Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 95


Qin Xiaotian felt sad at this moment!

Initially, the Five Clawed Devil Dragon seemed to be on his side.

There were many Nascent Soul experts, but you didn’t kill them. Dividing Spirit big shot, you also didn’t kill. Why are you looking for trouble with a young man of Colden Core Stage? What’s this hatred? Can’t just sit down quietly and talk about life, about your ideals, talk about your views on the universe?

“I only drank some water and took one egg. Is it necessary to target me like this? You Devil Dragon are just bad! You don’t have a correct view of dragon life! You’re a 5th Rank Beast King and failed miserably! Forget it. You didn’t even try to hide your anger.” Qin Xiaotian cursed. He gave an unpleasant look.

At this moment, Qin Xiaotian’s Earth Escape Technique that he has been using was in the realm of achieved perfection. He is constantly shuttling through the underground at a depth of kilometers.

He didn’t dare to stay still for a moment. Because as long as he remained for a little while, his position would be instantly powdered.

Even the depth of 1000 meters seems to be unable to stop the attack of Devil Dragon.

Fortunately, he was hiding in the ground. The Devil Dragon’s attack was greatly weakened because of it. Otherwise, even if Qin Xiaotian’s physique was extremely powerful, most likely, he will not be able to withstand the crazy attack of the 5th Rank Beast King.

At this moment, Qin Xiaotian took the insignificant way to the extreme.

Let the Devil Dragon be tempestuous, and the Young Master will hide in the ground and be a coward.

“I’m just wretched. What can ya do to me?”

In this way, Devil Dragon kept attacking, and Qin Xiaotian kept evading. One dragon and one person stood in a stalemate all day.

In the end, the Southern Bright Li Island sunk… The moment the Southern Bright Li Island sank, endless magma spewed out from the center of the earth.

Like the end of the world, the volcanic eruption turned into a sea of fire for hundreds of kilometers. The terrifying temperature even directly vaporized the sea.

The lava fire rain spewed thousands of meters high, thick black smoke permeated Heaven and Earth, and billowing rock currents wiped out thousands of Demon Beasts in the waters near the Southern Bright Li Island.

All kinds of giant fish monsters were immediately devastated. Became a giant barbecue fish!

When the magma in the earth’s core erupted, Qin Xiaotian not only did not evade but rushed into the magma without hesitation.

At the same time, he immediately took out the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier to use a 6th Grade Spirit Artifact to protect his body.

This Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier is originally a Fire Attribute Magical Artifact, which naturally has the effect of absorbing Power of Fire. There were also three kinds of Strange Fire of Heaven and Earth on it.

Even in the terrifying lava, Qin Xiaotian can still swim freely!

The incomparably powerful three-color flame formed a flame shield around him, enveloping him and not corroded by lava!

“Very meow! Young Master is running into the lava! Can you still catch up?!”

The Five Clawed Devil Dragon quickly reduced its size and turned into a Little Dragon of a few dozens of meters long; it rushed into the lava at an incredible speed.

It seems that even if it’s a mountain of blades and a sea of fire, it must crush this damned human corpse into thousands of pieces!

Qin Xiaotian broke out in sweats!

He immediately drove the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Barrier moved towards the center of lava. Simultaneously, with a big wave of his hand, nine fiery red dragons formed instantly. These Fire Dragons moved towards the Five Clawed Devil Dragon.

Initially, he only wanted to delay the speed of Devil Dragon’s pursuit, but he unexpectedly discovered that under the increase of the magma in the earth’s core, the power of these Fire Dragons had soared more than ten times. It caused a lot of trouble for Five Clawed Devil Dragon!

Seeing this scene, Qin Xiaotian rose up instantly.

“Your sister! Are you addicted to bullying me?! Tell you, I’m not worthy of your attention!”

“Despicable and shameless Human flee like a mouse?! If you are a real warrior, fight this dragon head-on!”

“A head-on fight? Pfft! Are you stupid! Or do you think this Young Master is a stupid beep?”

“What does stupid beep mean?” Devil Dragon solemnly asked.

Qin Xiaotian was taken aback. He didn’t expect that the Five Clawed Devil Dragon would have such a silly and cute side.

“Coughยทยทยท Silly beep means that you are a fool!” Qin Xiaotian explained patiently.

“Outrageous! This Dragon will destroy you!” Devil Dragon was furious. Its Dragon’s Prestige skyrocketed again, and the entire lava sea was boiling under this Dragon’s Prestige!

Although Dragon’s Prestige was still very strong, It was a lot weaker than before.

“Is the Devil Dragon strong in appearance but weak in reality?” Qin Xiaotian wondered.

Although the 5th Rank Beast King is extremely powerful, it has been fighting for a whole day and even sunk the entire island. Under such crazy unrestrained sweeping, its consumption must be severe.

Coupled with this Devil Dragon’s water nature, and is extremely resistant to the magma of the earth’s core. Even if it can resist the lava, its power will probably be significantly reduced.

“Okay, don’t force it anymore! I know you’re no longer able to do it. In your current state at the lava sea, you can’t help yourself!” Qin Xiaotian said proudly.

“Hmph! Even if this Dragon can’t kill you now, don’t even try to escape! This Dragon has planted Dragon Aura on you! Try escaping to the Universe Starry Sky, and this Dragon can still find you! Hateful human, you will never be able to hide in lava forever!”

Qin Xiaotian’s mouth twitched when he heard the words, feeling like a dog.

“Well, is it okay if I admit defeat? If it’s just an egg that you want, can’t I just return it to you?” Qin Xiaotian spread his hands, showing a rather helpless expression.

“Are you really willing to give it back to me?” Five Clawed Devil Dragon asked with a little excitement and wariness.

“Of course… it’s conditional!”

“Just say it! This Dragon will give you what you want!”

“I just need a strand of Dragon Soul- pretty please!” Qin Xiaotian said casually as if Dragon Soul is like a few dollars and a catty of fruit.

“You seek death!” Devil Dragon uttered a word, and it gnashed its hateful teeth.

It already knew humans are greedy and shameless, but it didn’t expect that the brat in front of it was more shameless than it had imagined.

For the Dragon Race, Dragon Soul is no less important than the inner core. Just like the Primordial Spirit of the Dividing Spirit powerhouse. Once Dragon Soul was surrendered, it will be controlled by others from then on.

As a 5th Rank Beast King, it has its own dignity and will never allow itself to become a human’s slave!

“Well, I won’t force you. But business is not a sacred thing, so I can just roast the Dragon Egg. This Young Master hasn’t eaten a Dragon Egg in his life. Just think about it… a dragon egg. I think it would taste good!” Qin Xiaotian looked drunk and even drooled.

Of course, he was just talking about it. He could not bear to eat the eggs of the 5th Rank Beast King, and he didn’t know if this stupid dragon would be fooled.

Qin Xiaotian dreamt of becoming a Dragon Knight one day!

Riding a dragon must be very bang!

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