Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 47


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 47 – Backlash

Do you know what human blood tastes like? For Lucius, it was a catalyst for an emotion that was extremely easy to lose control of.

The blood gathered on the floor was too much. The rusty iron smell was dense in the air. Even Lucius himself didn’t know what to do.

The thing that happened in the research base was a perfect example of that. He swallowed all living beings within sight. His Christmas dinner was thousands of lives now residing in him. Thousands of people at the same time.

But now, it was as if Lucius had found another monster who preyed on humans as well. The two soldiers who broke into the room were killed quietly. Lucius, who stood outside the room, immediately smelled their death through the heavy smell of blood, their bodies disappearing after that.

Lucius guessed they were eaten.

What exactly was the presence in the room? A zombie? No… zombies didn’t eat that cleanly. They would feast on human entrails first, before gnawing on muscle tissue later. Provided, of course, that the virus didn’t turn that poor human into a zombie while the zombies were feeding on him.

So, with the Blacklight virus’s rate of infection, usually, after the zombies ate the human corpse’s entrails, that human would almost look like a zombie. Zombies didn’t eat zombies, so most of the zombies that wandered around out there didn’t have intestines, or their intestines were hanging out of their stomach or something.

Enough talking about zombies.

Lucius was now interested in the existence of the room. If he were a normal person when his companion didn’t come out for some time, he would certainly walk into the room out of curiosity, right?

Curiosity killed the cat*, and then he too would get eaten.

But unfortunately, the mysterious being inside the room that was eating humans now facing the vampire that also preys on humans. Will it be another monster vs. monster fight? Although it tickled his interest, Lucius understood that now wasn’t the time to reveal his identity. Although the two A-rank Espers outside couldn’t kill Lucius, they were able to detect his presence.

And now, Lucius had no choice but to disguise himself as a human for the time being. Lucius raised the assault rifle in his hand and walked in. Through his excellent night vision, Lucius didn’t bother shooting the flashlight that came with the gas mask at all. Darkness was the most suitable environment for vampires.

The food pile was indeed something to behold. Lucius looked at the large puddle of blood and scraps of human bones left on the floor. Didn’t your mom tell you not to waste food?

Lucius cautiously walked step by step deeper into the storage room. Playing the role of a human soldier, the gun in Lucius’s hand was not the only weapon he had.

Lucius saw movements in the darkness in front of him. His vampire’s eyes gave him a clear view of the figure standing in the corner of the room.

It was a young girl with long hair tied into a low ponytail, wearing a foreign school uniform. A stunning girl that would stun every eye that looking at her. Of course, that was if you were able to ignore the blood and human remains beneath the young woman.

“Today is my unlucky day.” She turned to look at Lucius, who was wearing a Black Watch uniform, “Why are there so many people bothering me during my meals?”

Because you’re eating too loudly! Idiot… Lucius thought this in his mind but didn’t say anything more with his mouth. Black Watch’s protocol of bidding orders was to carry out the order first, then talk!

“Shoot the target!” Lucius raised the assault rifle high in his hand, but he didn’t expect anything from the gun. After all, the two Black Watch soldiers that had just entered had been easily swallowed by this strange young woman. So she must have a way to deal with the human weapon.

“Well, well…” When Lucius pointed his gun at her, she didn’t dodge. Instead, she put her finger to her chin and looked at Lucius carefully, “You look delicious! The look? No, it’s delicious. I’d be satisfied if I ate you. Why? Why is that?”

Go ask the Gods!

It didn’t matter if the other party didn’t dodge, Lucius didn’t mind, it was the same way he faced human guns anyway. If he wasn’t afraid of pain, Lucius wouldn’t bother dodging as he wouldn’t be killed anyway.

As for the young girl in front of him, Lucius had no idea. But the bullet from his gun didn’t hold back. Lucius pulled the trigger, the tongue of fire flashed across the muzzle of the gun, and a bullet hit the young girl precisely on the forehead. Her body fell stiffly, blood flowed from around her body, her face frozen, maintained the interest expression she had.

Did she die from the shot? Lucius looked at the figure that had simply fallen to the ground, a bullet through the brain.

No, it wasn’t that simple.

Lucius pulled the trigger again, firing a full clip at the dead figure until he ran out of ammunition. Better be safe than sorry. But humans were reckless, that’s why they wreaked havoc.

“There are really too many monsters in this world that bullets can’t kill,” Lucius said, pulling off the empty magazine of his assault rifle and taking out a new clip.

“Sadly, it’s true…”

The young girl’s voice rang in Lucius’s ears.

Wasn’t the body here? Where is it? Lucius looked over his shoulder and saw the smiling face of the young girl. At the next moment, he felt that he was being pointed at by something behind him.

A loud gunshot rang out.

“Cough… “Lucius’s heart was penetrated by the bullet. His body fell forward, and finally, instinctively turned around and sat down against the wall.

