Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 85


Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 85, Level 1: Release of The Dead River.


A hundred miles away, Belial screamed out in hysteria, and the pages began to fly around him! He was triggered! 

Like a dying lion opened its bloody maw and pounced at Xerath!

“Flesh and Blood! How fragile!”

The arcane energy in Xerath’s body gathered again. No matter how powerful a lion is, it’s nothing against a dragon!


Another explosion, no less than a small nuclear blast, was seen. Xerath’s spells were all damaging the terrain around the battlefield. 

This also led the people fighting Lucius grew uneasy. 

“Ah, humanity’s last shelter has also been destroyed.” 

Three Espers stood in front of Lucius, each with the physical ability not much different from him. There’s also the ghostly exorcist, Van Helsing. The later one’s purpose was unclear. It was as if he was being forced to come. It’s really vague if he came here to wage a crusade war on Lucius or out for an outing. In short, Lucius felt Van Helsing came here just to witness an epic moment. 

An epic moment for the end of humanity, of course. 

“Everything will be over once we kill you!” 

Recalling how atrocious the A-rank Espers method of birth was, they had been crawling on the brink of death for countless years since the beginning of their development. No matter how shocking things were, they always found a way to cope with the situation. 

“I remember you were saying the same thing three minutes ago.”

Lucius patted the dust off his body. Xerath’s bombardment just now had made the dust and debris flying around, making Lucius looked dirty. With a small amount of blood, all the dirt disappeared from his body. 

“What now?” Lucius pointed at the distance. The scene looked like the game God of War III. Kratos, the God of War, bravely wielded the Blade of Athena against the Ocean God, Poseidon, whose body was dozens of times bigger than his own body. Right now, Xerath was the God, but Belial certainly wasn’t the god slayer! 

“I didn’t want to fight head-on, but escaping in disgrace. Oh, it’s not escaping. I think a ‘strategic retreat’ is more suitable. After all, humans always make excuses for their failures.” 

Lucius hadn’t realized this situation yet. Let’s not mention that a vampire hunter who seemed to have the ability to kill Lucius just acted like he was on a day trip to the wasteland. The three Espers in front of him had long been murderous. Their hatred won’t be relieved even if they kill Lucius hundreds of times! 

After Lucius’s mockery, the Espers felt like they won’t be able to understand their hatred even after killing him. Because Lucius’ words poked at them hard. 

That’s right, escape…

Since the beginning, humanity had always been running away from the virus. The ubiquitous Blacklight virus is squeezing the humans’ survival. Wherever the virus went, the crowd ran frantically for their lives. 

The feeling of abandoning their own country and leaving their homeland they had experienced it before. Having escaped all along, they understand it’s impossible to beat the virus!

It had destroyed their country, their lives! As an A-ranked Espers, they should’ve been enjoying their best days in their own countries. The ordinary people adored the A-rank Espers as heroes. 

But what now? A puny little vampire descends from the sky with his virus and destroys everything they know! 

Country, family, lovers, friends…

Everything was stripped away from them.

Now, all they wanted was revenge! 

“Your subordinate’s power doesn’t represent your own power!” After several attacks, Lucius didn’t show much fearsome strength. “And now, you’re all alone! Die, vampire! I’ll make you regret the things you did to my father!” 

The building around Su Mingye hardened into steel and lunged at Lucius. 

But Lucius didn’t dodge. He carefully studied the young man’s face. 

“Father? This metal controlling ability… ah, you must be the son of that Su Wuye guy.” Lucius carefully searched his memories. At the same moment, Su Mingye’s attack almost reached him.

“Go to hell!” 

As the words fell, a forest made of spiked steel ran through the spot where Lucius had just stood. But his voice didn’t disappear. 

“Ah, that’s really touching. I killed your father, right. Say…” Lucius was standing atop one of the tallest spikes of the steel forest that had burst out from the ground. The spike couldn’t penetrate his skin. He looked down at the three Espers below. “…do you wish to see your father again? He was… a very powerful man. Very mature and stable.” 

“You’ll meet my father in hell!” Su Mingye’s arm swung again, and the spikes grew from the ground again, trying to pierce Lucius’ body. But instead, Lucius landed on the ground. Shook his head and stared at the three Espers.

“You’ll see him again here, then. Here, it’s very close to hell.” A strange power suddenly escaped from Lucius’ body, Su Mingye’s back shivered for a moment. 

That elusive smile once again appeared on Lucius’ face. 

The moon in the sky was brightly glowing with a red mane. 

“What are you guys looking at?!” 

Su Mingye felt something horrifying was coming out of Lucius’s body! 

It has to be stopped! It has to be stopped! It has to be stopped… Before this guy unleashed that thing that made him feel horrible!

“He’s just a man! You’re not afraid, are you?!”

Su Mingye looked sideways at the two Espers that froze, and an incredulous look appeared on both of their faces!

Following their gaze, he was stunned. 

Lucius’ index finger and thumbs danced together in a strange pattern. Exposing the scarlet magic seal on the back of his hand

We’re being watched! Su Mingye choked on his words. He felt himself being gazed upon by million pairs of eyes! 

What the hell is wrong with this guy?! Su Mingye looked behind Lucius. It was a world filled with countless scarlet blood. Amidst the world, thousands of scarlet eyes cracked open, gazing with lust for every living being!

Finally, Van Helsing lowered the brim of his hat as he took a step backward and disappeared without a trace. 

What the hell was that? The souls of the dead? A torture place? It’s hell?! The place where the souls of the dead were tortured endlessly! The world of the lost dead souls, of the never-ending wanderings. It’s the definition of hell! Torturing the human soul and plunging it into the cycle of reincarnations! 

Vampires were hell themselves! They will suck human’s blood, as well as their souls. Sealing them inside their ‘hell’, never-ending torture! Becoming the vampire’s slaves for all eternity!

Right now… all Lucus had to do was to get these slaves, the dead souls, back to the real world! Massive amounts of blood flowed on the ground, and this grey world was beginning to be rendered scarlet! A small ball of blood floated out beside Lucius, and something was coming out from the blood on the ground.

What the hell is that? Fear caused Su Mingye to back away as Lucius’ smile adorning this crazy world. The dead begin to revive, resurrected again in this world, thirsting for the breath of the living…shrieking and seeking, tearing apart everything that lives!

“Thank me! For I have fulfilled your wishes before your demise!”

The blood on Lucius’ feet gradually formed several human forms. At the moment, it stopped transforming…

“Let’s go meet the people you missed!” 

“No…way…” Su Mingye stared blankly at the tall figure standing beside Lucius. Donned in the New Federation of China’s uniform. A solemn face, body, and heart made of steel! 

The man who ruled the New Federation of China! The one who led the country to its prosperous era! 

The man named Su Wuye was standing beside the man who had destroyed his country! 

That was Lucius’ power… 

Dead River… 

By sucking human blood, he also imprisoned their souls in the Dead River forever. 

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