Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 77


In the tavern, a crowd of cultivators talked.

The atmosphere at the scene was quite hot, probably because there was a person with a goatee showing a look of disdain!

“Those group of guys hasn’t seen the world. What is a Seven Kills Holy Lord? I’ve an even better explanation here!”

“Hehe, Fellow Daoist is so good!”

“What kind of legendary character is Seven Kills Holy Lord? Five hundred years ago, when seven Nascent Soul experts were killed with a single slash, it was said that they were already powerful masters in the Nascent Soul Late Stage. Five hundred years later, I’m afraid that his cultivation base has already broken through the Nascent Soul Great Perfection, and he’s only a step away from Dividing Spirit Realm. Compared to Desolate Sky City Lord, he is even better. Such a powerhouse is actually nothing in his eyes. Keep telling yourself that’s the best explanation you have.”

Another white clothes cultivator, disdainful sarcasm.

“I tell you; I’ve got inside information. This time, Nascent Soul powerhouses gathered at Demon Beast Sea, not only led by the Seven Kills Holy Lord, the Desolate Sky City Lord, President Sima, but also Royal Beast Pavillion’s Lord, Zhao Wuji! Myriad Swords Sect’s Master, Ye Fan! Immortal Spirit Dao Academy’s Dean, Jin Chenzi! However, these are all not the real leaders. The real leader is Heaven Encompassing Sect Highest Sect Master, Daoist Yun Xiao!”

As soon as this word came out, the audience was shocked. However, there was only a small number of young cultivators. They showed doubtful eyes.

“This Fellow Daoist… who exactly is this Daoist Yun Xiao and the others? How come I’ve never heard of them?” (Junior)

“You ignorant junior! You haven’t even heard of Daoist Yun Xiao’s name?! As early as a thousand years ago, Daoist Yun Xiao was already one of the recognized powerhouses in mainland China. There have been countless legends and myths about him. His cultivation base broke through the Dividing Spirit Stage, and he then disappeared. There are many speculations that he has already left the Nine States Continent through the Starry Sky Transmission Array, and some have speculated that he has broken the Void. Unexpectedly, these powerhouses have been guarding the Nine States Continent!”

“Dividing Spirit big shot? Since when was that hidden Old Ancestor born?” (Junior)

“So, many powerhouses came at the same time to attack the Demon Beast Sea? The Demon Beast Tide this time arrived two years earlier than before and hit us by surprise. These powerhouses suddenly came just for that?” (Junior)

“I think it’s like this: this Demon Beast Sea has long been a malignant tumor in the hearts of many cultivators. We have to enter it every 50 years. If all almighty powerhouses come together, we can completely remove this tumor. It is a blessing to the world, turning Nine States Continent to a bright future!” A cultivator with black clothes said in a nutshell.

“It’s easy for you to say. ‘If we clear the Demon Beast Sea, it will be cleared up’ What? It’s not gonna be that easy. I’m afraid this Demon Beast Sea has many secrets that we don’t know yet. Our cultivation base is too low to touch those secrets, that’s all!”

With the arrival of more and more almighty powerhouses, the Demon Beast Sea cultivators were upset. These people don’t cultivate anymore. They don’t hunt Demon Beasts anymore. All have turned into professional gossipers.

They were more dedicated than the paparazzi on Modern Earth. With various conjectures, various hypotheses, and a story can be quickly divided into dozens of versions after it is spread!

There was an even more outrageous rumor. Some people say that the Purple Light Devil Child Qin Xiaotian is the Desolate Sky Great Emperor reincarnation. Now he came to Demon Beast Sea to save the world from fire and water. Of course, such rumors were quickly scoffed!

As for Qin Xiaotian himself, he had not been idle these days. After renting a Cave Mansion, he started refining Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier.

Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier is a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact, which can significantly increase his strength after refining it.

Going deep into the Demon Beast Sea, it’s not wrong to have a trump card in your hand.

After the death of Daoist Lie Yang, this Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier became an ownerless object. Even if Qin Xiaotian didn’t refine it, the spiritual mark covered on it would gradually dissipate over time.

Refining a magic treasure with an owner is relatively difficult, and refining a magic treasure without an owner is fairly simple.

Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier is a 5th Grade Spirit Artifact. Even if you compare it to Wild Thunder Whip, it is not much worse.

More importantly, this magic treasure was still a growing Spirit Treasure.

As long as you can collect enough Strange Fire of Heaven and Earth, Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier can be promoted to 6th Grade Spirit Artifact, or even to 7th Grade Dao Artifact!

Daoist Lie Yang once collected a strange fire. That fire is called: “Golden Flame Holy Fire” It is a strange fire flame ranked 78th on the Strange Fire of Heaven and Earth list. This fire is born of adhering to the imagination of gold and can burn more than 90% of metal substances in the universe. It is also a kind of flame that countless Masters of Artifact Refining dream of.

After Daoist Lie Yang’s death, this fire returned to the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, which was beneficial for Qin Xiaotian. Not only that, but Qin Xiaotian also received “Fire of Netherworld” after swallowing the inner core of Netherworld Bird.

This fire is Ranked 98th on the Strange Fire of Heaven and Earth list. Can nourish the soul. Has the power to burn the soul.

It’s just that the level of Netherworld Bird that Qin Xiaotian has eaten is not high. That’s why it can’t fully exert the power of the flame, that’s all.

If that Netherworld Bird transformed into a Netherworld Sacred Bird, Qin Xiaotian wouldn’t even know how he died.

Although these two strange fires do not rank high on the Strange Fire of Heaven and Earth list, it is far more powerful than other flames.

Qin Xiaotian believed that the formidable power that Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier can exert in his hands would far exceed Lie Yang’s!

At this time, in a Cave Mansion, a small silhouette sat cross-legged.

There was a faint blue flame in his hand, and in front of him, there was a vase-sized fire barrier emitting a dazzling golden flame.

Qin Xiaotian injected the Fire of Netherworld into the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier.

At the same time when the powerful Divine Sense poured in, little by little, it removed the spiritual mark left by Daoist Lie Yang. He then reinfused his Primordial Spirit mark into the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier.

After the Fire of Netherworld was injected into the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier, this fire barrier was no longer simply emitting gold, but gold mixed with blue. There were faint voices of two dragon roars.

But at this moment, Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier suddenly made a violent shock.

After the fusion of Fire of Netherworld and Golden Flame Holy Fire, it seemed that there was no peace. As if in this fire barrier, a huge atomic bomb was brewing, and there were signs of exploding at any time.

Qin Xiaotian also didn’t expect that injecting Fire of Netherworld into the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier would produce this mutation.

But it was too late to stop at this time.

Just when he was overwhelmed and even wanted to give up Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier.

Inside the Space Ring, a flame token that he had long forgotten appeared silently.

This token penetrated the space barrier itself and appeared in a very strange way within Cave Mansion.

In that fire red token… Suddenly, an extremely powerful scarlet flame erupted, and an inexplicable majesty was exuded from it.

“This… isn’t this the Fire God Inheritance Token?”

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