Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 9


In the dark of the night, a man escaped in a dark alley. 

Sun Qi had no idea how long he had been running for. He was surrounded by the howls of those monsters! Once humans, now they had completely changed to feed on humans!

But what really scared Sun Qi was the scene just now. Fangs, blood, and eyes that made people tremble to the point where they couldn’t move. That man…

That man… is a monster!

Sun Qi leaned against the deserted alley and gasped for breath. Sun Qi knew his own cowardice. He could never forget the desperate look in the eyes of the classmate he promised to protect. 

“I’m sorry, Xia Ying.” Sun Qi whispered under his breath. On this silent night, the wind was cold, even in the alley. 

“It’s freezing too.” 


The sudden voice caused Sun Qi to fall on the ground in fear. The dirt-stained his school uniform as the shadow enveloped Sun Qi. Before him, those scarlet eyes appeared once again. Lucius stood at the entrance of the alley, gazing at the miserable wid. 

“What… what did you do to Xia Ying?” He asked with a shaky voice. He probably already had the answers in his mind.

“That girl?” Lucius pondered a little. Then told him with a smiling face, “Of course I ate her bit by bit. That girl tastes delicious. Especially her desperate screams. It’s wonderful.” 

Teasing with his prey before killing it. He unconsciously developed a taste for it as well. 

“Please don’t do that… Leave me alone, please…” 

Death had come to pick him up. But Sun Qi didn’t want to die! He fell backward on the ground while Lucius reached to grab him. Just before his hand grabbed Sun Qi, a gunshot sound pierced through the night. Almost hit Lucius’ arms before finally landed on a puddle of water in front of Sun Qi. Splashing the water on his face, snapping him back to his senses. 

Run! Sun Qi did the right to save his life at the moment while Lucius was still stunned by the sudden bullets. He stood up and began to run backward as fast as he could. The direction of the bullets came from a central hospital surrounded by zombies. 

“Shit!” Lucius definitely wouldn’t let Sun Qi escape and reached out his hand to grab Sun Qi. He just needed to grab Sun Qi’s ‘heart’. But another gunshot was shot! 

Lucius could feel a fast spinning bullet that nearly hit his ear and shot into the ground on the side. When he regained his senses, Sun Qi had miraculously passed through the horde of zombies and ran into the central hospital. 

Who the hell was that? Lucius wasn’t annoyed because his prey escaped. He looked up, searching for the gunman. That gunman clearly had no intention of killing him. If he did, the first bullet would kill him. The mid-rank vampires were still vulnerable against guns. 

The hospital was an eight-story building. From the alley, Lucius could clearly see with his superb night vision. A black muzzle was sticking out of the window of one of the rooms on the third floor. 

Lucius had an in-depth knowledge of human weapons. After all, in order to collapse them, he must first understand his opponent’s power. Humans vs. vampires had gone into war for centuries. 

SVD*? Tch… you can get such weapons in this country? 

From his extraordinary vision, he could clearly see the gun. It was an SVD sniper rifle made by the Soviets. Lucius couldn’t determine the specific model, but he saw the sniper, it was a man around 30 years old. 

The sniper’s eyes weren’t cold, nor did he have any killing intent. The moment they locked eyes, he understood what he meant. 

“Get out of here.”

The gun remained pointed at Lucius’s body and didn’t move away, but the gunman’s finger was on top of the trigger.

You want me to leave? Humans… worry about yourself first. Lucius hesitantly held up his hands in the air as a surrender gesture. Stepping back into the alley. 


The zombies that had been roaming idly on the streets were stimulated by the scent of human flesh as Sun Qi ran past them. Immediately went berserk and banged at the hospital’s door. More and more zombies surrounded the hospital area, and they had smelled the scent of the living people inside! 

Devour the living! The zombies were pounding wildly on the hospital’s glass door. It looked like they wouldn’t last long.

The sniper went pale at the sight of furious zombies pounding the door. Defending this hospital to death was the only way since many people took refuge inside the hospital. 

“Since you stole my prey.” Lucius raised his hand, a dark black object appeared, “Then you will become the prey!”

Shit! The sniper was late to react. The moment he was about to pull the trigger, Lucius had already thrown the object from his hand. 

