Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 18


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 18 Sprouting

The sun rose in the sky, bringing a lot of warmth to the city that was stuck in the cold winter.

Thanks to the system, Lucius, the vampire, could walk comfortably under the sunlight.

[Skill: Vector Manipulation Level 2.]

With skin contact, he could manipulate the “direction” of all known forces within the calculated ability to change its direction. Because the skill was only at level 2, it could only refract light.

Exchange Price: 70,000 Despair Points.

This was the strongest skill Lucius had so far. At Level 5, he could even manipulate the Earth’s rotation. But to upgrade it to Level 5, he had to exchange 100 million despair points. One-eighth of this world’s population in exchange for the skill. Lucius put this in mind. As a vampire, his bloodline was crucial.

He looked at the Despair Point he had at the moment.

[Despair Points: 103.497]

Wenhan City wasn’t a big city in the New Federation of China’s territory. With a permanent population of around 600.000 residents. After all, the city was surrounded by mountains, if the Wenham Dam wasn’t there, the city would be flooded with water. The geographical location simply made people think it wasn’t a nice place to stay permanently.

On the second day, the Black Light virus spread, nearly a fifth of the entire city had already been infected as zombies. The Level 2 infected life form had risen to three digits, around 120. But Level 3 had not yet appeared. This was the result of acquiring the genes from an A rank Esper, which accelerated the Black Light virus evolution.

The evolution wasn’t particularly fast or slow. With the New Federation of China’s huge population, more powerful infected life forms would rise. Even if they were weak, when their number reached a certain degree, even the most powerful Esper or Exorcist would find trouble in dealing with the zombies.

Such a shame. The people in the team didn’t seem to realize how they could kill a zombie with a single slash. How terrifying!

Zombies were weak. Even when their limbs were severed, hearts penetrated, and their body drenched in blood. They still could hunt down humans at full strength. But they were weak before human weaponry.

One-shot. Just one bullet through their brain would stop them. Even an ordinary person could kill them as long as he landed a shot in its vital points. Not to mention these Exorcists.

“Pathetic. The civilians in this city were infected by ghouls? What the hell happened?”

Stein decapitated a zombie’s head with his shortsword. Judging by his strength and speed, it looked like he was a C rank physical enhanced Esper.

The Exorcist was humans chosen by God, that’s what they had described themselves.

The shortsword in Stein’s hand was wrapped with a faint blue luster, which was the Exorcist’s power that the Espers didn’t possess. To this day, no one in the world could decipher what this magical power was. Probably, it was a gift from God. That’s why Exorcists felt themselves superior.

The same goes for the Espers. They had the strength above ordinary people, so why should they obey them?

Right now, the route chosen by this Exorcist Squad was very dangerous. They didn’t bother to conceal themselves, they boldly traveled on the road.

It’s been two days since the infection began. The city’s order had completely collapsed under the horror of the Black Light virus. The road was littered with vehicles crashing into each other, shattered glass, blood, human corpses, and zombies gnawing on human corpses. It was a sight that can be seen everywhere in this city.

“Captain, it’s not safe to keep going on like this.” Stein once again cut down a zombie that had jumped at him without knowing if it was dead or not with a single sword. This was already the third one.

“Maybe that vampire has already been eaten by these ghouls.”

“Corpses.” Walking at the front of the group, her body emitted an overpowering coldness that froze all zombies that approached the group. The zombies immediately froze into ice sculptures as soon as they came into contact with the young woman’s ability.

“Mr. Stein…” Yuri, who was traveling at the end of the team, was terrified at the scene to the point that he stuttered. He couldn’t even move when a zombie approached him.

“What?” Stein looked back at Yuri.

“If I remember correctly, according to mission details, we can see the target’s home by walking through this intersection and turning at the next corner.” Yuri held out his finger, pointing fearfully ahead of Stein.

My home? Lucius raised his head in a trance and took a good look at the surrounding scenery. As a vampire, Lucius didn’t really go out often. He didn’t even remember what his neighborhood looked like. But it should be nearby.

“Well done, Yuri, when we went back, I’ll give you a good mention on this mission report! Civilians, after the mission is complete, you will be evacuated.”

