Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 120


The destruction brought by this disaster is incalculable. The number of dead and wounded is estimated to be over 100.000 people.

This was an outrageous number for a world that has never seen a war for hundreds of years.

Lucius walked amidst the ruined streets, looking down at the humans who have begun repairing their city and lifting the bodies to bury them.

The atmosphere was depressing.

But… How much Despair Points did he gain by over 100.000 deaths?

Lucius waved his hand, and the semi-transparent system panel appeared. A menu is only visible to Lucius alone.

“Death count is 270.000. Despair Points gained 130 points…”

Six digit death count, three digits Despair Points.

The ratio was too low.

However, Lucius had expected all of this.


“Lord Dragon is sheltering us. Everything will be fine.”

This was the most heard phrase on the streets. The priests of the religion were running all over the city, carrying out rescue work and treating injured people.

In this world, the best doctors were these priests.

What a horror.

A world with faith is simply impossible to be drowned in despair!

Lucius looked at a corpse that had fallen amidst the rubble. His body was burnt to a crisp, but he was holding a silver dragon claw in his hands.

This was their Cross.

Death is not something horrific. They were all just returning to the arms of the Lord Dragon. That was what the humans in this world believed, so they didn’t die in despair.

This kind of faith makes Lucius feel puzzled.

He was killing for Despair Points, not for a massacre.

Even if he mass slaughtered the humans in this world, he wouldn’t gain much Despair Points, and their resistance would be fierce.

Even if the whole Scourge Legion set foot in this world and wreak havoc, it would be a stalemate war.

Powerful is one aspect they had. The other one was that most people in this world had the courage to end their own lives after being infected by the undead from the Scourge Legion.

This is the power of faith.


“How is Her Royal Highness’s injury?”

“Not good. No matter what, the High Priest in this city couldn’t heal her wounds.”

The silvery knight hurriedly ran past Lucius. They were also responsible for repairing the city.

As knights of the First Order of the Empire, this kind of thing was a commoner’s task, not something a noble knight should do. But after such a brutal war, the new recruits had to taste the hard work of a commoner.

Likewise, a name resounded throughout the city.

The name of a hero.

Her Royal Highness who had saved the city.

Naiya was no longer an ordinary civilian. She was a hero who saved their city.

What a glorious title.

But the price for such a glorious honor was huge.

After confirming the number of Despair Points he gained, he turned around and walked towards the direction of the Dragon God Church.


In an obscure corner where no one would notice, a scarlet light surged through his body. Then, his clothes changed into a priest’s attire.

His black trench coat was fluttering with the wind as he stepped into the busy church full of people passing by.

In this world, the church served like a hospital.

The doctors are always the busiest ones after a war.

The priests were running back and forth. Some of the wounded ones were too weak to sit by the church wall. The blood scent coming out from their wounds made him a little thirsty.


Lucius once again tore open a candy and bit it in his mouth. The sweet taste relieved his thirst for blood.

No matter in which world, a holy place like the church is not a place that a dark creature like a vampire should step in! Yet, these people actually took in his junior into the church?

Lucius’ figure disappeared as a black shadow without anyone noticing.


After searching for Naiya’s scent, Lucius went to the middle building in the back of the church. 

Above the corridor, black shadows formed Lucius’ body. He stood in front of the door of a room that smelled like a library.

This room must belong to some kind of archbishop or a priest.

Naiya’s pained whimper was heard from inside the room.

Lucius waved his hand and the door opened in response to his hand movement.

There were all kinds of books piled up inside the room. Books occupied every corner of the room, leaving only a bed on one of the corners. Naiya was lying on the bed.

A blonde girl whose hair almost touched her waist donned in a white priest robe was sitting next to her. Much to Lucius’ disgust, her hands were pressing Naiya’s wound.

Damn it! Were these people using holy light to heal vampires?

This is murder!

“Didn’t I order that no one is allowed to come in?”

The girl’s forehead was overflowing with tiny sweats. After hearing the sound of the door pushing open, she turned her head and saw Lucius standing in the doorway.

Although she looked young, she must be some kind of a high priest because an ordinary priest would certainly cower in her presence.

But the problem is, it was Lucius she was facing.

