Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 3



The three people laughed, but there was a hint of embarrassment in their smile.

They think Zhao Song is more or less the number one in Tiandu City. They didn’t expect that in order to deal with a small child, he would rely on such shameful means such as poisoning.

It would be more or less shameful if the story spread.

“The two of you have listened well. This matter should not be made public. If this matter spreads, it will damage the Zhao Family reputation!”

“Okay, Young Master Song, we promise not one drop of water will leak out!”


While the Zhao Song group was discussing how to deal with Qin Xiaotian, Qin Xiaotian had followed Mu Qianqian to her academy’s apartment.

The Zhuanghuang Academy’s apartment for students is quite luxurious, and compared with ordinary villas, each student has a separate courtyard.

As soon as Qin Xiaotian walked into the apartment, there was a scene in front of him that caused his blood pressure to blow out.

Qin Xiaotian saw a woman with white skin walking out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel.

The woman had long hair like a waterfall, her eyebrows like distant mountains, her nose are like creamy frost, and her lips are like cherry.

The peaks of the chest were rising and falling. At this moment, she had just been out of the bath, and her wet hair was on her shoulders, making her more charming.

He couldn’t help but be shaken for a while.

“Qianqian, why did you come in with a child? Could it be… he was your illegal child?” After discovering Qin Xiaotian, the seductive woman in a bath towel didn’t shy away from Qin Xiaotian’s fiery gaze. Instead, she was joking. She sat on the animal skin sofa in the living room.

“Senior Sister Lan Shuang, don’t mess with me. I picked this little guy from the side of the road. Don’t think he is just a normal kid. He’s amazing!”

“What’s so great about this little guy? This kid will be five or six years old. What can he even do?”

“This can’t be explained clearly in a short while. I’m going to cook first. This little kid is hungry. I’ll tell you what happened later. Senior Sister Lan Shuang, can you help me? Please bath him.” Mu Qianqian requested.

“Fine, the little guy is dirty anyway.” The seductive woman nodded and agreed.


Qin Xiaotian shivered and then became panicked.

“Well, this beautiful big sister is beyond all beauty. I can take a bath alone, so don’t bother to help!” Qin Xiaotian said resolutely.

“Hoho! You clever little brat. Are you afraid that this big sister will eat you?” Lan Shuang chuckled, like a peony in full bloom*.

*TL note: In China, peony is a traditional flower symbol and is called 牡丹 (mǔdān), which means “the most beautiful”.

“No, it’s because of big sis is just too beautiful, just like a fairy. I’m afraid I will fall in love with you!”

“Haha! Qianqian, I know why you picked up this little guy and came back. This little guy is smooth-tongued!” Lan Shuang couldn’t help but squeeze Qin Xiaotian’s face in joy.

“Huh, I will pinch you back ten times sooner or later!” Qin Xiaotian was shy, but on the surface, he still looked like a good kid.

After taking a bath and getting rid of all the filth, Qin Xiaotian’s appearance suddenly changed.

They saw Qin Xiaotian’s pink, innocent, and cute appearance, walking out of the bathroom with a shy face.

At that moment, Mu Qianqian and Lan Shuang’s eyes changed. They seemed to have discovered a new world with an inexplicable surprise.

“What a cute little guy! He’s so cute!” (Lan Shuang)

“Why didn’t you find him cute before? Wait, your chest, hey!” (Mu Qianqian)

After Lan Shuang finished speaking, she came to Qin Xiaotian, picked him up, and kissed him with a sigh.

“Uh… big sister, can you hold on a little bit? I, Qiao Xiaotian, is not just some normal kid!” Although Qin Xiaotian said so, his two small hands were moving towards Lan Shuang’s chest.

Just as he was about to succeed, Lan Shuang let him down.

“You little thing, don’t learn to talk like an adult all the time. A little child should act like a little child. That’s how good a child is, you know?” Lan Shuang patted his head.

Qin Xiaotian was a little speechless. He looked like a five or six-year-old kid, but his actual age was a wretched uncle who was 27 years old.

In terms of mental age, Qin Xiaotian is ten years older than them.

“Okay, okay, Senior Sister. Don’t tease him anymore. Come and eat!” Mu Qianqian said aside.

Qin Xiaotian smelled the aroma of the food, and the monkey hurried to the dinner table immediately.

He took a sip of soup first.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Imperial Water!”
“Ding! The host’s Imperial Water cultivation is completed, and the current level is full.”

【Imperial Water: Water-controlling magic spell of the dragon race. Level up to the highest level, and you can turn rivers into seas, destroy the sky, drown the earth, create clouds and summon rain, and benefit the common people!】

Amazing! You can learn and level up Imperial Water with a sip of soup. System, you are really flying up! (?) Haha!

The excited Qin Xiaotian picked up a chicken wing and ate it.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Flying!”
“Ding! The host’s Flying cultivation is completed, and the current level is full.”

【Flying: Flying magic spell of the bird race. Can fly in the air!】

Universe Invincible Devouring System- sure enough, the name is indeed well-deserved, and it can upgrade any skill by eating anything. Qin Xiaotian’s body shook, and he went straight away to continue eating.

The food on the table was swept away by him, and he almost ate even the plates.

Mu Qianqian and Lan Shuang looked at each other and were really shocked by Qin Xiaotian’s appetite!

This little kid is small, and yet, he ate more than anyone else.

“Is this little thing born of a starving ghost**? Aren’t you afraid of eating that much?”

**TL note: Hungry ghost is a concept in Chinese Buddhism, Chinese traditional religion, Vietnamese Buddhism, and Vietnamese traditional religion representing beings who are driven by intense emotional needs in an animalistic way. The terms 餓鬼 èguǐ and quỷ đói, literally “hungry ghost”, are the Chinese and Vietnamese translation of the term preta in Buddhism. –Basically, it’s just a figure of speech in that sentence.

“Poor thing, he never had eaten full enough. I don’t know who is so hateful to throw away such a cute little kid!”

Qin Xiaotian patted his small belly and felt that he still wasn’t full.

Even after eating so much, this ordinary meal was still nothing compared to the Yangyuan Pills’ effect.


Early the next morning.

Mu Qianqian and Lan Shuang decided to take Qin Xiaotian to the market; to buy him some children’s clothes.

After all, the two girls lived together, so there were no clothes for children at home.

That’s why the two beauties came to the bustling commercial street of Tiandu city with a cute little child.

Along the way, it attracted the attention of many passers-by.

After all, three cute and beautiful people walking together were somewhat pleasing to the eye.

However, the two girls strolled the streets, and that tormented Qin Xiaotian.

Sure enough, women’s shopping desires are too terrifying no matter which world they are in. Even if Qin Xiaotian’s physical prowess is fit, he can hardly hold it.

At that time, just as Mu Qianqian and Lan Shuang were concentrating on choosing clothes, a young woman with a complicated expression and a pretty appearance; approached Qin Xiaotian.

“This little brother is so cute. Can you tell this big sister what your name is?” The woman asked with a smile.

“My name is Qin Xiaotian!” Qin Xiaotian asked milkily, looking like a good kid. However, he secretly raised vigilance in his heart.

The woman’s words flickered, her eyes were erratic, and she deliberately approached him, but not because he was cute, but she came with some kind of malicious purpose.

“It’s okay. Come. Sister will give you candy!” After the woman said that, she reached into her small pocket and took out a white pill, which looked like candy.

A smile appeared at the corner of Qin Xiaotian’s mouth.

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