Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 49


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 49 – Ruined Point of Views

Lucius needed that flame. The scorching flame that could melt the steel. Lucius needed it badly now. But this one pawn was in the other’s hands. So, Lucius was going to take him over.

“What about these civilians?”

In the middle of the airport’s shadowy corner, several Black Watch soldiers gathered, including Lucius. The civilians weren’t all killed. There were still about a dozen or so left sitting there at a loss for words. The Black Watch left these civilians behind not because of mercy, but because these civilians’ lives still had many uses. “Take them to the armored vehicle, the professor needs living humans.”

“37, follow me.” The commander pointed to one of the armored vehicles and ordered Lucius to land.

“Yes, sir!”

Lucius wanted to know the whereabouts of the base not for himself, but to retrieve the memories of a certain Major. As Lucius stepped onto the armored vehicle, a drop of blood fell to the ground without anyone noticing. The blood drop then rolled from the bottom of Lucius’s feet all the way to the room filled with dead bodies.

[The Blood Splitter. Cost half a million of despair points.]

Using blood to form a clone. The clone has the strength and speed of the original body, but unable to use special abilities, and the original body could switch place with the clone when needed. That drop of blood was life inside Deas River.

After finding the base, Lucius needed a hero named Su Lei to save the remaining civilians from this place. After Lucius boarded the armored car, perhaps the least crowded one, there were only two civilians. So Lucius only needed to watch them.


What Lucius didn’t expect was that Lucius knew both of the civilians in front of him!

“What the hell are you trying to do?!”

She was obviously in a desperate situation and unarmed. Still, she had the guts to questions in such a tone against the Black Watch soldier that mercilessly had just slaughtered a large number of civilians. Being a journalist, Dana seemed more courageous than normal people. And wasn’t she Alex Mercer’s sister that he was looking for?

“Abducted by force, is the new Federation all a bunch of barbarians? And the unprovoked massacre of civilians just now…” Dana said in an enraged voice, utterly aware that she was now held captive.

“Miss Dana…” the terrified young girl huddled in the corner of the armored car reached out and tugged on Dana’s shirt. She was wearing the uniform of a female high school student, and Lucius knew her. She survived? Lucius gazed at the young girl cowering in the corner and the two attention-stealing bloody holes in her tender neck…a vampire bite marks.

It’s a shame she wasn’t eaten by a zombie, my first lovely dinner, Xia Ying.

For the first time, Lucius felt satisfied with his dinner. Maybe, humans have this thing called ‘improvisation’, and Lucius unconsciously didn’t kill the human. And she’s still alive? What a surprise.

“Damn it… “Dana might have noticed the sound of a loaded gun in Lucius’s hand and sat quietly beside Xia Yung, biting her teeth and whispering something in her ear. Despite their low voices, Lucius could hear them clearly.

“I don’t understand, Xia, you had several chances to leave this hell, and you gave them up. But now, you have to end up here…”

“Is Miss Dana different?” Xia Ye hugged her legs and looked at the Black Watch soldier sitting across from her, expecting something inside.

“I’m looking for my brother…even though he’s infected, I know he’s alive, so I’ve been looking for him. What about you? What reason do you have to stay in this place?”

“……..” Xia Ye subconsciously stroked her neck.

“I want to find… someone, I guess.” She was a little unsure.


“Let’s just say he’s a very kind big brother.” Her bite mark seemed to sting again, and Xia Ye covered her neck. Unsure of what to do.

“It’s really fucked up now anyway, it would be nice if someone came to rescue us.”

Dana’s heart sank, and she stopped talking.

Sorry, girl. That big brother you were looking for was right in front of you. Lucius had no idea how to understand what this human was thinking about now. Obviously, he once attacked her and planned to eat her. Now that she could escape, she came to look for Lucius instead? What the hell were you doing? Throwing yourself in front of your killer?

Although Lucius never expected to run into these two, however, right now, Lucius’s goal wasn’t to suck blood. But to seize a pawn named Su Lei from the New Federation! So Lucius closed his eyes, and the armored car had already driven quite a distance. Fortunately, there was no distance limit to the body exchange. Lucius’s consciousness shifted over to the blood that was at the airport. Then, in a dark corner, it gradually switched into a human body.

The airport where civilians’ bodies were piling up had been abandoned with no one else around. At this time, Lucius was wearing civilian clothes, and Lucius smelled the blood in the air and found his target.


A soldier’s duty is to protect civilians… Isn’t it?

For the first time, Su Lei had confusion towards his own values. Ever since he had joined the army and was given the title Major, it’s been the same thing…

But today, he could only watch civilians died under the guns of so-called soldiers. Su Lei was standing in the waiting room.

Amidst the dead civilians’ piled up bodies, he could not regain consciousness for a long time. Did he do wrong? Where did we go wrong?

“Arghh…” suddenly, Su Lei felt a sharp pain in his arm again.

His time was running out. The virus had spread to Su Lei’s entire arm since that day of fighting that raven. Soon, he, too, would become a monster like those zombies, just like those monsters that were mercilessly shot by the New Federation.

Did he do it right? But… it’s his own fault that these civilians were killed.

What should I do? What do I do next?

Su Lei was in a daze, looking at the bodies…


Su Lei was aware of the signs of life among the bodies. Someone was not dead yet!

Su Lei rushed to a corner of the room, crouched halfway down beside a man stained with blood, and held out his hand to his chest.

The heart…the sound of a heart beating! Su Lei had never been so happy in his life…

“Hold on, I’ll call a rescue team right away!” Su Lei was about to call for a rescue team when the corner of his coat was pulled.

“Someone important for me… has been…taken.” The tiny voice came from the talking ‘survivor’.

“There are…survivors?” Su Lei thought about it, but his brain suddenly tingled, and an inexplicable memory emerged from his brain.

By the time he reacted again, the person in front of him was already dead! But Su Lei’s mind was filled with memories that didn’t seem to belong to him. Someone else was alive. It was the only thing Su Lei knew. He stood up, looking at the direction of the city.

Kidnapped by the Black Watch. He had to redeem himself by rescuing them.

Something called ‘hope’ rose from inside Su Lei’s heart, and he stepped out of the terminal, and the first thing he did was to search for transportation.

“Isn’t it a soldier’s duty to protect civilians?”

Lucius sat at the top of the airport, thin threads made of blood dancing chaotically between his five fingers.

A little trick of the high level of blood manipulation. Being able to temporarily make a certain corpse move according to Lucius’ will.

“What a great way to live. Hurry! Those civilians are waiting for you, the hero, to save them.”

Lucius snapped his fingers, and his body turned to blood and disappeared. His consciousness shifted back to his own body sitting in the armored car once again. Reloading the assault rifle in his hand, the next thing to do was probably…

Completely crushed the Major’s hope in life, then created the emotion called hate. Then, he would eventually become Lucius’s puppet.

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