Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 54


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 54 – The Long Night

“You know what? This building’s external role is as a pet appliance company.”

Lucius found another random house to stay in temporarily and could see the building through the window.


Arthas was now standing behind Lucius, her tail behind her back, starting to wag, wondering what she was thinking about.

“And then I just went to scout out this company.” A few pictures appeared in Lucius’s hand, and he threw them on the table, “The results were unexpected.”

“……. “Arthas picked up the photos on the table and skimmed through a few of them.

“Ar… do you have any thoughts on this?” Lucius leaned against the window, looking at Arthas.

“The fish here… is delicious… the way it is…”

“Not from that storage warehouse!”

“Ooh…that’s a trap?”

“Yes, it’s a trap.” Lucius nodded and took a look at the picture Arthas was holding.

“Right…” and Arthas stretched out her paws and scratched at the photo…

“Not that picture of the cat teasing stick! Wait, aren’t you the Lich King? Why would the Lich King see a teasing stick as a trap?”

“I can’t help it, want to touch it…” Arthas blushed and lowered her head.


She was totally a cat, no… a mix of cat and dog? Lucius glanced at the wagging tail behind Arthas. On the outside, she looked like a noble and cold cat. Inside, her character, especially when facing Lucius, was similar to a loyal dog.

“Look at these pictures together as a whole.”

Lucius pointed at all the photos that Arthas held in her hands. Realizing that Lucius seemed to be a bit angry, Arthas saw through these photos carefully…

“It’s so…ordinary.”

“Correct.” Lucius looked at the photos spread out on the table, “For a pet appliance company, this building is really too ordinary, a little too ordinary. I’ve scouted every corner of this company, I’ve even scouted the floor where I used to be there, but they don’t exist. “

The only thing Lucius couldn’t understand was at this point.

“Inside this building is definitely the same building I just fell from! But no, that lab doesn’t exist anywhere in this building, whether it’s the Black Watch’s troops or those zombie experiments…everything doesn’t exist.”

Lucius suddenly had some idea why the New Federation had been able to keep the A-class ability developers’ program unknown for so long. That Hakein Mustaine guy probably already possessed a technology that was far beyond the level of this world.

“So… where is it?” Arthas had been watching Lucius from a distance, so she witnessed Lucius fall through the window of that building. But now the broken window has been repaired.

“Maybe in another world, or another dimension.”

As a vampire, Lucius wasn’t proficient in human technology. However, he still had a little bit of knowledge in this area.

“Don’t underestimate human intelligence, especially Hakein Mustaine. This experimental base doesn’t exist inside this building, but in the shadow of this building.”

Subspace? Lucius didn’t understand all these troublesome technological theories, but it probably meant another small world. Had mankind’s technology advanced to this extent? It’s terrifying.

“That’s…impossible for me.”

Arthas was a little lost, and her tail and jiggling ears that had been wagging went limp. Indeed, The Lich King had the power to control the dead, but she couldn’t do anything about this spatial thing. There was nothing Lucius could do about it either, vampires weren’t experts in spatial science.


If it was something like warping space or shattering space, Lucius knew someone who seemed good at it. But there’s no guarantee whether she was willing to help or not. And there was not much time to find her. Because now…

“Ar… the guests have arrived.” Lucius sat by the window, looking at the door.

“!” Arthas stands guard in front of Lucius.

In the next moment, the door was suddenly blasted by a violent explosion. A large number of black soldiers with assault rifles in their hands barge into the room soon after.

Black Watch…

Once again, these troops pointed their guns at him.

“Good evening, gentlemen.”

Lucius waved his hand, and Arthas reluctantly stood by Lucius’ side.

So their whereabouts had been discovered? There’s something fishy about the New Federation of China’s excellent information tracking.

“Wanted subject, you’re under arrest! Lucius!”

The New Federation’s A-rank Esper, Mordell, the overall commander of the entire Black Watch troops, even humbled himself by going to the frontline to specifically capture Lucius. No, it should be said that his target was Lucius. Since the last attack on the base, Lucius had been confirmed to be the one spreading the virus. Even as the source of infection. In other words, capturing Lucius would mean that the source of infection had been terminated! The main target of this unit was Lucius!

“What should I do if I get caught? Putting my hands up and surrender?”

The window behind Lucius was suddenly covered by shadows. There was no way to escape from anywhere. Another large amount of pitch-black shadows swept up onto Lucius’s legs, pinning Lucius firmly in place. There was no way to escape anymore!

