Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 298


Aincrad, 11th Floor, Taft.

Taft was the main settlement on the 11th Floor.

Nowadays, no clearers inhabited this Floor; only lower-level players would come and go to this Floor.

However, there were a lot of lower-level players in that world. After all, not everyone was determined enough to become the clearers. Therefore, compared to the upper floors that only a handful of players inhabited, Taft was quite lively, and there were some players who lived on lower floors who visited this town from time to time since it was quite popular.

As a result, the Teleport Gate in Taft flashed blue light quite often, a sign that Players came and went one after another.

One of them was Rozen.

“This floor, huh?”

Rozen said while looking around.


The Rainbow Butterfly that flew beside Rozen let out a cry. However, this drew other Players’ attention

“Wh… what is that?”

“… Monster?”

“Wow! So beautiful!”

“No! Why is there a monster in the Safe Zone!?”

“Is that… Tamed Monster?”

“Wait… Rainbow Butterfly…?”

“Don’t tell me…!?”

When these Players eventually realized who Rozen was, their eyes were wide open. Rozen, who noticed their reaction immediately left, and only then these Players finally said out loud.

“Is that… the Magician just now?!?”

“Oh my god! I actually saw the Magician!”

“Why is the clearers’ commander in this town?”

“Beats me…”

These Players started to cause a commotion after seeing Rozen, who just left.


Meanwhile, Rozen ran toward an alley looking helpless with Rainbow Butterfly following him.

“Nothing good comes from being famous.”


Hearing the Rozen’s helpless voice, the Rainbow Butterfly seemed offended.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to blame you.”

Rozen reached out and patted the Rainbow Butterfly’s head.

“It’s just that there will be all sorts of troubles if people see you. Can you go in for a while?”

After saying that, Rozen immediately took out a certain item from his storage. It was a beautiful crystal.

There were various types of items in SAO, and among them were crystals.

In SAO, crystals were considered to be one of the most convenient types of items and the closest thing to magic in Aincrad.

There were various uses for crystals based on the color.

Blue crystal was Teleport Crystal, which transport the user to a chosen city’s Teleport Gate plaza.

Pink crystal was Healing Crystal, which fully healed the target.

Green crystal was Antidote Crystal, which cured the target of any status effect.

Since crystals had an instant and much better effect than other types of item, it was expensive. Even the clearers were reluctant to use them unless they really had to.

What Rozen took out was crystal, but it was not blue, nor pink, or even green, it was colorful like a rainbow.

If some other Players happened to see this crystal, they’d be surprised because no NPC sold the crystal with that color.

In fact, no Player should have this crystal apart from Rozen.

The reason was simple.

This crystal prop was special. To be more precise, Rozen had to complete a complex and tiring quest to obtain this Tamed Monster Crystal.

As the name suggested, this was a crystal that was related to the Tamed Monsters. The function was exactly like the Player’s storage, but instead of storing items, it stored Tamed Monster.

“Get in the crystal for the time being.”

Rozen raised the Tamed Monster Crystal in his hand.


Rainbow Butterfly just shrugged, and then touched the Tamed Beast Crystal.


In the next second, the crystal radiated rainbow light, enveloping Rainbow Butterfly, and storing it inside.

Looking at this scene, Rozen sighed.

“If only i had this crystal back on the 1st floor, no one would know that I’m a beta tester.”

Obviously that was impossible, let alone the Tamed Beast Crystal, even other crystals were so expensive, and it won’t be found in the 1st Floor.

“Anyway, I have to find Kirito first.”

Rozen put away the Tamed Beast Crystal, and then ran out of the alley, and headed toward the Outer Field.


In this Floor, there was no need for Rozen to worry about monsters.

In general, any Player who was 10 levels higher than the Floor they were in should have nothing to worry about with the exception of running into traps, facing Floor Boss or being surrounded by a horde of monsters.

And Rozen was level 48, in this Floor he had nothing to fear.

Rozen ran as fast as he could and entered a forest, and as soon as he did, he saw Kirito.

“Over here!”

Kirito waved his hand toward Rozen.

Rozen suddenly stopped and frowned because there was a group of players there other than Kirito.

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