Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 91


Qin Xiaotian noticed the subtle atmosphere at the scene.

There are only two Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus, but more than 100 people are on the scene. How do you divide them?

Well, this is a very serious question! Even a lotus seed per person is not enough!

There are too many cultivators, not enough to go around. Too many wolves and less meat, which is probably the description of this situation.

Do we divide according to the strength of the cultivation base? Then, can most of the cultivators here just calmly watch others take the Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus away?

At this time, a Nascent Soul Late Stage cultivator finally could not bear the temptation of Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus.

His figure flashed, turning into a bolt of lightning. His hands reached towards the two Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus at an incredible speed. However, just as he approached the Spirit Spring, a powerful barrier suddenly emerged.

The force of terrifying’s counter-shock instantly bounced this Nascent Soul Late Stage expert. A black light emerged from the barrier and suddenly struck the Nascent Soul Late Stage cultivator.


The Nascent Soul Late Stage expert spurts out some blood. In the blink of an eye, he was seriously injured.

Everything happened so fast. Complex expressions appeared on all the cultivators present.

Some people showed a horrified on their faces. They couldn’t believe that the sudden appearance of the barrier would have such a powerful anti-seismic force. Even a Nascent Soul Late Stage powerhouse could be seriously injured. However, some people looked calm and seemed to have expected this situation.

Just kidding! If this Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus is that easy to be taken away, the big shots won’t just stand in a circle. Wait for your turn.

Qin Xiaotian clearly belongs to the latter.

“It seems this barrier is not that simple. It was likely laid by the 5th Rank Beast King. Now that the Fellow Daoist Song Mu has touched the barrier now, I’m afraid that the 5th Rank Beast King has been alerted.” Desolate Sky City Lord said solemnly. “Let’s leave quickly!” She frowned slightly, and her beautiful face was full of sorrow.

In fact, when she first stepped into the Southern Bright Li Island, she noticed a slight unease. Now that the Spirit Spring’s barrier was touched, her uneasy feeling became more intense.

Although Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus is very tempting, the key task of this trip is still to seal the Space Worm-Hole. Why did we hunt for treasure instead? This may even offend the unknown and powerful 5th Rank Beast King. Is this Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus an opportunity or a disaster?

Although the Desolate Sky City Lord had already given a reminder, everyone didn’t care about it at all. Even if they took it at heart, they would never leave.

If they didn’t meet the Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus, things wouldn’t be this way.

Now that they have encountered it, who can let go of the temptation to skyrocket 1000 years of cultivation?

Even Yun Xiao, in the Dividing Spirit Stage, is afraid to say that he is not tempted!

“There’s truth in what Desolate Sky City Lord has said. Let’s get going! The Southern Bright Li Island stretches for hundreds of kilometers, yet there’s hardly any Demon Beast. What Desolate Sky City Lord said will happen. A 5th Rank Demon Beast King is undoubtedly a more powerful Demon Beast. The Demon Beasts on this island have already divided their own territories. Other Demon Beasts dare not enter this place. With such a mighty power, I’m afraid that only a 5th Rank Beast King can do it!”

“Then let’s hurry up! But let’s break this barrier together first. As for Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus, we’ll talk about that later!” Controlling Beast Pavillion Pavilion Lord Zhao Wuji suggested.

Everyone understands the meaning of the word “later”, that is, whoever grabs it, is the one who will own it.

“No problem! I agree with Pavillion Lord Zhao’s suggestion. Let’s take a shot together. This barrier is great, but with so many big shots here, we should have no issue breaking it!” Seven Kills Holy Lord also nodded.

“No problem here!” Qin Xiaotian spread his hands and said casually. Although he agreed to immediately leave like what the Desolate Sky City Lord said, it was not Qin Xiaotian’s style to leave because he was afraid of the unknown danger.

Everyone had agreed.

Hundreds of Nascent Soul powerhouses poured out their powers. The Power of True Essence of terrifying is like ten thousand tsunamis, turning Tianhe upside down*.

*TL note: 天河 Tiān hé=an archaic Chinese name for the Milky Way Galaxy.
倒挂 dào guà= lit. to hang upside down; fig. topsy-turvy and inequitable, e.g. manufacturing and trading costs exceed the sale price (of some goods); to borrow more than one can ever repay.

With a force of destruction, it hit the barrier. A black light protective barrier emerged, blocking all True Essence Power from the barrier.

“boom!” With a loud noise, Heaven and Earth shook.

The entire island, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers, seemed to have been shaken by a violent earthquake from hundreds of Nascent Soul cultivators’ attack.

All of a sudden, the earth moved, mountains shook, and a tsunami broke out.

Even so, the black light barrier wasn’t broken.

It seemed as if even if the entire island is shattered, this barrier will not be broken. It was simply outrageous.

Just then, Yun Xiao made a move. He suddenly slapped his palm on the barrier, his palm didn’t seem to contain powerful True Essence Power is, but it carried a mysterious aura.

It seemed that all his power was condensed in one point. His strike focused on one point of the barrier.

It seems for a powerhouse like him, the seemingly ruinous attack, destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth, moving mountains and draining seas, and the stormy waves is actually a waste of power.

The real powerhouse should have the right grasp of every power.

Breaking a stone, and piercing a stone with a hole without leaving a slight crack. Which one is strong and which one weak? The latter is obviously a hundred times more difficult than the former!

Yun Xiao’s shot seemed to have played a key role.

A crack appeared on the black light barrier. Once the barrier has a crack, it is not difficult to break it again.

At this moment, the eyes of several Nascent Soul cultivators seemed to have revealed the dawn of victory.

Some people even clenched their fists secretly, ready to grab them at any time.

And it is at this moment, abnormal changes occurred suddenly.

A sudden cold shivered down on everyone’s spine from the sky!

“roar!” A loud roar.

Heaven and Earth shook, and the space was shaking. The terrifying sonic boom from far to near, forming ripples in space after another.

With the force of destruction, dozens of Nascent Soul cultivators were injured alive.

And the unlucky Song Mu, because of the previous serious injury, he was shocked to death under this sound wave. Even the Nascent Soul cultivators were scattered away.

A Nascent Soul Late Stage powerhouse has fallen!

Qin Xiaotian’s eyes widened.

A snake-like creature with eyes like a shrimp, antlers like a deer, a big mouth like a bull, a nose like a dog, whiskers like a catfish, a lion’s mane, a long tail like a snake, scales like a fish, and claws like a hawk.

It was covered with black scales all over its body, and it had five claws in total.

This scene, on the contrary, is familiar with the dragon in ancient Chinese legends.

“Fuck… is it really a dragon?”

“This… is this a Five Clawed Devil Dragon? Or a Five Clawed Devil Dragon strength has reached the 5th Rank Beast King Middle Stage?”

At the moment when Five Clawed Devil Dragon appeared, all Nascent Soul cultivators’ faces appeared pale!

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