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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 73


The battle lasted three days and three nights.

Hundreds of kilometers of Metal Devouring Ant Tide were slaughtered by the concerted efforts of millions of cultivators! In this battle, Human cultivators killed tens of billions of Devouring Metal Flying Ants. However, their casualties were close to a hundred thousand cultivators. These casualties are negligible compared to the destroyed ant tide. But for human cultivators, it was a heavy loss. Although it will not cause massive inconvenience, it will still take some time to recover.

Simultaneously, throughout the Demon Beast Sea, the name “Purple Light Devil Child”, spread at an incredible speed, and quickly became famous in the Nine States Continent.

It is rumored that the Purple Light Devil Child, Qin Xiaotian, is only six years old, taller than one meter, and appears to be a little child. But in the battle to guard the Ten Great Ancient Cities, he made an outstanding contribution to the Human cultivator. With his own power, he killed hundreds of millions of Devouring Metal Flying Ant. His terrifying record is better than Desolate Sky City Lord, Sima Wentian, the Nascent Soul Great Perfection powerhouse!

This child commands purple thunderbolt. Overflowing heavenly murderous aura from all over his body during the battle, just like Hell’s Devil God, so he was dubbed the title of ‘Purple Light Devil Child’!

In the cultivation world, anyone who has been given a special title by a group of cultivators is a powerhouse in the world! This title is also a special honor and recognition.

Such as Blood Hand Rose Flower Ouyang Xiaoyan, such as Literary Sword Scholar Zhou Yishan, such as Desolate Sky City Lord, and also Green Robed Old Ancestor… This title’s origin is based on the deeds done by the powerhouse, and the stories are passed down from word to word by numerous cultivators. It even formed some kind of legend. Therefore, some legends are also the origin of one’s title! Each title represents a legend.

Qin Xiaotian’s accomplishments are undoubtedly a legend. Probably thousands of years later, these cultivators who have experienced the battle will be told to their descendants’ disciples. Passed on from generation to generation, and then from generation to generation again. Let these younger generations know that there is always someone who is better out there!

After the war, numerous cultivators retreat to recuperate.

Desolate Sky City was lively. There were many excited cultivators in the taverns, tea houses, brothels, etc.

“Have you heard? The Peerless Supreme Talent Ranking published by Heaven’s Secret Pavillion has changed. ‘Purple Light Devil Child’ Qin Xiaotian has crushed the ‘Innate Dao Body’ Murong Bai and topped the Peerless Supreme Talent number one!”

“Are you crazy? What kind of peerless talent is Sir Devil Child, and how qualified is Murong Bai to compare with Sir Devil Child?”

“Sir Devil Child’s magnificent stalwart and heroic posture are still lingering in my mind until now… He’s so awesome!”

“I don’t know how Qin Xiaotian cultivated. But he’s still six years old. I’ve done painstaking cultivation for more than sixty years, but I can’t even match one of his little fingers. I’ve really lived as a dog for sixty years.”

“Isn’t that fine? Rumors have it that the Purple Light Devil Child is Celestial Immortal Reincarnation; that’s why he could use the Power of Heavenly Thunder. It’s said that when he was born, thousands of golden lights descended from the sky, various Divine Phantom Beast worshipped him, heaven favors him, the ground sprung golden lotus, Divine Birds sang, thousands of flowers in full bloom… You dare to compare with such existence; who gave you courage?


At this time, Qin Xiaotian, who was sitting and listening to the story, and using Illusory Form Technique, struggled to endure his laughter!

What “thousands of golden heavenly lights”! What “heaven favors him”! If you never said it, I would never know that there was such an awesome thing that happened when I was born! This me almost believed it!

Qin Xiaotian was idle and bored after the war.

He had recently devoured a lot of Demon Beast’s inner core and learned a lot of new skills.

Check this out, by the way. This Illusory Form Technique is one of the innate talents Divine Ability. Illusory Form Technique was initially one of the Human Faced Ghost Spider’s innate talent skills. This magic spell’s essence is actually a kind of blinding method, but it is a relatively high level of blinding method. Even Golden Core cultivator may not be able to see Qin Xiaotian. He tested it, and it worked well!

The name of Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian was so loud that it almost reached the entire world! Walking on the street can make people turn their attention to him.

Qin Xiaotian didn’t expect to become famous by accident, making him look like a star. He finally knew why the celebrities on Earth(Modern World) wore masks when they went out. It turns out that being worshipped is a troublesome thing! Fortunately, he mastered the Illusory Form Technique.

At this point, Qin Xiaotian’s cultivation base has broken through to the Golden Core 3rd Layer Realm. The “level up” speed was very fast. Of course, the cost needed was getting bigger.

After snatching Sima Fei’s Space Ring, he still felt like he was an upstart. But in fact, this upstart was not that amazing. In just three days, almost all the medicine pills, inner cores, and spirit stones in Space Ring were no more. Just two days after getting rich, he became a poor man again!

Who knows when I can lead a truly affluent life.

At this time, Qin Xiaotian’s Communication Spirit Talisman made a sudden noise.

“Elder Xiaotian, where are you now? Desolate Sky City Lord has just sent someone to the post to invite you to the City Lord Mansion. It is said that there are important issues to discuss. If you receive this news, please go immediately!”

“City Lord Mansion?” Qin Xiaotian had a little doubt on his face after receiving the news.

Although he and Desolate Sky City Lord have been fellow comrades in arms for a few days, they never interacted with each other before.

It seems that Desolate Sky City Lord has always been low-profile, and he doesn’t look like a person who uses force to win.

Such a solemn invitation to the City Lord Mansion to discuss matters…. feels like it’s not a good thing. Most likely related to Demon Beast Tide!

But since Qin Xiaotian had already been invited, he felt a bit of shame to not go.

After leaving Tavern, Qin Xiaotian headed straight for City Lord Mansion.

City Lord Mansion is located on the central street of Desolate Sky City. This mansion was not at all built with gold and jade or in glorious splendor, nor did it have any unpredictable array. Instead, it was just a very ordinary mansion.

Just like some ordinary big family in the world! Ordinary, mediocre, so-so, whatever! Not even a person guarding the mansion. In addition to an old tree planted in front of the door, the words City Lord Mansion were hanged on the plaque. People know from outside that this is the City Lord Mansion. And that’s all!

As a powerhouse of Nascent Soul Great Perfection, it is not unusual for him to live in Imperial Palace. But living in this ‘simplistic’ place was really unexpected for Qin Xiaotian!

This Desolate Sky City Lord was really a sweetheart, free, and easygoing person. Since there were no guards, Qin Xiaotian didn’t care about the red tape and just pushed in the door.

The moment he walked into the hall, he discovered more than a dozen powerful auras. Almost all Nascent Soul powerhouses at Demon Beast Sea were here!

Qin Xiaotian was dumbfounded

“What’s happening? Why’s there a Nascent Soul powerhouse meeting?”

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