Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 114


Naiya’s memories surprised Lucius…

Her memories involved this country, which means the entire world, the single Empire!

Naiya’s identity is… Her Highness, the Emperor of this Empire! 

Also known as Princess in a common tongue.

As for why the Emperor was here like a lost kitten, wandering around without family, shivering in a dirty corner until she met Muccia, the reason was simple.

Very simple…

The current ruler of this Empire’s name is Dodran, the 21st Emperor. While being the Knight Commander of the First Order of the Empire, the mighty Awakener, he had the right to take the Saint Challenge.

But in order to rule the country, he had to give up the chance to become a Saint. 

As an Emperor, he obeyed the rule of this world and should have only one wife in his life.

Although he had several concubines, he would never recognize his offspring from his concubines.

Due to the Empress’s poor health, she died early. Leaving behind an only son, His Highness the Prince, the one who would inherit this Empire in the future.

Naiya is the Emperor’s seed born from a low commoner when he was traveling the world and got drunk.

As for why a commoner like Naiya had the blood of a vampire, he wasn’t sure. There were a lot of travelers coming from another world. A vampire was nothing unusual. 

As a commoner, Naiya was abandoned from the moment she was born. Her half-vampire status made her being abandoned even worse in a world where bloodline was used to measure one’s nobility status.  

The Emperor certainly won’t recognize her as his daughter. But a few months ago, the Goddess of Fate did her deed and killed the Prince and contracted the Emperor with a strange disease.

From his age, it looked like he wouldn’t be able to live much longer. Having no heir to inherit the throne, instead of thinking about the children from his concubines, he suddenly remembered the daughter born from a commoner years ago.

And so, the Emperor ordered the entire Empire to search all over the continent for Naiya’s whereabouts.

And it seemed that there was a mighty prophet in the Church of Divine Dragon who not only mapped out Naiya’s appearance but was able to give specific direction where she was now. 

This prophecy was only a day old. 

Lucius obtained the first half from Naiya’s memories, and the second half was obtained from the humans he had killed.

They were Knights who were sent to find her. 

The Empire’s only heiress, Her Highness.

Naiya looked like a wild kitten in front of him, licking the blood flowing out from his fingertip.

Just like a feral kitten that was hungry and found a bowl of hot milk. But… this feral kitten suddenly turned into a mighty lion, the king of all beasts. 

But it doesn’t matter. A harness hung from the lion’s neck, and it wasn’t much docile than a wild kitten. 

Lucius watched as Naiya’s face flush red. Her acid-corroded arm gradually returned to normal, turning into her usual tender pale skin. He withdrew his index finger from Naiya’s mouth. 

The fact that Naiya was the key person involving the fate of this world was a bit shocking. But… who knew what the arrogant Goddess of Fate was thinking about?

But… a plan blooming inside Lucius’ mind. 

You’ve somehow turned into a very important pawn of mine, Naiya.

Lucius’ scarlet eyes gleamed as he looked at Naiya, whose expression had changed from normal to confused. 

“I…” Naiya gasped. The blood stimulation just now was too great for her. An inexplicable power surged from within her body. And also her memories. 

“Stand up when you’ve recovered.” 

In front of him is Her Royal Highness, the soon-to-be heir to the Empire’s throne! 

“I’m sorry.” Naiya didn’t know what she was apologizing for. But Lucius’ oppressive aura just made her subconsciously apologize. 

“Have you remembered everything about your human identity?”

“I have no intention of going back. I have no father or mother. I’m just Naiya.” She’s been very persistent. “…an existence that seeks revenge on the Saints.” 

‘And belonged to you…’ was something Naiya wanted to say, but her shyness made her choke the words in her throat. She thought Lucius would be satisfied with her answer.

Naiya could tell that he hated humans. And she wasn’t going to join the humans because she remembered this. 

“There’s nothing related to visiting your family and killing the Saints.” 

It seemed like Lucius would let Naiya take a trip to the Capital to meet the father she never met before. 

“What for? He had abandoned me.”

“What are you talking about? Your father searched all over the world, looking for you, his only daughter.”

“Looking for me?” Naiya couldn’t understand. She was abandoned since her birth, right? 

The Order of the Empire was so strict that even the Emperor had to abide by it all the time!

In the world where bloodline is power, in order to maintain the purity of the bloodline, Emperors aren’t allowed to have heirs with outsiders. This had never happened before. 

The predecessor of the 21st Emperor, Dodran, was the first to have an heir from the Emperor and an outsider.

The reason why he ascended to the throne was none other than the fact that the heir had a better bloodline than the royal family.

The heir possessed a stronger bloodline than the royal family and was capable of becoming a Saint at 20.

Bloodline is everything in this world. So…

“Because of your excellent bloodline,” Lucius said as he moved his fingers rhythmically, a pile of blood surged up from the bottom of his feet, making the silhouette of the fallen Knights. “They came for you.” 

“Then what should I do?”

“You have to be good, Naiya.” Lucius paused for a moment. “Better than anyone else.”

Now, Naiya was the hope of this Empire, the Emperor’s hope!

But at the same time, she was a pawn in Lucius’ hands. A pawn that he could use to his heart’s content. 

Lucius didn’t intend to make Naiya the Empress! All Lucius wanted was a hop. 

Just like a sun slowly rising after a long night, illuminating the hope of the entire world!

And while all mankind gazes upon the sun, celebrating the sun, the sun was obliterated, let the darkness return again. 

Previously, Lucius’ plan was to use his ability to turn into a dragon and venture around the world, killing as many people as he could. 

The destruction of their faith will result in despair. 

But there’s more than one dragon in the world. There were good gods and evil gods in every mythology on Earth. Unfortunately, it also applies to this world. 

With the power of political brainwashing, Lucius will be called as an evil god or something. 

For the time being, the plan to destroy the faith of mankind of this world will be put on hold. 

He needed something to make all the humans in this world gather together. Giving them hope and violently crushing that hope.

And Naiya would be the perfect one to do that.  

The heir of this Empire was the whole world’s concern. 

But before doing anything, he had to make sure Naiya was being watched by the whole world.

It’s time to stimulate their nerves… 

“Do you know how to get to the Court of the Gods?”

Lucius saw that Naiya was somewhat still couldn’t understand, so he asked her. 

“The Top of the Tower… as long as you pass the trial, you can become a Saint. And…” Naiya paused. Slowly realizing. “At the time of the Throne Succession ceremony, the Court of Gods will appear in front of the whole world.” 

“Do you understand?” Lucius gazed at Naiya. 

“I understand…” She still shivered at the thought. Right now, Naiya realized she wanted to face more than just a Saint. But the strongest warriors in this world! 

Is it even possible with her weak power? 

But somehow, as long as Lucius was around, Naiya felt that she could do anything because he gave her the feeling of being powerful. 

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