bit so that they would refrain from doing something stupid such as antagonizing Dio like this!

“So, your point is?” The International Security Council asked.

“My thoughts are still the same as before and always would be, don’t mess with that guy! As long as no one bothers him, he wouldn’t do anything that we need to worry about. I would guarantee it myself! But you never listen, don’t you? Now, even I am not too sure what he would do next!”

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