Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 118


The number of city guard army in the Buried Gold City was still very large. 

But, numbers don’t guarantee a stronger power! 

Against the swarm of beasts, humans who were supposed to be more intelligent than those beasts didn’t choose to gather and fight together.

Instead, only a few scattered guards and the mercenaries on the streets were fighting the beast! 

But the beast didn’t work alone; beasts of different species, personalities, or even those who were natural enemies had allied together to attack the city.

They were like a swarm of butterflies, invading the human city! 

The human resistance was scattered in small groups. Sometimes, they faced swarms of beasts with numbers higher than their group members. 

After killing human knights who were too timid to pick up a sword, the beast threw aside the bones from the human they had just eaten and continued fighting. 

When the human armies arrived, they all scattered and fled, continuing to search for the lone human. Together, the beasts had destroyed the alchemical equipment used to protect the city walls.

The tidal surge of beasts raging in the city seemed to be so organized that it felt unbelievable. 

Indeed, someone was directing their movement.

That man…

…is none other than Lucius! 

“Banshee’s control ability is really amazing.” Lucius stood atop of the city’s tallest building, the Church of the Dragon!

The pendulum was swinging below made a clanging sound, as if to accompany Lucius’ murderous symphony. 

Against the slaughter, his figure looked like a shadow to the humans. Even if he stood in the most conspicuous position, no one would notice. 

The group of beasts inhabiting the Beast Forest was controlled by the Banshees from the Scourge.

While the Banshees were under the command of their King, the Lich King! And the Lich King obeyed her master… Lucius. 

“Let’s see how far you can resist. My lovely junior, can you make a difference to the resistance?” Lucius waved his hand as if he were conducting a grand concert. 

Little by little, he used the beasts’ bodies to tear down the city’s buildings, slaughtering the civilians and turning the city into a sea of fire!

The wild roar of those beasts echoed throughout the city. 


“Commander! The Second Regiment is wiped out! The beast completely ignored us! They only aimed at civilians!” 

“Damn it! Is it possible that someone is controlling those beasts? How did the Second Regiment get wiped out?” 

Kensel spurred his horse to gallop through the ruined streets with hundreds of knights in silver armor by his side. The sound of horses’ hooves was heard in the streets. 

Kensel’s mission was to wipe those beasts, but they seemed to avoid him. Scattering as soon as they approached a group of beasts. 


This feeling of wanting to fight while the enemy ran away drove Kensel crazy.

While the human casualties continued to rise, when did exactly those beasts gain such intelligence in just over a hundred years? 

No matter what method he used, it doesn’t work. He used his maxed out taunting skills, but they were immune! 


Suddenly, a roaring sound caught his attention. He lifted his face to see a two-meters tall, monkey-shaped beast had its arms around a terrified, crying kid above the spreading flames. 

This time, he won’t let it escape!

“Lykov! Take 70 men and join the front line! Change of plans! Work together to kill the giant lizard-type beast that’s destroying the city’s defensive equipment!” Kensel entrusted the knight’s commanding responsibility to the vice-commander and pointed to the conspicuously huge beast in the city. 

After the vice-commander received the order, knowing the seriousness of the situation, he didn’t say anything. And so, the silver knights were divided into two groups. 

Kensel and a dozen others caught up with the monkey-type beast that was jumping from roof to roof. 

Kensel took out a silver gun. After aiming it at the beast, he pulled the trigger without any hesitation. 

An azure light shot out. In a split second, the light struck hard on the monkey’s body. The beast then grabbed the crying child in its hands and fell down. 

At the moment before it fell, Kensel’s figure above his horse suddenly disappeared while the steed hissed loudly. He revealed the power of a Level 5 Life Form and a Knight Commander. 

Kensel’s figure quickly caught the weeping child as he was about to fall to the ground, “It’s okay…” 

He comforted the boy, and the knights who had followed him in his rear rushed over. 

“Take him to a safe place!” After he handed him over to one of the knights, his eyes emitted a dangerous glow. 

Because just now, beasts had surrounded him. Hundreds of beasts of various shapes and sizes quietly appeared around him.

They were fierce and soaked in human blood. 

They saw Kensel as prey, but they chose the wrong target!

He was worried that the beast scattered around and killed the civilians. But now, they finally gathered. 

“You bastard! Come to me!” 

The golden cloak on his back fluttered as his blade sliced through the air. The roaring dragons’ head on top of the cloak glimmered in the sunlight. 

Kensel was one of the strongest knights in the Empire. As a ‘Commander Knight,’ he had no fear for these tiny beasts.

The blood in his body began to boil; the power the Dragon God gave him made his speed and strength level up. 

Most of these beasts were Level 4 Life Forms and below. None of them were above Level 5.

That was because the Banshees could only control the beast at Level 4 and below. 

However, Kensel was a Level 5 Life Form. This was the difference between an A-ranked and a B-ranked Espers. 