“Get lost,” Lucius said indifferently. His scarlet eyes gazed at the young girl whose whole body was enveloped in holy light.

“What… What did you say?” She froze upon his words.

“Don’t touch my junior.”

There were times when Lucius felt impatient. With a wave of Lucius’ hand, her body was controlled by an unseen force. It lifted her body and threw her towards the wall.


Her body crashed hard to the ground after hitting the wall. Even so, she tried to get up. The one lying on the bed was Her Royal Highness! And also, the hero that saved the city! No matter what, this strange man looked like he’s up to no good.

The priestess slowly stood up. When she wanted to open her mouth, she froze when she locked eyes with Lucius.

This time, it was no longer scarlet. But radiant gold!

She felt there was a bell in her brain that kept ringing. She couldn’t move her body just from his gaze.

“Kneel down.”

The cold voice carried a power she couldn’t deny.

Suddenly, she felt her body become heavy. Eventually, she fell to her knees. She supported her body on her hands and knees. Her hands trembled as she found herself unable to get up!

Who the hell is this man?

But right now, she had no time to think about such things. The feeling of sticky blood was flooding her brain. Her consciousness gradually became blurred.

After Lucius seeing the young girl who was struggling to get up from the ground, he didn’t bother her much longer.

As the high priestess of the city, she was only a Level 4 Lifeform.

After Lucius turned into a true vampire, an existence below Level 5 became his plaything to play to his heart’s content. Once he gets bored, he can dismember them.

Lucius walked towards the bedside and looked at Naiya, whose body was filled with an unnatural blood color. Her skin looked warm and healthy, which is good for humans.

But, not good for vampires.

Vampire’s skin has always been morbidly pale. It was a curse.

But it was also a symbol.

Naiya’s condition right now only means one thing. The blood in her body had gone berserk. It uncontrollably rushed from her veins and her heart.

The blood in her body was given by Lucius. He also gave her a few drops of his True Vampire’s blood.

The True Vampire’s blood wasn’t ingested by her body. It remained dormant inside her.

After she activated her True Vampire power, her power did rise by a significant degree. But the price was her blood gone out of control under the true vampire’s blood command.

Because a true vampire’s blood was higher than an ordinary vampire’s blood.

Right now, her body was like a battlefield. The true vampire’s blood wanted to devour her real blood.

And her body became bruised all over the place.

And now, she was enveloped by the holy light. This was as bad as dipping a werewolf in a liquid silver!

If Lucius hadn’t come, this ignorant woman would’ve killed Naiya with her supposedly ‘healing light.’

She was an important pawn. Thus, Lucius won’t allow any mistakes.


It was Lucius’ final conclusion after figuring out Naiya’s physical condition.

True vampire’s blood was certainly powerful. But he only fed her a few drops! She should be capable of controlling it!

But she couldn’t…

Because the blood represented Lucius.

As a junior, Naiya didn’t dare to resist Lucius even if she had to suffer this kind of pain.


Lucius’ hand gently pressed her forehead. Just like how easy he controlled the young priestess just now, Naiya was also his plaything.

A fragile porcelain doll.

“Long live our hero.”

After touching Naiya’s skin, Lucius suppressed the True Vampire’s blood and let it become dormant once again in her body.

If she needs it, she can activate it again to gain more power. Yet, the cost remains the same.

What’s a hero without a power burst?

This can instantly raise her Lifeform level. Not much lower than Lucius himself.

Vampires don’t have a lot of blood in their bodies. Most of the blood flowing wasn’t their own. Otherwise, they wouldn’t look ghastly pale.

The blood that was inside his body was the blood he plundered. His own blood was buried in his heart, giving it a strong power.

Losing some won’t mean anything to Lucius as he can gain it again from someone else.

Lucius needed a strong pawn. The kind that could overcome anything in their path.

Naiya had the spirit to become stronger. She only needed the power to push her.

After the unnatural flush in her body faded, her breathing became calmer.

Lucius gazed at her face and lowered his gaze.

Now, her long hair was scattered on the white sheet.

Lucius hated how she looks this way.

Naiya’s long eyelashes fluttered before her eyes snapped open. The first words she heard was Lucius’ voice.

“Now, tie your hair up for me.”

A black ribbon appeared in Lucius’ hand as he threw it towards Naiya.

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