Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 537


“You know only a fragment of the truth!” The Ancient One said before leaving with a disappointed look on her face. 

Soon after the Ancient One left, Kaecillus struck the New York sanctuary once more, forcing Stephen to defend it yet again. He forcefully moved everyone inside the New York sanctuary inside the mirror dimension, meaning that none of them could cause any damage to the real world from there.

“Give up now! You can’t damage the real world from here!” Stephen shouted annoyedly. He floated in the air confidently, even though he was almost killed by Kaecillus men earlier.

“Well, we meet again! But this time, you successfully annoy me!” Kaecillus sneered and stretched his arm, forcefully taking over the Mirror Dimension from Stephen’s grasp. Anyone who has more control would become the master of the Mirror Dimension, and right now, Kaecillus was the better sorcerer!

Furthermore, Kaecillus and his man drew energy from the Dark Dimension, making them more powerful than Mordo and Stephen combined. Stephen and Mordo immediately escaped from the Sanctuary to buy time and got out of the Mirror Dimension as they knew that they didn’t have any chance to win in here.

“They would kill us if they could catch up! We don’t have any chance to win in a battle here because their energy source comes from the Dark Dimension!” Mordo said as he ran away with Stephen by his side. Of course, Stephen already knew all this and was racking up his brain to find any solution to save them both and the Sanctuary.

However, all the solutions he could think of weren’t good enough for their situation. Although they could try to escape the Mirror Dimension using the ring to create the portal, Kaecillus wouldn’t give them the opportunity to do so. 

The only plausible way right now was to distract Kaecillus long enough for the reinforcement to come. He hoped that the Ancient One realised that they were in danger and came back from wherever she had gone earlier. 

Stephen began to run in circles, hoping to find a gap to create the portal. Unfortunately, Kaecillus was always in his tail, disrupting him from finishing the portal and therefore ensuring Stephen remained trapped inside the Mirror Dimension with him. 

Kaecillus also distorted the space inside the Mirror Dimension to catch up to Stephen faster, he kept churning the direction inside the Mirror Dimension in order to trap Stephen and catch up. Still, Stephen proved himself to be capable and kept avoiding Kaecillus’ trap.

Stephen and Mordo wouldn’t give up, they kept trying to create the portal to escape, but Kaecillus constantly destroyed their footing to disturb the portal from manifesting. The situation Stephen currently in was much like the scene in the movie called Inception!

Kaecillus began to get annoyed as Stephen kept running off from his grasp and thus stayed still in one spot and began to churn the space towards him, leaving Stephen and Mordo with no way to escape. 

In the end result, Stephen and Mordo were trapped in a finite space with Kaecillus and his men while everything else disappeared! Both of them were like a rat trapped in the corner, but they didn’t have any means to fight either!

Kaecillus rushed towards Stephen and took off Stephen’s ring, which was his means to create the teleportation portal, thus sealing Stephen’s way to escape. Stephen knew that he was out of time and option and braced himself to fight the unwinnable battle. 

But when Kaecillus was ready to slash Stephen’s throat with his energy blade, space was distorted once more, saving Stephen from Kaecillus’ blade! Due to the distorted space, Kaecillus’ men were trapped inside a wall, leaving Kaecillus the only one capable of fighting. 

It was clear that Kaecillus was no longer in control over the Mirror Dimension as the Ancient One appeared from a huge blooming flower in the middle of the arena she created.

But when Stephen and Mordo just sighed in relief that the Ancient One finally came on time to their rescue, they saw something that proved Stephen’s earlier accusation! They saw a red mark on the Ancient One’s forehead, the same mark that could be seen on Kaecillus’ head!

That was the sign that she was also drawing her energy from the Dark Dimension!

“It is true!” Mordo said as he felt betrayed by the sight before his eyes right now. Mordo trusted the Ancient One the most. No one was more loyal to the Ancient One than Mordo in Kamar Taj, but now, Mordo was betrayed by his master! From the beginning, the Ancient One has taught him that drawing the energy from another dimension was a terrible thing to do and banned everyone from even considering it!

But now, he saw that the Ancient One was just trying to monopolise the Dark Dimension Energy for her own benefit! His trust in the Ancient One immediately shattered! On the other hand, Stephen and Kaecillus didn’t seem surprised as they already speculated that the Ancient One had done something like this. 

The Ancient One looked around. Although Stephen and Kaecillus’ knowing look was a little uncomfortable for her, the look of utter disappointment on Mordo’s face hurt her the most. At the same moment, she felt the lonely struggle that she felt all this time to the utmost as she knew how it felt to be utterly disappointed in someone. 

But as quick as the feeling came, she abandoned her emotion once more, as she knew that dealing with Kaecillus was the most important thing right now. 

“You liar, I will kill you for your sin!” Kaecillus said with a smirk on his face while rushing towards the Ancient One. 

The Ancient One closed her eyes as she knew that Kaecillus was once her most potential disciple, but she knew that she had to take him down right now! She dodged Kaecillus’ attack and pushed him towards the wall, but Kaecillus didn’t take the attack head-on. He dodged and made some distance from the Ancient One to attack from afar. 

At the same time, Stephen and Mordo just watched the battle from the side without any sign to help the Ancient One. Stephen just didn’t know what he can do to help, while Mordo was still wallowing over his disappointment.

But clearly, the Ancient One didn’t need their help! Kaecillus tried to draw more energy from the Dark Dimension, and no matter how hard he tried, he could never beat the Ancient One! 

She was clearly the strongest sorcerer on earth!

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