Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 45


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 45 – The Massacre

It was really a better option than approaching Su Lei. Moreover, Lucius was more interested in the Black Watch history of the New Federation. After all, before approaching him, he had to understand the general content about the A-rank development program.

Lucius walked to the three Black Watch soldiers that had fallen to the ground. Two of them were torn apart by Lucius, the other one unconscious. Lucius’s hand was stained by one of the soldier’s blood. He gradually absorbed it. The soldier whose blood was absorbed by Lucius wasn’t a low rank among the Black Watch. He was also the rank of Sergeant Major and the captain of the Squad.

A large amount of blood emerged into Lucius’s body, gradually covering him. Shortly after, he completely reproduced the Black Watch uniform with the Sergeant’s memory. The googles, jet-black uniform, assault rifle, and the epaulets that identified his rank, the entire outfit was on Lucius’s body now.

It was the Dead River’s power. Using blood to create clothing. By absorbing the Sergeant’s blood, he was able to mimic his voice and knew how he should normally act. So the possibility of exposure was slim. Plus, with this guy as a guarantee, the possibility was even less.

Under Lucius’s will, the unconscious Black Watch soldier stood up.

“Sir, requesting new instructions.” He covered his forehead and looked at Lucius.

He forgot all about what had happened before.

Every vampire species was a master of hypnosis. He even could seize a human’s soul if they stared at the vampire’s eyes long enough. And now, Lucius had implanted false memory on the soldier’s brain. The memory of a level-2 infected zombie tearing ripped apart their teammate and escaped.

“Area is cleared, returning to the team formation quickly.”

Lucius’s voice didn’t give him any doubts, so the two Black Watch soldiers made their way to a private airport on Red Night City’s outskirts. It was a few minutes of travel in an armored vehicle.

As Lucius stepped out of the armored vehicle, he noticed that this airfield was surrounded entirely by the military. Soldiers wearing green uniforms and Black Watch soldiers wearing black clothing stood face to face. On the surface, there didn’t seem to be any conflict. But inside, they harbored a dislike for each other.

After Lucius reported to the Black Watch’s registration office according to his memory about returning to his unit, he suddenly felt a very dangerous aura. And not just one! But three scents that made Lucius excited. Vampires were very sensitive to higher life forms and liked the blood better.

There were precisely three existences with the power near A-rank, and one of them was waiting in the waiting room. That’s where the civilians were. The other was in a makeshift headquarter post set up in the airfield. The closest one was making its way towards Lucius.

“Sergeant Major 32, take your men and follow me.”

It was a man wearing the same uniform as the Black Watch, without a gas mask. Showing a clean look with the eyes like a wolf lurking in the shadows, ready to take a bite at any moment.

Lucius knew who he was, through this sergeant major’s memories, his name was Mordell. He was of mixed Chinese and European descent but had been serving the New Federation for many years. He was currently one of the commanders of a unit in the Black Watch. Of course, the most important thing was that he’s an A-ranked Esper, just like Su Lei.

They said that his most outstanding record was that he had once slaughtered everyone in the enemy’s barracks alone during World War Three. This was the power of an Esper. And if Lucius had it right, his ability was something like shadow manipulation.

Specifically, distorting space and diving into shadows. An ability perfect for assassination.

It was said that his most horrific record was that he had once slaughtered all the heads of the enemy’s barracks all by himself during World War III.

Did I get caught? Hearing his name was heard, Lucius became wary and called the only remaining person in his Squad and followed Mordell. They were heading towards the makeshift headquarter.

“Stand guard here and warn all approaching regular soldiers not to step in.” Mordell gave Lucius an order as he reached the entrance to the headquarters. That was easy, so he just found random people?

“Yes, sir!” Lucius turned around and stood in front of the headquarters with his ‘teammate’. His eyes carefully scanned everything on the airfield.

