Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 539


It didn’t make any sense to say how long time had passed when it was clear that the time flowed differently than what humans could comprehend. It wasn’t until the Ancient One showed herself in front of Dio with Stephen in tow that Dio understood what was happening.

“You really are a unique being!” The Ancient One said to Dio as she glanced towards the [World] beside Dio. Although she already sensed that her spells wouldn’t work against Dio, it still came as a surprise for the Ancient One as soon as she saw Dio. 

She had spent a lot of energy and time researching the truth of time, but it was clear for her that the man in front of her was able to surpass her knowledge relatively easily! It was all because of the ability called ‘Stand’ that Dio was using. She sighed as she didn’t want to feel jealous of Dio’s power.

Stephen didn’t know what the Ancient One was thinking, but he was surely interested to learn about the strange creature behind Dio.

“I didn’t expect to meet you again this soon,” Dio said with a sad smile on his face.

“I am dying, and this is probably the last time we will meet.” The Ancient One calmly said as death was not something to be feared. Her demeanour was indifferent. Even Dio wouldn’t be able to act the same way in the face of death.

But before Dio could speak, Stephen jumped to the conclusion as if he realised why the Ancient One brought him there. “Yes! You have life energy! You must have a way to save her!” Stephen said knowingly, but he failed to see the helplessness on the Ancient One’s face.

“Do you need me to save you?” Dio asked the Ancient One while ignoring Stephen. Dio didn’t act selfishly this time as he knew the importance of the Ancient One on earth. He didn’t understand why drawing energy from the Dark Dimension was taboo when it could become an endless supply of energy if done right.

Everything had two sides, and as long as the one using it knows what was bound to happen and how to prevent it, it would definitely be helpful! If it were used by the wrong hands and thus created a wrong variable, then the Dark Dimension would become poison, like what happened with Kaecillus! He was clearly swayed by the Dark Dimension’s power!

He broke the Dark Dimension barrier and communicated with Dormammu, leading to Dormammu enticing him to become his minion. The Ancient One has observed Dio for a long time now. Thus, she knows Dio had the ability far stronger than herself. But for now, she just smiled and shook his head, rejecting Dio’s offer to save her.

“This is the best ending for me, you don’t need to waste your time and power on me as I am not here for that, but instead, I am here to fulfill my promise!” The Ancient One said calmly.

“Ancient One!” Stephen shouted horrifiedly. He didn’t understand why the Ancient One was so prepared to lose her life like this. In order to extend her life, she was even willing to break the taboo and drew energy from the Dark Dimension, but now that she had the opportunity to live, she gave it up willingly!

The Ancient One didn’t explain anything was what frustrated Stephen the most! She could just tell him what was on her mind, but no! she wouldn’t tell him anything!

“Then what can I do?” Dio said as he smiled warmly. He didn’t think the Ancient One would be willing to die, but then again, she was a wise woman, and it was probably best for her to rest after a long battle! The Ancient One stepped forward and stretched her hand, and ask for Dio’s hand. Dio immediately put away his Hamon Energy that covered his body for defense and took the Ancient One’s hand.

As Dio took the Ancient One’s hand, he felt his soul leaving his body and took a trip like he was on LSD! He then saw his body supported by the [World] and touched Stephen’s face as he really found everything weird!

But then, Stephen recognized Dio’s real face! He was the one who came to Stephen when he was still a doctor, the one that requested Stephen to become his teacher! 

“Well, you finally recognize who I was,” Dio indifferently said as he returned to his body.

“Dio Brando?” Stephen asked unsurely.

“I felt honored that you still remember me,” Dio said with a slight smirk on his face. Stephen felt embarrassed as he never thought a man that he once pushed away coldly was the one who could heal his hands back to normal right now. 

“You know, Christine has been looking for you since you disappeared,” Stephen solemnly said as he remembered Christine right away.

“Is she okay? I went looking for her in the hospital where you used to work, but she was no longer worked there!” Dio awkwardly said as he didn’t know how to react to that. 

“I don’t really know. She left the hospital just before I got into an accident, and then I didn’t know where she had gone, she never contacted me, and I never contact her either.” Stephen said as he shook his head solemnly.

“Well, it may be great if you could take your time and catch up another day. For now, let me finish your training.” The Ancient One said solemnly as Dio and Stephen became quiet.

The Ancient One then stretched her finger towards Dio’s head, and the next moment, Dio’s head shone brightly. Dio felt so much time had passed, but in reality, it was only a few seconds. When the Ancient One lifted his finger, Dio opened up his eyes again. 

He never expected the Ancient One to teach him the Mirror Dimension like this. The Ancient One just dropped the information he needed to create the Mirror Dimension on his head! However, looking at the Ancient One’s spiritual body that gradually dimmed, Dio knew the price she probably had to pay for doing something like this!

But a new question popped on Dio’s mind, was it worth it for the Ancient One to do all this for him? He couldn’t tell why the Ancient One would do something like this!

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