Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 93


“Wash, wash, bath, bath. Baby golden water is indispensable. Salute, shake hands, you are my good friend…”

Qin Xiaotian hummed a happy song while laying freely in the Spirit Spring.

He took out each and every Magical Artifact jade bottle that he had.

If he can’t finish drinking, he can just take them home!

Soon, under Qin Xiaotian’s two-pronged operation while drinking and loading, the accumulated tens of thousands of years of Heaven and Earth Spirit Spring bottomed out!

“Huh? What’s this?”

After Spirit Spring bottomed out, Qin Xiaotian found an egg at the bottom of Spirit Spring.

This egg is enormous, at least one person tall by visual inspection. What’s even more strange is that the egg is covered with densely packed Rule Inscription, which is not ordinary at first glance.

“Fuck, isn’t this Dragon Egg? Not bad! I’ve eaten a lot of eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, but I haven’t eaten Dragon Eggs. I’ll roast it later!” Qin Xiaotian thought of it and put the giant egg into his Space Ring.

Just then, Five Clawed Devil Dragon finally discovered the abnormal situation in the Heaven and Earth Spirit Spring.

It became so angry that at the time, three cultivators jumped at it, their internal organs burned!

The Spring of Heaven and Earth has completely dried up, and what makes the Five Clawed Devil Dragon even more unacceptable is that the egg is gone!

These damned humans not only snatched the Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus, took the Spirit Spring’s water, but also stole the Dragon Egg after it was conceived for three hundred years.

Initially, Five Clawed Devil Dragon immersed the Dragon Egg in Heaven and Earth Spirit Spring, that is, to let the unhatched Little Dragon have higher innate talent aptitude and accumulate more innate heritage. Thanks to the two Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus, this unhatched Little Dragon grew at an incredible rate.

How come losing sight of the egg for a moment, it disappeared?!

Anger! Extremely angry!

At this moment, Five Clawed Devil Dragon took a step back!

“AO!” A dragon roar sounded through Heaven and Earth, shaking in all directions.

Devil Dragon’s incomparable gigantic body, which was already huge, has expanded rapidly in a short period of time. Initially, its size was already a hundred feet long, but at this time, it was even more than a thousand feet large.

The colossal body covered the sky and the sun. The terrifying Dragon’s Prestige swept Heaven and Earth. Almost instantly, the Dragon’s Prestige covered a circle of hundreds of miles, forming an incomparable gigantic Dragon Prestige Domain.

At this moment, all Nascent Soul cultivators felt a shiver down their spines.

The Devil Dragon was not easy to deal with, but now it runs rampantly. If people tried to block, it would just kill the people. If Buddhas tried to block, it would just kill the Buddhas.

Even Cang Yun showed an extremely solemn expression on his face.

“Not good! This is the Dragon Prestige Domain! Under the Dragon Prestige Domain, its combat effectiveness will be increased by 200%, and our combat effectiveness may be reduced by 50%!”

“How can this be good!”

At this point, many cultivators secretly regretted it in their hearts.

Why did we have to fetch the Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus?!

The battle against Five Clawed Devil Dragon only happened a while ago, and more than a dozen Nascent Soul cultivators were buried under the claws of Devil Dragon already.

More than thirty Nascent Soul powerhouses were injured, including two Nascent Soul Great Perfections. If this continues, at least only half of the group will survive.

Whether the Devil Dragon can be killed in the end is still unknown!

Dragon Race is a natural powerhouse. They are almost invincible in battles of its same level. As Beast King among 5th Ranks, even the Dividing Spirit Middle Stage powerhouse may not be able to win.

At this moment, when the Devil Dragon was running wild, the Dragon’s Prestige was utterly overwhelming. Even Yun Xiao and other peerless experts could not stop it!

Everyone started to “cool” their hearts!

Why didn’t you listen to the words of Desolate Sky City Lord?! Out of so many things in this Southern Bright Li Island, you just have to break the barrier!

The most annoying thing right now was that they never snatched the Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus. What’s the point of breaking the barrier in the first place? It didn’t fruit to anything.

And almost all of the goods were taken by Yun Xiao and several Nascent Soul Great Perfection experts. The weak chickens of Nascent Soul Early Stage, Middle Stage, and Late Stage were ultimately selling their lives to others, and they did not get any benefits in the end!

Thinking about it this way, many people no longer have the thought of resisting the Devil Dragon in their hearts.

“Whoever loves to resist, go ahead! I’m ready to slip away!”

For a time, the formation of hundreds of Nascent Soul cultivators was instantly chaotic.

One by one, they started to flee, and they hated why they didn’t invest time into learning any Divine Ability escape techniques. They also expect the Devil Dragon to try to chase someone else.

Saving your life at the critical moment is the kingly way.

What kind of morality, what kind of powerhouse, all of that, go to hell!

At this time, the Five Clawed Devil Dragon waved a claw, and another Nascent Soul powerhouse was beaten to death.

Although Devil Dragon was angry and wanted to kill them all, he didn’t bother at this time. The huge magical Eye of Devil Dragon locked a small silhouette that had escaped into the underground for a thousand meters.

It was the smallest guy among the human cultivators! He stole the dragon egg in a despicable manner. Not killing wouldn’t be enough to vent its anger!

The moment Qin Xiaotian stole Dragon Egg, he realized a killing intent destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth locked on him.

Even if he hides his figure and completely integrates himself into heaven and earth, he still couldn’t get rid of this scalp-numbing killing intent.

Apparently Five Clawed Devil Dragon had found him and was furious! The consequences of being angry must be serious.

Initially, he used the Earth Escape Technique to quickly plunged 1,000 meters below the ground and fled quickly!

With the improvement of his cultivation base, the Earth Escape Technique’s formidable power has also increased. When he first started to understand the Earth Escape Technique, he could only penetrate 100 meters deep, but now he can penetrate 1000 meters.

Despite being below 1,000 meters underground, Qin Xiaotian still felt insecure.

At this time, the Devil Dragon waved his claws, and the dark claws were condensed in Void.

The power of shattering space made Heaven and Earth tremble.

The paw prints seemed to come from above the nine heavens, deep into the darkness of the earth. Under one grasp, even the entire island mountain range was abruptly caught and shattered. The paw prints went deep under 1000 meters.

The terrifying power directly turned the mountain into an abyss. Hundreds of kilometers of Southern Bright Li Island seemed to have experienced a magnitude 15 Earthquake. The entire island was turned upside down.

At this time, the cultivators who had escaped hundreds of miles away from Southern Bright Li Island all still had lingering fears.

“What the hell is going on with the Five Clawed Devil Dragon? Why is it digging the ground? The mountains have been dug out by it. Is it looking for something?”

“It doesn’t matter! It’s a blessing in misfortune that it didn’t come to chase us anyway. The strength of 5th Rank Beast King is so terrifying!”

“I don’t think it’s safe here either. If the Devil Dragon catches up, we’ll be done!”

“Hey, anybody knows where Qin Xiaotian is? I didn’t see him from beginning to end. Doesn’t this brat always like to be in the limelight? He wasn’t there when competing for Heavenly Origin Treasure Lotus!”

“Um, I think I saw Qin Xiaotian stole the Dragon Egg…” A female Nascent Soul cultivator, inserted in a timely manner.

When the words came out, all Nascent Soul cultivators present collectively became speechless!

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