Was he going to die again?

Lucius’s vision began to blur, but now within his vision, Lucius could clearly see the dead body lying on the ground, but the young girl who was clearly dead was now standing in front of Lucius. Her clothes changed into a black and red vintage ball gown. The most striking feature was her eyes, one was scarlet red as Lucius’s, and the other one was gold as if a clock was turning it in.

“What a shame… indeed, it’s a shame.” She bent down to look at the dying Lucius in front of her and sighed, “Ah, you clearly killed me once, soldier. But I’m afraid you won’t be able to do it again now.”

Once? Now? What did she mean by that?

Lucius waited for his life to expire, to be reborn. But his opponent wasn’t going to wait. She approached him with a bloodlust smile on her lips. She reached out her hands…

“Because you’re dying… you look even more delicious. But you’re even more tempting than other human beings. Why is that, I wonder?”

She had a deja vu feeling once, that night in the alley. But it wasn’t as strong as it is now. She had a feeling that if she ate the man in front of her, she would be granted a higher power. She took off the gas mask on Lucius’s face, revealing Lucius’s real face. His dying face looked miserable with bloodless pale cheeks, dark circles under his scarlet eyes.

“Oh, wow…” Maybe she didn’t know he was a vampire. Lucius’s appearance was of the fallen angel, both gorgeous and dangerous. Tempting for humans, especially women.

“You’re surprisingly cute.” She reached out and stroked Lucius’s cheek. “So cute, I want to eat you up a whole.”

Does that mean she was going to eat me? Her? Eating me?

“What’s wrong? Why don’t you talk?” She looked at Lucius mockingly amidst her smile, “Ah, so you’re dying? Then I better get started. A dead body won’t taste good.”

The young girl’s body was leaning on Lucius’s body, and her lips were getting closer to Lucius’s body. Lucius’s breathing became heavier, indicating his death was near. But Lucius looked at the young girl’s face and smiled. The exact same smile, he was excited for some reason.

“You… so do you.” Lucius’ voice was weak.

“…what?” The girl was puzzled. She didn’t understand why he was smiling at this situation. Normally, a human would have shown a frightened expression and wanted to flee! But she suddenly felt his face was so familiar as if she had seen him somewhere before.

“I’m talking about you…”

Lucius reached out and grabbed her arm that was caressing his cheek, and a dangerous luster flashed in his scarlet eyes.

What was going on?! This kind of strength…this guy…

A pained expression appeared on the young girl’s face, and Lucius’s strength was clearly hurting her.

“Isn’t your appearance also appetizing? Now, I want to…eat to you too!!!”

Damn it! As a prey, she tried to resist and struggle only to find Lucius’s strength was dozens of times greater than humans. He grabbed her waist, revealing his shark-like teeth and bite down hard on the girl’s smooth, porcelain-like neck.


Her eyes widened, she stared at Lucius. And now, in front of her was not a dying human, but a monster just like her…

His scarlet eyes emitted a light that made her shivered. Thinking of it, the sensation of blood flowing out of her body bit by bit made her remember. She had seen him before! In that middle of that dark alley!

The real monster!

It’s been too long since Lucius last tasted fresh blood. Tasted, not absorbing. The Dead River did a good job of absorbing blood, but he couldn’t taste them. The taste of blood, Lucius did not care to suck the blood of humans whose minds and bodies were filled with desire…

But the blood of the person in front of him was surprisingly delicious.

“Uh… ah…” Lucius’s sharp teeth sank deep in her tender neck, she couldn’t even make a sound anymore, blood flowed down along her neck.

The beautiful gurgling sound kept sounding**, and Lucius licked her neck with his tongue…

The girl blushed madly. Being sucked out of your blood by a vampire was not something unpleasant. On the contrary, the person being sucked would get a greater pleasure, even better than having sex. She was indulged in the pleasure and hugged Lucius’ back with a low moan.

“Mm… anhhh!” Her soft moan turned into a heavy gasp. The girl gradually lost her own consciousness as a large amount of blood had flowed out of her body. A human’s life would be in danger if they lost just a quarter of the blood in their body, and this young girl in front of him was pretty much the same. There wasn’t much blood left in her body, having been drunk by Lucius’s uncontrolled sucking.

Unable to sustain the consumption needed for life, she died.

Lucius loosened his grip and threw the dead girl’s body to the ground, wiping his blood-soaked mouth. A smirk formed from the corner of his lips, “Your taste is truly addictive, Tokisaki Kurumi.”

Lucius looked at the figure standing in front of him once again with a complex look in his eyes.

There were two of her bodies lying on the ground. But once again, she stood in front of Lucius.

Tl’s note

*An idiom. ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ is a proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation.

** vampire sucking blood sound. What a spicy chapter lol.

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