Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 12


“Brother Xiaotian, do you really want to go to Xianling Taoist Academy? I really a bit reluctant to be separated from you!” Lan Shuang said with red eyes.

“It’s okay to go to the Xianling Taoist Academy. It’s a learning paradise that every cultivator dreams of. You can learn the most powerful cultivation technique, pill refining, artifact refining, array, and rune. Little brother Xiaotian is very talented; if he stays in Tiandu city, it will delay his growth!” Mu Qianqian touched Qin Xiaotian’s face, a little bit reluctant, but her words were firm.

“Don’t worry, even if I go to Xianling Taoist Academy, I won’t forget you two sisters. I will get you sisters into the academy.” Qin Xiaotian patted his chest with a vow.

“Hehe! You’re still a little kid. Do you think your family runs the Xianling Taoist Academy? Whoever wants to enter can enter? You’re still young, so you still don’t understand many things. Not everyone in this world was born with talents like you. They have to spend their entire lives working hard. In the eyes of ordinary people, we are strong cultivators, but in the eyes of true geniuses, we are no different from ordinary people!” As if feeling the coming parting, Mu Qianqian was very depressed.

There will always be many people in one’s life. Some people are destined to be a passer-by in your life. But some people will leave a significant mark in your life, even in the past life, you will remember this person in your heart. Human feelings are not calculated by the length of time. Some people have known each other for decades, but sometimes, they just become friends. And some people know each other for a few days but can treat each other sincerely. People will inevitably have regrets in their lives, but this is life!

Qin Xiaotian left three days later.

Before leaving, he left all the precious elixir given to her by the major families to Mu Qianqian and Lan Shuang.

I hope these spirit medicines can help them improve their cultivation base. It’s to repay them for their kindness in taking me these past few days!

Tiandiu city is still too small.

Qin Xiaotian’s target was the ocean of stars.

There are also countless Tianjiao powerhouses waiting to slap him. Naturally, it is impossible to develop insignificantly.

Only when the waves are flying(?), it’s a wonderful life!

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, are you ready? The flight port is not far away. This flight port is the property of the Royal Beast Pavilion. There are many demon beasts in captivity. Each one can travel thousands of miles a day. It’s a long way to Zhongzhou, so you need to take a flying demon beast!”

Since leaving Tiandu City, along the way, Long Xiaoyao is like a dedicated tour guide. Everywhere he goes, he will introduce local customs, influence division, and cultural history.

No longer exist the son of Tiandiu city City Lord. Nor the attitude of the Great Young Master.

Qin Xiaotian’s impression of him slightly changed.

It seems that not every second generation is the same as the previous generation.

Some people are low-profile and modest.

“Why do we have to ride a flying beast? I think it’s quite troublesome. Is there no such thing as a Teleportation Array? Let’s swish to the Xianling Taoist Academy.” Qin Xiaotian asked casually.

Over the past few days, he really felt that it was tough to get on the road. It stands to reason that it should be quite normal to use the Teleportation Array to hurry as a cultivator!

But when Long Xiaoyao heard Qin Xiaotian talking about the two words’ Transportation Array’, he showed a bitter expression on his face.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, to tell you the truth, this Transportation Array is really not something ordinary cultivators can afford! Every time you turn on the Transportation Array, you need to consume a huge amount of spirit stones. Furthermore, our Tiandu City is thousands of miles away in a remote area in the southwest. The Array Great Grandmaster really disdains to set up a large Transportation Array in these remote areas. So, we are going to Zhongzhou by riding the flying beast!” Long Xiaoyao was secretly surprised while explaining this!

The origin of this little devil is really extraordinary. He actually understates the Transportation Array so casually. If there is no monstrous background behind Qin Xiaotian, Long Xiaoyao would not believe how a small child can say that.

For a while, his attitude towards Qin Xiaotian became kinder. Even if he was too kind, he still put Qin Xiaotian first!

People passing-by would never think that this Long family young master is actually the follower of this brat.

After entering the flight port, Qin Xiaotian really gained insight.

This flight port is a bit similar to Earth’s airport(?).

Many cultivators come and go, but most of their cultivation bases are not high and low. The cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Stage are more common, and the cultivators of the Qi Refining Stage and Golden Core Stage are relatively rare.

Qin Xiaotian thought for a moment and understood the reason.

Qi Refining Stage’s cultivation base is relatively low, and most of them are not wealthy. Even if it’s just a flying beast to get them here, it will still cost a lot of money for them.

As for the Golden Core Stage cultivators, if their cultivation base has reached that level, flying in the air is not a problem at all, and even long-distance flights will not cost much.

Although the Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators can also walk in the sky, their Power of True Essence is not strong enough to make them fly a hundred miles.

The journey of thousands of miles is not something that the Foundation Establishment Stage can handle! Therefore, flying beast is a good choice. Even some Golden Core powerhouses take flying beasts for ease.

Soon, they entered the flight port.

Qin Xiaotian glanced casually and found several flying demon beasts.

There are helicopter-sized cranes and passenger-sized eagles.

They are giant monsters, like monsters in the mythical world. But these flying beasts have been domesticated.

Qin Xiaotian looked quite envious and didn’t know when he could make such a demon beast as a pet!

“Brother Xiaoyao, is this Royal Beast Pavilion a very powerful sect? Can they actually control so many monsters?” Qin Xiaotian asked with interest.

“That’s natural. This Royal Beast Pavilion is one of the top ten cultivating sects in the Nine Provinces. Most of the disciples in the gate are mostly known for controlling monsters. The stronger the demon beast they control, the better their strength is. Among the cultivators of the same level, the Royal Beast Pavilion cultivators are extremely difficult to fight! They have monsters to assist in combat, which is equivalent to superimposing their combat power. Even the disciples of the Xianling Taoist Academy are not willing to hold a grudge against them!” Long Xiaoyao explained.

“Is the Xianling Taoist Academy stronger? Or is the Royal Beast Pavilion stronger?” Qin Xiaotian asked without shyness.

“Huh? This is really hard to say, each has its strengths, but in terms of overall strength, the Xianling Taoist Academy is definitely stronger! The Taoist Academy takes training young cultivators as its primary goal. It is very loosely managed, and it does not restrict the Taoist Academy’s students from joining other sects. Compared with the sect disciples, the Taoist Academy does not have strong cohesion, but the competition is more intense! However, because of this, some more talented cultivators are more willing to join the Xianling Taoist Academy is definitely stronger!”

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