Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 239


Before experiencing this virtual world, Rozen never engaged or trained in close combat.

Not because he didn’t want to, but because he was not physically fit enough to do so.

In addition to just being lazy, Rozen simply did not have enough time to work out and train his physique. Until he found this world, and finally had to learn more about close quarter combat.

The Little Nepenthes rushed straight at Rozen with its long vines.

Rozen stared at the monster calmly, and its basic information popped up in his mind.

This monster had two attack patterns, slashing enemies with its vines and shot out a corrosive liquid from its mouth.

All its abilities were focused on attack, but its defense was quite weak.

This monster could be killed easily as long as the player could evade its attack, granting a lot of exp for the players.

Rozen picked this monster for various reasons. For exp and Cor, for the quest reward and because he knew Little Nepenthes’ attack pattern.

Although there was no such thing as magic in this world, he was in full control of his virtual body in that world.

In other words…

“As long as I know your attack pattern, you’re nothing special.”

As the Little Nepenthes rushed straight at Rozen, he didn’t move from his spot, he simply ordered his tamed beast.

“Go Saihou! “


The Rainbow Butterfly flew toward Little Nepenthes.

Despite also level 1, just like Rozen, and it even had lower Max Hp compared to Rozen, it flew bravely toward Little Nepenthes.

“Woo! Gooo!”

The Rainbow Butterfly let out a soothing cry while flying above Little Nepenthes, and as it did, glittering powder was exuded from its wings and fell on the Little Nepenthes.



The Little Nepenthes stopped moving, and suddenly fell to the ground.

A lightning icon flashed beside the Little Nepenthes’ name.

That was the sign of being affected by a status effect called Paralysis.

Even though Rainbow Butterfly had a low attack power, it could exude glittering powder from its wings which afflicted the target with various effects.

During the closed beta, Rozen could only reach up to the 10th floor, and he was still at level 20 back then, and couldn’t level up the Rainbow Butterfly any further.

A level 1 Rainbow Butterfly only had one skill.

Paralysis powder: Afflict Paralysis effect to the enemy for a certain period of time, depending on the gap of the user and the target level.

Since the Little Nepenthes was at level 3, it will be paralyzed for 2 seconds.

It may sound short, but that was enough.


Rozen held his bronze sword midair and it suddenly glowed, meaning he did the appropriate Sword Skill motion.

Once the weapon glowed, player could let the system take over to execute the Sword Skill. However, Rozen didn’t fully let the system take over, he held it slightly longer and planted his feet on the ground. He then sprung himself straight at the Little Nepenthes with the built-up momentum and released the Sword Skill.

It was a trick that Rozen discovered to further enhance the power of the Sword Skill that most players didn’t know.

The system only helped to execute the Sword Skill successfully, that didn’t mean the player had to play by system’s rules. Players could use their own technique to improve the Sword Skill.

Although Rozen wasn’t physically fit in the real world, he could clearly see the enemy’s movement and reacted in time, thanks to his past adventures in Chaldea and the world of automatons.

Therefore, Rozen was able to keep up with the enemy’s movement in this virtual world, since he had a much more athletic body there.

Rozen discovered this technique during the closed beta and perfected it in 14 days.

Meanwhile, Kirito, who stumbled upon this technique during the closed beta as well, spent ten days to perfect it, meaning he was one step ahead of Rozen in this one.

In this situation, Rozen used a basic One-Handed Sword skill to defeat the Little Nepenthes.



Virtual gashes was formed as Rozen’s Bronze Sword cut through Little Nepenthes’ skin.


The monster’s HP was reduced drastically from green to yellow, and almost red.


The Little Nepenthes was desperate to counterattack.


“There’s one more second left on the Paralysis.”

After saying that, Rozen once again used the Sword Skill.


The Little Nepenthes diminished and turned zero. It fell and glowed in blue light.


The monster’s body turned into polygon shards and then disappeared.

This was Rozen’s way to fight in this world.

Of course, this was just the beginning of the show.

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