Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 59


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 59 – Useless Justice

Lucius headed into the room where Su Lei was held.


As the door opened, a large group of armed soldiers appeared, protecting the laboratory behind them.

“Get out of my way…”

Yamato Blade at Lucius’s hands emitted a light blue luster as he flickered his blade. And then, a large number of dark blue traces appeared in the space in front of him, which sliced through the soldiers. Their sliced bodies scattered, fell to the ground, and formed pools of blood. Then, Lucius walked into the center of the laboratory. 

“What have you become?”

The soldier’s fresh blood stained the entire laboratory. In the middle of it, Su Lei was lying in bed. The Yamato blade easily sliced off the bandages that were binding Su Lei. Su Lei sharply stood up as soon as he opened his eyes, gasping for fresh air. He observed the view around him, the mutilated human corpses on the floor, and finally at Lucius, who was standing in front of him.

“As promised,” Lucius stretched out his hand, “I’m here to save you, Su Lei…now I’ve paid off your favor.”

“Those humans, did you kill them?” Su Lei looked at the bodies piled up on the ground.

“This is how we survive.” Lucius didn’t deny it at all.

“Umm…” A soft whimper sound made Su Lei glanced at Lucius. A young figure hid behind him, timidly looking at his direction.

“Don’t be afraid, Yuri.”

“But… But, master Lucius… He’s… he’s a human…” he stuttered as if he was terribly afraid of Su Lei. “The human who…killed me…”

Ah…right, Yuri had fought with Su Lei at that time. After the infection stormed out and turned him into a giant infected body, of course. Now Yuri was acting more like a frightened dog rather than an infected person.

“Human…” the Su Lei lowered his head in silence for a few seconds, holding up his arm that had been completely corrupted by the virus. “I think the human part of ‘Su Lei’ is dead… killed by a human.” His other arm burned with scorching fire, incinerating the corpses on the ground.

“The one inside me is a dead soul. And soon, the virus will devour every part of my body.” Su Lei got off the bed. “Do me a favor, Lucius…” he found some bandages by the hospital bed and bandaged his infected hand. “Tell me what can I do to help keep you safe, before I turn into one of those monsters.”

“…keeping me safe?” Lucius looked at Su Lei, puzzled.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t give up my identity as a human.” Su Lei’s arms were encircled by the bandage, but the blood-soaked those white bandages.

‘Does that mean you don’t want to join us? That was a pity.’ Lucius’s hand was slightly resting on the hilt of the Yamato Blade, but…

“But I want to save you! Lucius…” and Su Lei reached out, pressed his hand on Lucius’s shoulder, stared straight at him, and looked at Yuri again. “It’s a miserable way for monsters to end up in the hands of humans. I thought… at least, now, I could do something to keep you safe. You are already planning for that, right? A plan to give you a place to stay in this world?”

Ah… Yes. Of course, Lucius had a plan, that was, after slaughtering all the humans in the world, the world would belong to us, monsters. But the Su Lei in front of him still couldn’t give up his identity as a human…


Mercy only belongs to human beings!

“I understand that you hate humans, and I don’t expect you to forgive those humans. But, those innocent civilians had nothing to do with those who persecuted you…”

“What if my plan is to crush the entire New Federation?” Lucius slapped away, Su Lei’s hand on his shoulder, “Killing the president of the New Federation of China?”

He was once a Major in the New Federation, it must be hard for him.

“That…” Su Lei didn’t hide his hesitation.

“Su Lei, you know that the entire New Federation is now looking for me. And if I don’t destroy them, I will never truly have a place in this world.”

“I can protect you!”

“Protect me? How long can you protect me?” Lucius asked him back, “Major, you are really powerful, but how long can you protect me? Your body will soon be infected with the virus, and you’ll just be a mindless monster, then what? Can you beat that man? Can you defeat Su Wuye by yourself alone?”

“But Lucius… The president, he…”

“He didn’t protect those people called ‘civilians’!!!”

Lucius raised his voice, and the sharp edge of the Yamato Blade rested on top of Su Lei’s neck. His scarlet eyes flooded with a dangerous glow that made people tremble to behold. “Don’t you understand? Su Lei! What did those humans do to you after you were captured?!”

“I know you’ll be dead if you get caught, that’s why I want to save you, Lucius! There must be some other solution, we don’t have to…”

“Destroy the New Federation…?” Lucius finished Su Lei’s hanging sentence. The blade against Su Lei’s neck suddenly withdrew.

“……. “

Su Lei rubbed the gaping wound on his neck and looked at Lucius, who suddenly calmed down and then at Yuri, hiding behind Lucius and trembled.

“Come with me, I’ll show you your beloved New Federation of China. No, what did that man, Su Wuye, did to you.”

Lucius headed deeper into this base. Su Lei dragged his weary body to keep up with Lucius.

There were many things involved in this base, including the A-rank Esper development program. An inexplicable sense of Deja Vu appeared when Su Lei walked into this part of the base. About this program…

There were dark red spots on the metal-forged floor. A faint smell of blood floated in the air.

I was…made? The thought kept circling inside Su Lei’s brain.

‘You have to devour them to get stronger.’

‘You have to devour them in order to survive.’

‘Devour… all of them… your own family, your brother… all of them…’

‘The lucky guy who survived…’

A pained expression showed on Su Lei’s face. He fell on his knees, hands covering his forehead… his gaze blurred.

It’s working.

“You remember now?” Lucius looked at Su Lei, who had returned to his senses.

“I…will help you destroy the New Federation of China.” The man, who never cried, had tears spilling out of the corners of his eyes, dripping onto the ground. “But…when it’s all over, please end my life and don’t make me a monster again!”

“Don’t you want to become an infected person and continue hurting others?”

Lucius reached out his hand to Su Lei, who fell to his knees.

“Of course.”


Su Lei reached out his hand and firmly grasped Lucius’s stretched out arms.

He successfully obtained another piece. The next step would be…



Deep in the base, a sudden roar was heard.

It was Alex.

Did something happen? After all, this base was…

Lucius sprinted over to the sound direction.

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