Overall, Black Watch troops outnumbered the New Federation soldiers under Major Su Lei. Their units came all the way from Wenhan City and were exhausted. Their initial mission was to suppress the infection in Wenhan City, but in the end, the mission turned into saving civilians for some reason. For example, now there was a large number of civilians at the airfield waiting for planes to take them to a safer place. It looked like there weren’t many food stocks left, so the scouts were sent out to search for food.

“Major Su Lei, you’re disqualified!”

The vampire species had an excellent hearing capability. Thus, Lucius easily heard the conversation between the two commanders inside the headquarters that used sound-proofing equipment.

“I don’t understand why I was disqualified, Brigadier Mordell.”

After a few days of absence, Su Lei’s voice clearly had an unmistakable weariness to it. But his voice was still very dignified.

“The New Federation gave you the task of fighting the virus! Destroying the virus nest should be easy with your ability! But look at what you’ve done!”

“Six days! In just six days, the virus spread to one-ninth of the New Federation territory! Nearly a hundred cities! But instead of fighting the virus, Major Su Lei is saving the civilians? This is serious disqualification, Major Su Lei!”  

“Do you mean to tell me to ignore the civilians being chased by the zombies?” Su Lei’s calm words held a majesty that was impossible to refute.

“You must remember your mission! You’re here to destroy the virus, not to save lives! Other units will be responsible for saving lives, Major Su Lei. I’m ordering you to abandon this airfield and the civilians on it immediately! Destroy the mother nest of the virus marked by intelligence sent by the New Federation.”

The same unquestionable boldness was heard in Mordell’s voice.

“I don’t recall you having the power to order me around, Brigadier Mordell!”

“This was an order from His Excellency the President himself! The virus eradication mission has been put in full charge of my people, and even you must follow my orders!”

“What if I refuse?”

Su Lei seemed like he wouldn’t give up on the civilians.

“Then, I’ll make those reasons for your refusal disappears!” Mordell’s words carried a cold, harsh feeling.

Then, Lucius was given new instructions.

‘Attention 1st Squad, 2nd Squad, break into the waiting room and shoot all civilians in it. Shoot the Marines if they disobey!’

A message came from Lucius’s radio.

Here comes the fun part!

“You stand by here.”

After giving the order to the soldier beside him, Lucius picked up his assault rifle and joined the rest of the Black Watch troops.

“What can I do for you, sir?” The Marines, who had been guarding the front of the waiting room, stood up immediately when they saw two dozen of  Black Watch men running over.

“Get out of here and get back to your post to resupply ammunition!”

One of the Black Watch soldiers, who was the officer, gave the Marines an order.

“But…” they seemed a little unsure about the civilians among them.

“We’re taking over here.”

“Yes, sir!!”

It’s a soldier’s job to protect civilians, but it’s hard to imagine that this unit wasn’t here to protect them. It was…

To massacre them!

Lucius loaded the assault rifle in his hand and followed the troops’ end into the waiting room. Just entering it felt like the air was a bit dull. The waiting room was very large, it probably held several thousands of people. Among them were young people, old people, children, women, students, office workers, etc.

As the Black Watch troops walked in, a somewhat obese middle-aged man sitting by the door who seemed to be wearing an expensive outfit walked up to him.

“Hey! Soldier! Where’s the plane? What about the plane that was supposed to get me out of here? Why isn’t it here yet? But I’m from this area…”


He hadn’t finished his sentence when a gunshot ended his words, and his fat body fell to the floor, blood beginning to spread across the floor.

There was a strange silence in the hall, then screams began to spread, and the crowd began to panic.

“Shoot them all and leave no one alive!”

The moment the icy, ruthless order was given, all the Black Watch soldiers raised their guns. They began firing at all the helpless civilians in the room. No matter who it was, no one could survive at gunpoint.

The blood flowing on the floor gradually gathered into a river. The corpses were piling up on the ground, gradually piling up into mountains.

It wasn’t monsters that killed these people, but humans just like them…

Kill them all…no matter who!

Don’t leave any of them behind.

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