His opponent had clearly suppressed all of Lucius’s abilities. If he turned into blood, the black figures were fully capable of devouring the blood. If they fought hard, Lucius would certainly die. A-rank Esper…Lucius had no power to kill them yet.

The perimeter around the house was already surrounded by a large number of Black Watch soldiers. By now, they should have known about Arthas’ Scourge Legion as well.

They were surrounded by guns loaded with blessed bullets—what a failure. What a problem… it’s very troublesome…

“This is the end of that ugly smirk. The New Federation of China is not a fool that you can tease at will!”

Mordell did not have a weapon in his hand, the shadows spreading out from the soles of his feet were his weapons. As long as the shadows were obscured by the light, they were his main power.

“I’m not.” Lucius raised his hands in surrender. “I’m not making a fool of the New Federation of China. Or should I say, I wouldn’t dare to make a fool of any human…”


Lucius always maintained that baffling smile on his face.

“Vampire Kind, Lucius, wait for the President himself to crucify you.”

“Oh… that sounds scary.” Lucius couldn’t help but scratch his head, “Then as a last wish, may I know when exactly I started being tracked? Or, when did you find out I was here?”

Dictatorial, that’s how Mordell was. As the only unit directly under the new Federation’s president, Mordell didn’t take orders from anyone.

“From the beginning.” He gestured to the soldiers in the rear, “37 was already dead twelve hours ago. We were notified of every soldier’s death. And you… In disguise, were smart enough to blend in from the start.”

The man was definitely lying, and Lucius had two pieces of evidence to show for it! If it were true, Lucius would have been caught long ago.

“Gee, I thought you guys had spotted my little pet when she was out foraging for food.” Lucius glanced at Arthas next to him.

“Stop the wordplay! No one can easily blend in my army. Not even the so-called intelligence vampire species!”

Mordell ordered the shadows beneath his feet to wrap around Lucius.

“Is that so? Really?” Lucius’s scarlet eyes stared straight at Mordell, “Is that really the case? Are you sure no one else in the army wasn’t human like me? No, this army never had the so-called human consciousness in the first place. But Brigadier Mordell, I have one last question.”

“Are you sure there’s no monster among your human troops?”

“Stop bluffing!”

Mordell didn’t seem to believe it. What a shame. Real shame.

Lucius’s scarlet eyes gazed at Mordell, his lips opened and closed, and he faintly spat out three words.

‘Do it now.’

Not to Mordell. But rather to an ordinary-looking Black Watch soldier behind Mordell!

A sense of danger rose up within Mordell, but in the next second, a pair of claws that were not from a human suddenly pierced through Mordell’s chest.

“He should…die…” Mordell looked at the soldier behind him and suddenly understood what Lucius’s words meant.

In the next second, Mordell’s body was torn apart by this claw…

“Open fire!”

The moment their commander was torn apart, the soldier in the room didn’t panic. But instead firing at the soldier whose arms had turned into claws like a jet-black behemoth. But in the next second, with the soldier’s sweep of the claws. All the humans around him were dismembered. Bloods splattered everywhere across the room.

“How does it feel to devour humans with the body of a monster?” Lucius dropped his raised hand and looked at him, “Alex Mercer!”

Red and dark black overlapping bloody flesh flickered. The Black Watch soldier turned into a man with a black hoody jacket and stood silent.

Virus prototype, Alex Mercer.

“I don’t want to kill them. I’m just trying to find Dana! But it doesn’t seem to work that way.” Alex looked at Mordell’s body on the ground, which apparently wasn’t the original, and disappeared into a dark shadow.

“I know where she is.” Lucius seemed to remember where Alex’s cherished sister was, “Probably in the same place as this Esper right now.”

Lucius pointed out the window to the building.

But a massive wave of black steel appeared above the building below and the street, and the Black Watch’s forces surrounded the building.

“The target is in that building, prepare to open fire!”

The gun muzzles of the tanks and planes were aimed at Lucius’s floor, and the gun muzzles of a large number of human armies outside were also aimed at him. Now that’s a big problem.

“What are you going to do, Alex?” Lucius looked at him.

“Kill…them all!”

Dark claws stained with blood wrapped around Alex’s arms.

“Kill them all?”

That means Alex is on my side!

“Surprisingly, you agree, huh?” Blood surrounded Lucius’s arm.

The moon seemed to be stained by the blood as well.

“It’s going to be a long night, isn’t it?”

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