Stein seemed to believe Yuri’s words.

“Finally, we can leave the city!” The female reporter, Dana, had her eyes lit up when she heard the word evacuated, and she shook her brother’s hand beside her. But the expression on the young man American man’s face grew more and more solemn.

Did he notice it? Lucius looked at this side of the somewhat silent street. He immediately understood. Zombies moved in hordes, it would be strange if the number of zombies in a certain area decrease. In short, it was definitely not good for humans!

“Please evacuate us as soon as possible, Mr. Exorcist…” said Lucius, ‘requesting’ Stein in a very complimentary tone, “Your mighty strength will surely protect us from the claws of these monsters.”

“It’s all thanks to the Lord’s strength. Captain, it’s time to pick up the pace.”

Lucius’ ‘compliments’ were very much appreciated by Stein. So the team’s walking speed became even faster! Gradually, the ordinary people in the team had difficulty in picking up the pace. But the situation became unpredictable.

At first, just a few zombies approached them. They were easily slain by Stein or frozen into ice sculptures.

but gradually…


A hundred…


“There’s no end in killing these guys!”

Steins’ breath had become somewhat ragged. So was the captain.

And finally, the road ahead was blocked by decapacitated zombies. They turned into a dead-end, the zombies following them were up to a hundred thousands!

“Shit! What’s with all the ghouls!” Stein’s grip on his sword finally trembled, could no longer maintain his friendly smile.

The corpses! Walkers! Zombies! Ghouls! The creatures have many names. They have died and risen again, there was only one thing they want. That was flesh and blood of the living!

The streets ahead had become the zombies’ territory. Everywhere, the streets were filled with dried corpses with milky white eyes and rotten flesh. These creatures only crave, for one thing, the human flesh and blood!


As soon as they saw humans, the roar echoed, shaking the entire city.

“Bastards!! What are these things?! A ghoul?! It’s just ghouls! Then why?!”

Stein could no longer maintain the smile on his face as he began to keep backing away, unable to grip the sword in his hand properly. Even though previously, he had no difficulties slaying the zombies.

There were too many…

It’s too much!!!

It’s like falling into an anthill. Everywhere you go, there are these creatures!

“Run!” The only one who was able to maintain her composure was the young woman known as the captain, who erupted with a large amount of extreme cold. Creating a huge wall of ice at the intersection of this road. The cold wind snapped the fearful and shocked humans.


The zombies with scarlet veins all over their bodies began to frantically crash into the ice walls. Flesh and blood of the living… human scent! Humans… eat! Devour them all!

The thoughts filled the monster’s brain, they opened their blood-stained mouths and gnawed the ice walls. The walls began to crumble. The monstrous stench of corpses carried a cold shiver in everyone’s mind and lungs!

“Run away! Quick!”

All of them began to move. The human instinct to survive drove them to run.

The female journalist, Dana, was already trembling with fear, but her brother grabbed her hand and dragged her with him.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Stein no longer had the intention to continue fighting. Like the rest of the team, he chose to run away.

“Don’t leave me!” Yuri was so scared that tears were spilling out of the corners of his eyes, but fear drove him to follow everyone as fast as possible.

That’s it. Lucius was also running away. Why wouldn’t he?

Indeed, zombies were weak. They will die by a single shot through their brain. They will die when their heads are decapitated by a sword. The Exorcist might be able to defeat one hundred, or a thousand zombies with ease. But what about 10.000? Or 100.000? They’re everywhere. Bones and entrails were left on the ground, the traces of these creatures!

There’s no end to killing them all. Even if the Exorcists were strong, they wouldn’t be able to kill them all.

The zombies were fearless. A perfect killing machine. If they fall down, they will rise again. Their only purpose was to gnaw on human flesh and blood.

That’s the true power of the zombies!

Well, the endless zombie frenzy had finally started today! Humans, you had made a big mistake. Lucius followed closely behind the Exorcist squads.

The sound of the ice wall crumbling apart, the shrieks of zombies, and the putrid stench coming from the corpses surrounded Lucius.

A big mistake!

You, the prey, have appeared so boldly before the hunter!

Humans were the prey to the zombies!  

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