Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 332


The moment Rozen entered the inn, he was immediately welcomed by a lively scene, not only Players who were happily eating their food while chatting.

But also a bunch of Players flocking on a cute and petite Player with light brown hair tied into two tails by red ribbons and two red ring baubles.

She seemed really young, around 12 to 13 years old from the looks of it.

All of those Players asked the little girl to join their parties.

“Please join my party!”

“No! You should join my party instead!”

“You’re better off with us!”

“Please join our party! “

“Our party is quite well-known in this Floor, won’t you join us?”

“If you join us, you can get more items!”

The cute little girl was embarrased, being surrounded by all these older male Players and being asked to join their party.

However, it won’t be as suprising why so many people would ask the girl to join their party once they noticed what was on the top of her head.


A sweet and lovely cry was heard.

Upon closer look, there was a little dragon lying atop the girl’s head. It was a small flying dragon with its blue body covered in soft, pale blue feathers and two long feathers instead of a tail.

The official name of this creature was Feathered Little Dragon, a rare monster. Such a rare monster was now lying on top of the girl’s head, meaning she has tamed this little creature.

The girl was a Beast Tamer.



“Join us! Silica-chan!”

The Players called the girl’s name one after another.

Since these Players called her with “Chan” behind her name, it was safe to say that they really adored this girl.

The girl named Silica seemed very embarrassed, but not annoyed at all. In fact, she was quite happy seeing this many Players adored her.

Even so, Silica immediately said.

“Please… please calm down so I can decide. Pina thinks so, too, right?”

While the first half of her words were addressed at the Players flocking on her, the second half was addressed at the Tamed Monster on top of her head.


The Feathered Little Dragon named Pina, responded excitedly. From the looks of it, Pina and Silica seemed really close, the intimacy value between them must be pretty high, and it was unlikely that Pina would run away or attack its tamer.

The Players who saw this scene became even more enthusiastic about inviting her.

Although the Players were aware that Tamed Monsters were more suited to support instead of fighting monsters head-on since “Magician” was a Beast Tamer, and his Tamed Monsters were strong enough to fight even the Floor Boss itself proved the fact that Beast Tamers in SAO was rare yet valuable.

Not to mention, Silica herself was really cute, and with Pina having the ability to detect approaching enemies and recover a small amount of its tamer’s health made her a popular and well-known Player before she realized it that she was given the nickname Dragon Master.

Thanks to Pina and her popularity among Players, she didn’t have a problem when it came to hunting monsters.

Due to all these factors, Silica received a buck load of party and guild invitations, and of course, this 13-year old girl would be all over the moon.

Among all these Players flocking to Silica, there was a certain Player who suddenly said.

“Today is our turn to form a party with you, no?” The one who said it was a party leader who used one-handed sword and shield, with 4 of his party members behind him and one of them was a woman with red wavy hair looking straight at Silica. From the looks of it, their party seemed well-balanced, and their level was quite high.

Seeing this party, other Players gradually lost their voice. After all, a balanced party was rare in this Floor, so no wonder the rest of the Players would be discouraged once this kind of party approached Silica.

Realizing the rest of the Players felt discouraged, all of the earlier party members, aside from the red wavy-haired woman, immediately made their way through the crowds toward Silica.

“Please join our party; our team is perfectly balanced. If you join us, the hunt will be easier, and we’ll get more items for sure.”

Their party leader persuaded Silica to join their party.

Although Silica was hesitant at first, upon hearing that they had a balanced party, she was kind of tempted to join.

In any case, leaving the Safe Zone alone was out of the question. Without a party, a Player couldn’t switch and will be forced to deal with the monsters although their health was low.

Aside from beta testers and Solo Players in the Clearers, no one would be stupid enough to leave the Safe Zone alone, and Silica was no exception.

Although she was known as Dragon Master, and she herself was proud of it, she won’t mess around when it came to her survival, and joining a party was a must if she wanted to survive. So, when she saw such a well-rounded party, she was inclined to join.

“I see…in that case…”

Right before Silica could express her willingness to join, a lazy voice was heard across the room.

“How about teaming up with me?”

The Players in that room was startled at first, and then slowly turned around to check whose voice was that.

Of course, that was none other than Rozen.

The Players saw a Player was raising his hand with serious expression although he sounded so lazy earlier.

“As you see, I’m all by myself. I need a strong teammate to protect me. Otherwise, i can’t leave the Safe Zone, so please team up with me?”

Hearing such unreliable and unreasonable words from Rozen baffled the Players in that room, including Silica.

Did this person know what he was talking about?

All the Players cast this hateful look toward Rozen. The party leader earlier, in particular, was really irritated since he knew that Silica was about to accept his invitation. So, he walked toward Rozen while glaring at him.

“Hey, you…”

But before he could finish his sentence, his party member beside him suddenly panicked.

“Wait… wait! This person’s guild emblem…!?”

Hearing the Player’s words, the Players in the room noticed that there was a guild emblem beside Rozen’s hp bar.

“Red Wings…!?”

“He…he is a member of “Red Wings”…!?”

“My goodness……”

Suddenly the inn became even more lively because of the commotion.

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