Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 1


Tiandu City, Zhuanghuang Academy, on the main road of the commodity street.

一 A dirty kid who looked to be five or six years old stared blankly at the crowd coming and going around.

His eyes were bright and innocent, but with a trace of complexity that is not part of his age and a hint of resentment.

“What the hell… This shitty reincarnation. How come I reincarnated into a bald little kid?”

“wu wu wu~”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in his mind.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for acquiring the Universe Invincible Devouring System. The System is binding… and the binding is complete!”

“Ding! This System can help the host to swallow all things in the world, turn them into nutrients, and embark on the path to the supremacy of the universe!”

Qin Xiaotian looked dumbfounded.

“‘Universe Invincible Devouring System’? A light of gold is shining in my hand? Nice! That’s the standard perk of the reincarnated!”

With this System, I will no longer be bullied.

While thinking that, Qin Xiaotian took a deep breath and feel relieved.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV1!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Spirit Inhalation!”

“Ding! The host’s cultivation base has break through the Qi Refining 1st Layer!”

【Spirit Inhalation: A method of cultivating qi, to absorb Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, the essence of sun and moon by the method of breathing!】

The System prompt sounded in his mind one after another, and Qin Xiaotian was utterly stunned.

“What? I just took a breath of air, and I unlocked the method of cultivating qi? Is it special to break through the Qi Refining 1st Layer? Are you that stingy, System?”

Feeling the body’s increasing strength and the warm current flowing in the veins, Qin Xiaotian had an urge to laugh up at the sky.

Since you can learn a skill even by taking a breath of air, what else is impossible?

Knowing this, Qin Xiaotian picked up a stone on the ground and bit it down.

Not as hard as he imagined it to be, the stone was crushed by him like tofu.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV2!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Diamond Skin!”

“Ding! The host’s Diamond Skin cultivation is completed, and the current level is full.”

【Diamond Skin: basic level body refining method, cultivation to the highest level can transform the skin into hard rock, ignore all attacks after the Foundation Establishment Stage!】

Awesome, you can learn a skill and upgrade it just by eating anything! Hahahaha!

“Kid, this is a stone. You can’t eat it, hurry up and spit it out!”

Just as Qin Xiaotian was about to continue eating stones, a pleasant voice rang near him.

Qin Xiaotian blinked his big eyes and raised his small head.

He saw a girl with a beautiful appearance, about sixteen or seventeen years old. She appeared in front of him and looked at him with pity.

The girl was wearing the uniform of Zhuanghuang Academy. And at first glance, it was apparent she was a student at Zhuanghuang Academy.

“I’m hungry!” Qin Xiaotian said pitifully.

Qin Xiaotian’s innocent look has just blown the girl’s heart out.

“What about your family?”

“I don’t have any family. Or you take me, big sis. When I grow up, I will take you as my wife!” Qin Xiaotian said teasingly.

If an adult spoke this word, he would probably be treated as a pervert, but Qin Xiaotian now only looks like a five or six-year-old kid.

Children’s words carry no harm. Who would care about a small kid?

Instead, she thought he was so cute!

“Pfft! You little boy, do you know what it means to marry a wife?”

“Of course, this little boy knows that marrying a wife; is man and woman… you know!” Qin Xiaotian played with his fingers, lowered his head, and showed a shy look.

“Ohoh! You little brat… What a cutie! So, this big sis didn’t bring any snacks, but they’re just happened to be a Yangyuan Pill (Yangyuan Dan/Nurturing Essence Pill). Seeing that you are so thin, you must have no nutrition to keep up, so I will give it to you!” She said as she handed the pill to Qin Xiaotian.

Qin Xiaotian was impolite for picking up the pill immediately and stuffing it into his mouth.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV3!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning basic level Alchemy!”

“Ding! The host’s cultivation base has break through the Qi Refining 3rd Layer!”

Damn! You can learn pill refining when you eat a medicine pill? System, you really are awesome!

Qin Xiaotian looked delighted. The caring big sister in front of him made him happy.

“Yo! Isn’t this girl Mu Qianqian? You are so generous. You actually gave Yangyuan Pill, which is just released by the academy, to a little beggar. What should I call you?”


“Saintly Whore*.”

*TL note: Shèngmǔ biǎo. It means “Holier than thou attention whore”. All so pure and holy, but really just to get attention.

“Or White Lotus?**”

**TL note: In Chinese culture, the lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and virtue of the soul. The “white lotus” (báiliánhuā) character is morally perfect, kindhearted, and harmless.

Qin Xiaotian had just eaten the Yangyuan Pill, but he had no time to be grateful to the big sister in front of him because a discordant voice interrupted them.

Qin Xiaotian saw a man in a luxurious shirt, about 20 years old, and with two henchman-like attendants, they came over while badmouthing Mu Qianqian.

“Zhao Song! You don’t need to take care of my affairs, Yangyuan Pill is mine, and I can give it to whoever I love!”

“Sister Qianqian, you’re not right about this. How can the academy’s resources to cultivate its prided students; be wasted on a little beggar? In what meaning do you need to waste it on this little bitch?”

Hearing this made Qin Xiaotian’s lungs want to explode!

This guy is a little beggar on the left and a little bitch on the right!

Who is scolding whom?

“Big sis, why is there a dog barking here? It’s really annoying!” Qin Xiaotian complained milkily.

The implication is self-evident.

“Lil’ shit, who are you calling a dog?”

“That’s what I’m calling you, a dog who looks down on people. You dare to be arrogant in front of your father. You won’t even be able to write your last will!”

As soon as Qin Xiaotian said this, Zhao Song’s expression instantly turned pale.

Zhao Song is one of the top ten supremes of the Zhuanghuang Academy, and he has reached the Qi Refining 7th Layer Realm.

He is also Zhao’s family heir. The Zhao family itself is also one of the seven great families in the Tiandu City with profound strength.

Even a cultivator whose cultivation base is higher than Zhao Song has to give him three points (?).

Why should he be humiliated?

Not to mention that the person who humiliated him was just a little brat.

It’s just a little brat, which is unbearable!

At this point, Zhao Song’s eyes flashed a killing intent.

How about I kill this lil’ shit?

The dignity of a cultivator cannot be challenged.

It’s too late to talk now.

The sword in Zhao Song’s hand came out of its sheath. And then, Qin Xiaotian saw a powerful sword light, with an aura of destruction, whizzing towards Qin Xiaotian’s fragile and young body.

Zhao Song’s movements were so fast that everyone can’t react quickly enough.


Mu Qianqian yelled anxiously. She really didn’t expect that Zhao Song, a scumbag, would actually kill a defenseless child.

She wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

Qin Xiaotian’s eyes narrowed, and a contemptuous smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Facing the terrifying sword whizzing towards him from Zhao Song一

He didn’t step forward or step back. He just put one hand on the chest and one hand behind the waist.

Then… he looked up to the sky as if the bright starry sky was his longing.

Some passers-by who were on the scene even closed their eyes with pity. They couldn’t bear to watch the blood of a five or six-year-old child splashing on the spot.

However, the story of the next second was unexpected to everyone.


The sound of a crisp and incomparable metal crashed away.

Everyone gasped.

One by one, they became stunned.

In the face of Zhao Song’s fierce slash and his Qi Refining 7th Layer power, the brave child did not shy away but resisted the attack, and he was unscathed.

Instead, the sword that Zhao Song bought at a high price was cracked.

Zhao Song was shocked!

Mu Qianqian was also shocked!

All the onlookers were collectively shocked!

“What… is he even a human?”

“How can a five-year-old kid did that?”

The atmosphere is suffocating! The whole audience was silent!

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