Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 57


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 57 – The Deal


A vampire.

A race with physics about dozens of times stronger than an ordinary human. Even stronger than a soldier with an exoskeleton armor. He had the ability to turn his body into the blood and manipulate it from a person’s body. Classified as A-rank, a deadly dangerous target.

This was the only information that Mordell had at hand. As long as he was in his shadows, no one could harm him. He waited on the only route to the lab.

‘Come on, vampire, or whatever monster you are… I won’t allow you to go further.’

‘All of the Black Watch’s remaining troops stand guard here.’

‘Come on, monster…’

The shadows from Mordell’s feet flooded the entire entrance.

Finally, after a short while, the door slowly opened. All the soldiers around Mordell raised their guns and pointed them at the door, ready to shoot. Mordell was about to manipulate his shadow to engulf the doorway when…


A childish voice made all the killing that was poised to happen suddenly stop. The petite figure stood in the doorway, looking somewhat timidly at the adults who were aiming their guns at them.

“No… That’s impossible…” Mordell, who had always been able to maintain his composure, was now stunned.

“Daddy… where is daddy?” she gripped the corner of her clothes tightly, her fragile shoulders trembled.

“You’re supposed to be dead…” Mordell tried to take a few steps back, afraid to accept the truth.

“Daddy?” She gazed at Mordell…

“I’m sorry… Minai…” Mordell realized something. Closing his own eyes and looked away, the shadow ripped the tiny body apart, engulfing it in pure darkness.

“Killed her again… You killed your own daughter again.”

After the figure disappeared, Lucius appeared in front of everyone. The soldiers tried to shoot at Lucius. But while they were stunned by the previous scene, Lucius slew them, killing everyone presented in the room except Mordell.

“This is for the New Federation of China!”

“The New… Federation?” Lucius was puzzled, “That child only wanted to meet her father. And you killed her twice…”

“Stop talking nonsense! It’s my duty to protect the country! I can’t meddle my feelings into it!” The shadows on the bottom of Mordell’s feet instantly engulfed Lucius. The pitch-black shadows completely enveloped Lucius’s entire body, tearing apart his body.

However, Lucius’s voice continued.

“Protecting the New Federation, huh? A hero who sacrificed his life for his country? That’s really great. Very noble of you… Then what is this child to you?”

“A burden!”

Mordell swung his arm and kept slicing through the Lucius, which was engulfed in the shadows. But he didn’t notice the pool of blood already gathered on the ground behind him.

“I don’t think so…”

The blood pool formed Lucius’s figure. Mordell turned his head in surprise, but Lucius had already grabbed his neck!

“Then feel it!” Lucius’s scarlet eyes began to emit a dangerous glow as he stared straight at Mordell, “This child always thinks of you, even before she dies! Feel it! Feel this child’s loneliness, her despair!”

Mordell tried to struggle, but his brain was flooded with strange memories that didn’t belong to him. A large number of negative memories flooded into Mordell’s brain and his consciousness was suddenly engulfed by them.

“Even if it’s a clone, your original body can still feel it, right?”

Lucius threw unconscious Mordell to the ground. This one was also a clone.

Lucius looked at the tunnel littered with corpses and blood. He squeezed the glass pendant that hung around his neck.

“I don’t think so.”

It was the same for Lucius.

His next move would be to get that Major out of here. Lucius relied on the Black Watch soldier’s memory and went deeper into the lab. Without these memories, he would undoubtedly get lost in the labs.

Eventually, Lucius walked into a room full of incubation tanks. Most of the incubation tanks emitting a light blue glow were empty, only a small portion of them contained some strange life forms. Maybe it’s an infected Black Light virus body, maybe an alien. In any case, none of the contents were normal creatures.

In the center of this room, Lucius didn’t see Su Lei. But instead, a figure in a white lab coat stood.

“Why are you still here, Professor Hakein? I thought you already escaped.”

The one standing in front of Lucius was the New Federation of China’s most brilliant scientist, Hakein Mustaine.

“I don’t think escape is an option when being chased by someone that bears the name of Alucard.” Hakein was straightly open-minded.

“So, that means you’ve given up on escaping?”

“I’m not going to do useless things.” Hakein held a small scalpel in his hand. “Instead of wasting time running away, I’d rather use it to study the virus, draw more knowledge, and explore more interesting things.”

You would even risk your own life for knowledge and research?

That’s one hell of a mad scientist.

“Are you interested in the Blacklight virus?” A scarlet liquid vial appeared in Lucius’s hand. “This vial contains the virus. But it’s a shame, professor Hakein. You won’t be able to research it after you’re dead.”

Lucius caught the flicker of longing in Hakein’s eyes.

Humans, no matter who, they were always filled with one thing.


By knowing what their desires are, you can take control of them.

“I remember you defected your country for the New Federation of China, right?”

“Because other countries would have banned me from conducting A-rank Esper development trials.”

Because the New Federation allowed it, so he came here? What an immoral scientist. No, not really…. Immorals are better.

“This vial is yours.” Lucius tossed the vial containing the Blacklight virus to Hakein.

“I don’t remember vampires being creatures who like to give others.” Hakein caught the vial, unable to understand what Lucius was after.

“We vampires do like to give people a gift called death, so this is a trade…”

He had a rough plan. But now that he met this guy, he had to improvise.

“You think I’ll be loyal to you?”

Light reflected on Hakein’s glasses, making Lucius unable to see his eyes.

“I don’t need your loyalty to me! I just need your loyalty to science! You can do anything to explore something new, right? Then I’ll give you something new to explore! There is only one condition of the trade!”

Loyalty to science?

Hakein placed the vial containing the Black Light Virus into his pocket.


“It must be easy for you to inject the New Federation’s most prized weapons with these viruses.”

“The most…prized weapon? Is that what you’re after?”

Connecting all the puzzles, Hakein suddenly understood Lucius’s plan.

“It’s terrible. If it works, the whole world will be flooded with these viruses. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t care what happens to this world. I’ll do it after this accident, even if I’m already suspected by the New Federation. Because… I want to witness the moment when these viruses flooded the entire world.”

There’s a desire for destruction within every human being.

Was the negotiation over?

If Lucius had the time to travel all over the New Federation, he didn’t really need to ask Hakein. It didn’t matter even if he ended up deceiving Lucius. It was just an optional branching route. After killing Su Wuye, Lucius could do it himself. So, his main goal now was to kill Su Wuye.

“You’d better not touch the experimental body here.” Hakein, who already considered Lucius as his boss, spoke with ease, “There are some frightening existences in there.”

Frightening existences?

Lucius looked at incubation tanks. The monsters contained within them were indeed more hideous, literally like the monsters that were put together from unknown material in a cheap horror sci-fi movie.

“Especially this one, it’s the most dangerous one.” Hakein pointed to the one at the very end of the incubator.

The most dangerous?

Lucius turned his head to look at the one incubator at the end.

Indeed… It was indeed the most dangerous one. Lucius was certain that this one would devour all other monsters in the incubation tanks.

But, no… his appearance was the most normal, the most ordinary human appearance.

If he wasn’t floating naked inside the incubation tank, someone might think he was a fragile and skinny girl who needed protection.

But he was indeed male. And Lucius knew who he was.

“Having your human body again, Yuri?”

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