Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 21


Everyone saw a five- or six-year-old kid climbing up the fairy ladder, and they all looked dumbfounded!

“This kid, is he really here for the examination?”

“Yes, very strong. This is the first time I have seen such a young referee!”

“Guess how many steps can this bear kid climb?”

“I bet on one hundred spirit stones; he can’t climb more than fifty steps at most!”

“Haha! Do you want to cheat money? As we all know, children’s willpower is generally the weakest, especially this kind of five or six-year-old kids, who are immature and have not experienced any storms. Even if they are talented, they are also fragile inside. If he can climb up to fifty floors, I’ll eat shit!”

Qin Xiaotian’s small body seemed to have his own halo.

Just walking up the Immortal Spirit Stairs, he attracted the attention of countless cultivators. The main reason is that he is too young, only one meter tall, and he is an outlier among the cultivators. Naturally eye-catching.

That small and exquisite body looks very funny every time it climbs a step! It makes people have an urge to laugh.

Qin Xiaotian ignored the opinions of these spectating people.

He had only walked up the Immortal Spirit Stairs, but he already felt a force of spiritual force from heaven and earth.

This spiritual force is extraordinary, as if a hundred pounds of weight were suddenly added to his body. Not only physical but also spiritual.

Every time you climb one level, the coercion of spiritual power will increase by one point accordingly. The first few dozen steps may not bad to say, but the more challenging it became once you climb just some few steps!

And this Immortal Spirit Stairs are also arranged in a forbidden spirit formation. In other words, once you touch the first stone step, you can no longer use any magical powers and secret methods, you can only resist the pressure and climb up!

Qin Xiaotian’s speed is not fast.

No one took him to heart at first! Although he has attracted the attention of many cultivators because of his young age. But no one thinks he can go far. Before he knew it, Qin Xiaotian climbed the 50th step.

At this time, a cultivator finally showed a shocked look!

“This kid, he actually… really reached the fifty-fifth step?”

“Then who was it that said, he will eat shit if the kid managed to climb the 50thstep?”

“Haha! A funny bunch of self-righteous junk can’t even compare to a child? Shame!”

“Who did you call trash? You haven’t even climbed to the 100th step, and you laugh at 50th step. You think you’re amazing?”

A smell of gunpowder* appeared in the crowd, not knowing when it started.

*TL note: ; huǒ yào wèi shèn nóng; strong smell of gunpowder; figuritive=tense situation; standoff.

Qin Xiaotian continued to climb up

Although his speed is not fast, he didn’t stop.

Soon, he came to the 80th step······ 90th step······ 99th step·······

At this time, countless spectating people can no longer remain calm!

Including cultivators who are still struggling in the 90th step. They looked dumbfounded at a five- or six-year-old child overtaking them.

Suddenly there was a feeling of being humiliated.

Someone said that it’s okay to lose to a cultivator of the same age, blame yourself for your inferior skills. But losing to a five or six-year-old child…?

Could it be that I can’t even compare to a little kid? Shameful!

Under the stimulation of Qin Xiaotian, the several cultivators who had planned to give up suddenly burst out with powerful willpower, desperately. Even if their body is already crumbling, they were not willing to take a step back!

Some people even bit their lips and forcibly forced themselves! But even so, they couldn’t catch up to Qin Xiaotian.

They can only watch the little kid go farther and farther in front of them!

At this time, Qin Xiaotian finally reached the 100th step.

“He went up to 100th… this kid really went up????”

“Fuck! A six-year-old child can pass the examination, but I can’t make it? It’s too hard!”

“Wait, look. That kid is still climbing up. He doesn’t seem to want to stop at the 100th step!”

In the horrified eyes of everyone, Qin Xiaotian couldn’t stop at all. He continued to catch up with the cultivators in front.

There are more than 1,000 cultivators who have climbed the 100th step of the Immortal Spirit Stairs. There are even more dozens of arrogant geniuses who have reached the 200th floor.

Among them were two people at the top of the Immortal Spirit Stairs; one is Xiao Zhan, and the other is the fifteen-year-old girl.

Right now, they were standing on the 260th step. Even under tremendous pressure and various terrifying illusions in front of them, they did not hesitate to continue climbing.

The smell of gunpowder between the two was strong, and no one can interrupt them! Their goal is the first place.

 At the same time, in the Dao Academy, there are two cultivators with unfathomable auras who were observing the assessment of the Immortal Spirit Stairs through Profound Light technique.

The two cultivators were sitting side by side. One with an old face and silver hair, looking like an eighty-year-old man. The other has fair skin and delicate face, like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy, but the vicissitudes of life are revealed in his eyes.

At this moment, the old man with white hair said to the young cultivator:

“Senior Brother Zhou, this year’s new seedlings are pretty good. More than 20 have climbed the two hundred steps of the Immortal Spirit Stairs, especially the son of Xiao Yanshan and the daughter of the Misty Cloud Sect leader, Gu Ling’er. Three hundred steps. The number one freshman in this year should be born between these two people!”

“Junior Brother Wang, it’s too early to say it now. Maybe someone else will come out at the top!” The young cultivator smiled calmly.

In the world of cultivation, if one’s cultivation reaches the Nascent Soul stage, maintaining a youthful appearance is only a small means. You can’t judge people at this level with just their outer appearance!

Just when the two big men were discussing with each other. A little kid who seemed to be only five or six years old unexpectedly overtook most of the newborn geniuses and successfully climbed the two hundred steps of the Immortal Spirit Stairs.

Thousands of cultivators were collectively shocked! Especially those cultivators who were left behind by Qin Xiaotian.

One by one, they looked at Qin Xiaotian’s back with a stupid face.

They dare not to be surpassed by a five- or six-year-old child.

“Fuck! Are my eyes playing with me? Where did the brat pop up from?”

“There is such a thing?! How could there be such a strong kid?!

“An illusion! This must be an illusion from the Immortal Spirit Stairs. It’s impossible to strike this young master’s will! Impossible!”

“It’s not an illusion. I’m real, you monkeys!”

“Little kid, stop! Don’t even dare think about surpassing this young master!”

However, Qin Xiaotian did not stop and continued to climb up.

200 steps do not seem to be his limit. So far, only tens of thousands of cultivators were in this examination together, and only 22 people were able to reach 200 steps, including Qin Xiaotian.

“This little kid… is not trying to get the first place, right?”

“Impossible! Even if I underestimate his power, he will never be the first!”

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