Golden light gathered on Kensel’s blade. He lunged at the beast that pounced on him. And the violent wave of overflowed golden energy instantly swept through the buildings around him. 

Commander Knight’s power was too powerful!

On a normal occasion, he wasn’t allowed to draw his blade in the city. But in this situation, he had no other choice! 

The beasts were wounded on different parts of their bodies after Kensel’s attack. Still, their ferocity remained as they lunged at him.

Although it’s been a while since he last fought, the Knight Commander still remembered the feeling of killing his enemies! His rusty body gradually began to shed the rust from his body.

Kensel was able to cut through a body of a huge beast with a single strike. 

The owner of the Beast Forest has not appeared yet. Only a few underlings showed up. But even these underlings could push humans into this situation. 

Kensel screamed as he slashed the beasts, giving them no mercy, killing them with every sword swinging. As he destroyed the invaders, he didn’t notice a pair of scarlet eyes watching him all the time.


Indeed, humans in this world are strong. 

Lucius looked at the invincible Knight Commander in the streets below. He also looked at the knights who were gradually reorganizing their group and stopping down the beast swarms. 

No, that won’t do. The hero hadn’t appeared yet, so the disaster can’t end now. 

So Lucius had no choice but to use some lil old trick.

What is the best human emotion to exploit? Kindness! 

A wolf-shaped beast with a struggling little boy’s body in its mouth ran in front of Kensel. The scent of blood caught Kensel’s attention. The human who would become the beast’s dinner looked miserable.

“Stop it! Bastard!” 

He was a Knight Commander, and a knight’s duty is to protect the civilians, whoever they were. Kensel broke through the beast in a long stride. He rushed towards the giant wolf that was running fast. 

But he didn’t realize he had entered the territory of an even more terrifying beast. 

The beast was hiding underground. It’s always waiting for its prey to step into its trap.

Kensel moved faster than the wolf. With a golden silhouette, Kensel instantly caught up with the giant wolf and tried to cut off its head. But… an inexplicable sense of danger came all over him.

His instincts were keen, but it was too late to dodge it!

Suddenly, without warning, a sharp spike appeared from the ground! These spikes were far tougher than the beast claws, easily penetrating Kensel’s armor, piercing his abdomen. 

Kensel’s body was abruptly paused. And as a result, he saw the giant wolf open its mouth and swallow the helpless child.

“NO!!!!” Kensel roared out in rage.

The wound in his abdomen didn’t stop his movement. His blade tore the giant wolf apart, but it was too late to save the boy. 

But before he could react, the ground was once again filled with deadly spikes he couldn’t dodge. A large number of spikes pierced through his body.

After grabbing the spike that almost pierced his head with his hand, he roared loudly. A golden wave rippled in the air, shattering the spikes. Kensel, soaked in blood, used his sword to support his body. 

Once again, beasts surrounded him. 

“Shit…” Despite being injured, Kensel had no fear.

He gripped his sword tightly and glared at the beasts, “How dare you invade the Empire’s territory! How dare you slaughter our people! I am Kensel! I swore by my name, Kensel Dodran, First Knight Commander of the Empire, that I will never let you step outside this city alive!!”

But…as fate would have it, Kensel suddenly found himself in severe pain from his wounds.

The spikes were poisonous. 

The blood flowing through his body kept pushing the poisoned blood out. But it meant he couldn’t move, or he would die!

The beasts roared as they pounced again on Kensel, who had fallen to his knees, unable to move—trying to eat the delicious human flesh. 

Kensel gripped the hilt of his sword and slightly moved his feet. Instead of waiting to be eaten by the beasts, he chose to die with honor as a knight on the battlefield.

Fighting beasts with his sword. A fate a knight should have! 

He would die on the battlefield.

But… not now.

Just when he was almost surrounded by the swarm of beasts, he wanted to die to pay for his sins. A dark violet light flashed in front of him!

The light was like death’s scythe, clearing the boundaries between life and death. Slashing the approaching beast to death. 

A hero, wearing her black hair in a high ponytail, soaked in blood. Her face, small and expressionless. 

Her Royal Highness, who Kensel once thought as a sickly and fragile girl who had no fighting ability, was standing in front of him with a greatsword in her hand. Slashing down ten beasts in one strike! 

The Empress is not weak, both body and soul! 

“Excellent opening.” 

Lucius stood on top of the Church, looking down at the city below that was constantly being destroyed. Forgetting to direct the beasts to continue their attacks on the city. 

Although they looked like they were going to lose.

Even though they no longer had the ability to fight the humans.

Humans have heroes, and so do the beasts.

“How long will you slumber underground? It’s time to show those humans true fear! Crypt Lord Athlone!” 

As Lucius led the symphony to its climax, it’s about time to write the final piece of the unforgettable murderous symphony. 

After that, the ground trembled. 

The ground gave out feeble grief, signaling that some menacing presence was about to appear.

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