Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 75


The words of Desolate Sky City Lord shocked all the cultivators present!

Nobody expected that the truth of the battle of fifty thousand years ago was this.

Qin Xiaotian imagined the scene of mountains of corpses and seas of bones, blood flowing like a river. How great was the Desolate Sky Great Emperor!

Demon Beast Tide every 50 years is caused by the weakness of Heaven-Sealing Mark. If the Heaven-Sealing Mark loses its effect and can no longer suppress Space Worm-Hole, wouldn’t the disaster of 50,000 years ago repeat itself?

Will there be a second Desolate Sky Great Emperor come into being covering the sky?

Today, the Nine States Continent is no longer comparable to fifty thousand years ago. Cultivation resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Almighty powerhouses are constantly decreasing. Cultivators keep fighting each other.

Fifty thousand years ago, Desolate Sky Great Emperor gathered thousands of Nascent Soul experts and top ten Dividing Spirit powerhouses with a single command.

But now, you can only find five hundred cultivators of Nascent Soul Stage in the Nine States Continent! As for Dividing Spirit big shots, you can only count their numbers with one hand!

The atmosphere suddenly became very depressing.

“City Lord, as you said, the Space Worm-Hole is about to open again… so what can we do?” An old man solemnly asked with a divine poise and sage-like voice.

“That’s why I called everyone here. Truth be told, my ancestor once left an Ancestral Talisman. This talisman has been passed down from generation to generation in order to prevent that disaster from happening again. I need you all to accompany me to the depths of Demon Beast Sea to complete the Heaven-Sealing Mark with Ancestral Talisman Power. To seal the Space Worm-Hole again. In this way, the disaster can be prevented from happening again!” As Desolate Sky City Lord said this, the cultivators present were silent.

Everyone knew that the Demon Beast Sea is dangerous.

For tens of thousands of years, who knows how many High Level Demon Beasts have gathered. 4th Rank Demon Beast is said to be everywhere, and there is even the existence of 5th Rank Beast King. These Demon Beasts have already possessed a very high level of intelligence and have already put the Demon Beast Sea as their own territory.

Human cultivators… even if one were a Nascent Soul powerhouse, once those Demon Beasts broke in, the Nascent Soul powerhouse would be left with no bones.

Go deep into the Demon Beast Sea to fix the Heaven-Sealing Mark…?

I’m afraid I would become food for the Demon Beasts before I can even reach the Land of Seal!

Demon Beast attacked human territories, and humans ran into Demon Beasts to cause troubles. The nature can be completely different(?). In the event of danger, there may not even be a chance to escape.

“City Lord, with all due respect, it’s not that I am unwilling to help this. It’s just that people like us, entering the Demon Beast Sea is just a pointless sacrifice. It’s impossible for us to reach the Land of Seal at all!”

“Although what Yuan Longdao Yuanyou said was unpleasant, it is not unreasonable. We’re not strong enough to cross the Demon Beast Sea!”

“Even we struggled to defend Ten Great Ancient Cities. Not including the sky, the place, and the people. But if we do enter the depths of the Demon Beast Sea, there would be Demon Beasts everywhere. Without the great arrays protecting and millions of cultivators’ support, how can we hope to compete with the high level Demon Beasts?”

“Everyone, please listen to me.” Sima Wentian called out. “We are all powerhouses, enshrined by the cultivators. Nine States Continent is the motherland that nurtures my generation. How can you bear to see the continent be overwhelmed by Demon Beasts? Isn’t it our duty and responsibility to protect the land? How could we ignore it just because we are afraid of danger? When the nest overturns, no egg remains intact*.” Sima Wentian said decisively.

*TL note: 覆巢无完卵 fù cháo wú wán luǎn= literally when the nest overturns no egg remains intact; no member escapes unscathed from a family disaster; fig. when one falls in disgrace the whole family is doomed.

In that tall body, there was awe-inspiring righteousness. Qin Xiaotian could not help but glance at him.

Sure enough, the father is a hero; the son is a coward. Sima Fei is a hedonistic son of rich parents who harms the public, but his father is a good man.

Initially, his impression of the Sima Aristocratic Family was not good, but after seeing Sima Wentian, it changed a bit. Worthy of the Nascent Soul powerhouse who built the Hunter Union by one hand. He had a particular convincing ability!

Of course, you cannot say that it’s bad for a cultivator to be greedy for life and fear of death, when they encounter this life and death choice. In this situation, deciding to help is morally right, and not helping is reasonable!

At this time, Desolate Sky City Lord spoke again! “Everyone, I know that things about Heaven-Sealing Mark are difficult, so I don’t insist. You can choose. I just want to tell you that we are not alone in this operation. Yesterday, I notified the Great Sects of the Continent about the seriousness of the matter. There will be more than one hundred Nascent Soul powerhouses that will travel with me at that time. At the same time, Heaven Encompassing Sect Highest Sect Master, Daoist Yun Xiao, will be the leader of this operation!”

With that said, all the cultivators present were shocked!

“Is it really THE Highest Sect Master Daoist Yun Xiao of Heaven Encompassing Sect?”

“This Daoist Yun Xiao is said to have been the powerhouse of the Nine States Continent as early as two thousand years ago. He once served as the Sect Master of the Heaven Encompassing Sect and led the Heaven Encompassing Sect step by step to one of today’s Ten Great Sects. Even more than a thousand years ago, his cultivation base broke through the Dividing Spirit Early Stage, and then he began his seclusion. I thought he had left the Nine States Continent by the Starry Sky Transmission Array. I never expected this Senior to still oversee the continent!”

“If the Senior Yun Xiao leads us, this operation to the Demon Beast Sea may not be impossible!”

“I have heard that there are countless heavenly materials and earthly treasures in Demon Beast Sea. Now that we have the continent’s powerhouses together and also have the Dividing Spirit supreme expert oversees us, we can once again seal the Space Worm-Hole with great certainty. And maybe, we can also make a fortune!”

For a moment, the group of Nascent Soul cultivators, who had been indifferent, suddenly became excited.

Looking at their reactions, the Demon Beast Sea seems to have become their treasure, just waiting for them to be hunted.

Qin Xiaotian was stunned. The change is too fast!

They were so thick-skinned that even a little kid felt ashamed!

Does a Dividing Spirit powerhouse overseeing you can guarantee your safety? Think and understand it.

For thousands of years, the almighty powerhouse that could break through the Dividing Spirit Stage were only a handful of people. Once a cultivator broke through the Dividing Spirit Stage, their vision became even higher.

What the Dividing Spirit powerhouse sees is no longer people, gains or losses, or even a continent. What they see is the Ocean of Stars. To gain even more power! In order to have a deeper cultivation base! To explore the unknown and mysterious universe!

Once a Nascent Soul cultivator breaks through the Dividing Spirit Stage, he/she will leave the Nine States Continent. Using a Starry Sky Transmission Array that existed in ancient times to find the Holy Land of Cultivation in their hearts!

Of course, the Dividing Spirit powerhouse has the ability to cross Starry Sky. That’s why they really want to leave.

When you find a bigger world, how can you endure it and not venture into it? The universe is so big, don’t you want to take a look?

Nine States Continent lacks resources. The Dividing Spirit Stage is the limit. If you want to reach higher realms, you can only look up to the Starry Sky!

This is one of the reasons why the powerhouses on the continent are scarce.

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