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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 64


Green Robed Old Ancestor slaughtered too many living beings in order to refine Myriad Devils Destroying Soul Banner. Heaven was angry, and humans were angry. The world was his enemies.

He was chased and killed by the twelve powerful celestial cultivators. Although his cultivation base was beyond above, he lived like a street mouse! In the end, there is no good end in his path.

Although it’s true that Qin Xiaotian devoured his Primordial Spirit, it does not mean that he has to follow Green Robed Old Ancestor’s path.

Of course, this was not the point. The point was that Qin Xiaotian lacked a truly powerful Magical Artifact in his hands.

For a cultivator, the cultivation base and the Divine Ability magic spell are indispensable, but a famous Magical Artifact that is unique to you is also necessary!

A Magical Artifact of formidable power can help a cultivator to increase his/her combat capability significantly. Even leapfrogging his/her combat capability is not impossible!

To some extent, the importance of Magical Artifact is even above the medicine pill. Therefore, whenever there is a Divine Artifact that is owned by a peerless powerhouse, there will be a bloody storm.

Who knows how many cultivation bases paid the price of their lives for a single Artifact!

Qin Xiaotian thought so for a while.

A hot flame began to emerge from his palm. Soon, the Space Ring was barbecued on his palm.

His control of the flame is exceptionally delicate. Neither will the space ring be damaged by the high temperature, nor will the temperature be too low to be useless.

Then, a force of mental power poured into Space Ring.

He could not detect the items stored in the Space Ring because Sima Fei’s spiritual imprint still remains on it.

He forcibly erased the imprint, and dripped his blood at the Magical Artifact to make it recognize its owner so that he can access the storage Artifact.

And just as he erased Sima Fei’s spiritual imprint, he suddenly discovered something unexpected. Under his powerful mental power, all the Space Ring’s internal structures were fully presented in Qin Xiaotian’s mind.

On the surface, this was just an ordinary ring with a simple shape. However, there were countless beautiful inscriptions inside.

These inscriptions, like a special magic circuit, are constructed into nine Space Rule Inscriptions. Based on these nine spatial laws, a special meson space is formed.

One flower, one world, one leaf, one bodhi. One grass, one Heaven, one pure land.* Those were the inscriptions.

*TL Note: Buddhism

Qin Xiaotian had a clear comprehension of the Space Ring.

He was like a child eager for knowledge, eager to understand the function of these inscriptions. At this time, Green Robed Old Ancestor’s four thousand years of cultivation experience gave him a great help.

Every time he understands the function of an inscription, he felt an inexplicable excitement. Although he didn’t know why he was so excited, it made his brain running at high speed, and his mental power was draining at a rapid rate. But his comprehension of the inscriptions was increasing.

He had enlightenment!

“Ding! The detected host’s perception is astonishing; successfully comprehended a Space Rule. Host’s Life Essence has undergone qualitative changes and has successfully upgraded to Second Level Lifeform!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV21!”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for breaking through the Golden Core Stage!”

At this time, Qin Xiaotian suddenly found that the Power of True Essence within his body was sharply compressed. There was a mad vortex in his dantian**.

**TL Note: 丹田 dān tián=pubic region; point two inches below the navel where one’s qi resides.

The endless Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi rushed within his body. His True Essence Power gradually changed from liquid to solid thing. A golden pill the size of soybean was condensed!

At this time, his Primordial Spirit and Golden Core were closely integrated. One mysterious rune after another emerged on the surface of the Golden Core, emitting a dazzling glare.

As a result, Qin Xiaotian’s whole body burst out extremely bright golden light. His entire body was changing from the inside out.

Just then, Heaven and Earth shook. A large cloud of pitch-black ink condensed above Qin Xiaotian’s head. It covered almost the entire sky. A powerful force of Heaven and Earth suddenly dropped!

Chu Yun, who was dealing with the corpses, was immediately stunned!

“This… this is the Golden Core Thunder Tribulation?! He suddenly gained enlightenment and Crossing Tribulation right now?!”

Chu Yun was speechless!

Any Foundation Establishment cultivator who wants to break through the Golden Core Stage successfully must go through a hazardous process. That is the Golden Core Thunder Tribulation.

Many cultivators died tragically under the Golden Core Thunder Tribulation just because they were not fully prepared.

The cultivator is going against the Heaven. Stealing the Yin-Yang of Five Elements, Seizing the Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth.

Strengthen yourself, violate the Nature Rule, and gain powerful power and a long lifespan at the same time. This is not tolerated by Heaven and Earth.

Breaking through the Golden Core Stage is a life-level transition that allows a mortal lifespan to grow to a millennium lifespan. Rule of Heaven and Earth is intolerable. Thunder Tribulation will drop.

Usually, Golden Core Thunder Tribulation also has strengths and weaknesses. The most common Golden Core Thunder Tribulation only has one Heavenly Thunder.

And the most terrifying Golden Core Thunder Tribulation ever recorded has nine Heavenly Thunder. Each Heavenly Thunder’s formidable power is geometrically multiplied.

For any cultivator about to break through the Golden Core Stage, this is the most critical moment in one’s life, and one cannot afford to be a bit sloppy.

In order to cope with the Golden Core Thunder Tribulation, preparing for a year and a half is not an exaggeration.

However, Qin Xiaotian made such a hasty breakthrough, and it seemed that he was not prepared at all.

How big is his heart?

To avoid being caught in the pond fish, Chu Yun quickly withdrew 100 kilometers away from Qin Xiaotian.

Make sense. Qin Xiaotian himself was also a little confused! He never expected that he would suddenly have enlightenment and comprehend a Space Rule.

It was even more unexpected that without swallowing anything, he could actually break through?

At this time, Golden Core Thunder Tribulation came down.

After passing the Golden Core Thunder Tribulation, from now on, he will be a Golden Core powerhouse, truly stepping into the cultivation’s threshold. However, the Heavenly Thunder will destroy both body and soul!

Qin Xiaotian didn’t dare to underestimate the Golden Core Thunder Tribulation.

Countless cultivators treat Thunder Tribulation as if they are tigers. And it is naturally not without reason.

Although Qin Xiaotian is confident of his strength, and it seems that the stronger you are, the more terrifying the formidable power of Thunder Tribulation.

Throughout the ages, who knows how many cultivators have died tragically under the Golden Core Thunder Tribulation.

Which one of them is not a self-confident peerless talent?

‘Let you be the arrogant person, and the Thunder Tribulation will come to strike you dead!’

However, since Thunder Tribulation has come down, there is absolutely no possibility of returning back!

Qin Xiaotian could only bite the bullet and face it.

The atmosphere was depressing and suffocating! Black clouds continued to condense. Unlike the ordinary dark cloud, this dark cloud seems to be flooded with an unparalleled Power of Destruction.

This terrifying Heaven and Earth coercion would make people breathless. But, there was no trace of fear in Qin Xiaotian’s eyes.

He just lifted his head, looked directly into the sky, and stood with his hands held down, and his eyes glimmered a strong will.

“Boom!” There was a loud noise in the sky, and a thick purple lightning bolt struck down!

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