It was a High Explosive Grenade! 

[Despair Points Exchange: 100 points.]

One hundred lives for a grenade! 

The group of walkers in front of the door exploded. But it wasn’t a problem.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for your dinner!” Reflected in Lucius’ eyes were the flames spread out at the hospital entrance. The violent explosion directly blew open the hospital’s closed door. The zombies engulfed by the flames and explosions fell to the ground. But the horde of zombies stepped on their fallen comrades and rushed into the hospital.

The scent of living humans made them berserk!

“This crazy bastard!!!”

When Lucius really blew open the hospital doors, the sniper’s eyes turned red with anger. His rage made him pull the trigger aimed at Lucius’ head. But this time, he really missed it. 

Lucius’ shifted his forehead slightly sideways, easily dodging the bullet. 

You’ve been aiming at my head for so long, do you really think I can’t dodge it?!

Lucius looked at the horde of zombies that swarmed into the hospital, making shuddering growling noises. He thought that there was going to be another good show to watch tonight. The sniper didn’t fire a second shot as he had already packed his gun and left. For him, the zombies that were about to hunt down every living creature were even more deadly than Lucius!

“Let’s see how far the zombies could push humans.” 

Lucius walked through the alley and walked along the street towards the hospital. The zombies engulfed by the explosion kept crawling up beside Lucius. They still relentlessly crawled towards the hospital even if they lost their legs and arms. Because inside, there were humans! Living humans! Fresh meat…a delicious dinner! Lucius casually walked along with the zombies as they weren’t attracted to vampires. 

The moment he stepped on the hospital hall, he could hear the women’s screams and men’s roars upstairs. The pristine white hospital walls were now stained with blood. The previously neat and tidy lobby had become messy. 

Thanks to the speed of the Black Light Virus’s chain infection, those humans turned into zombies in no time. As soon as the Virus-infected a human’s body, it would devour and assimilate the ordinary human cells within seconds, instantly turning them into mindless zombies. 

“This is an evolution.” Lucius walked up the stairs to the second floor. He saw screaming people frantically running around, chased by the zombies who had ascended to the second floor. Most of them were dressed in doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms, but a few were also wearing patient’s clothing. Their running speed looked ridiculous compared with the zombies.

The zombies swarmed over them, and they instantly fell down. The zombies’ agility and strength were several times stronger than humans, making them perfect hunting machines. Ripping the human flesh with their claws and teeth.

Blood splattered everywhere, accompanied by desperate screams. The humans huddled in this hospital became the zombies’ meal right now. 

Lucius thought the Black Light Virus was originally a virus to strengthen the host’s body and evolve them. Weren’t you humans thirsty for power?

Lucius walked on the third floor and watched a zombie tearing at a disfigured corpse at the corner of the stairs. The bite strength of an ordinary human could never reach the level of ripping the flesh apart alive, but the zombies’ strength could do it. It’s all because they got stronger! It’s exactly the powers that mankind craves, so accept it. 

Lucius reached the third floor. The lights were dim, and a few zombies destroyed everything that passed along the hallway. Those newly turned zombies were several times stronger than they were before. Not to mention, they could evolve into a Level-2 infected life form. 

Like the scenario with the Hunter, just an infected life form could single-handedly overturn an entire military barrack. Although it was a sneak attack, no one would deny its power. 

“Weak, powerless people could do nothing but being eliminated from this world.” 

As Lucius walked through the corridors of the third floor, he encountered a man running in panic, dressed as a doctor who looked to be in his thirties. There was a zombie that was chasing the man behind. 

He bumped into Lucius, his obese body lost balance and fell to the ground. Lucius just continued to walk forward as if he didn’t see him. But the man grabbed Lucius’ leg.

“Help me!”

The zombie was getting closer. His face was bruised by the injuries from the fall. But his eyes were filled with a desire to live.

“Please! Help me… I…I’m the son of the director of this…hospital… I can pay you! Cash! As much as you want. So please, help me!”

Lucius’s scarlet eyes glanced at the miserable wretch.

Coward people… could only be eliminated. Lucius kicked his fat body directly at the zombie.


Having its dinner thrown at it, the zombie growls with excitement. Without further hesitation, it leaped to the fat man, tearing him apart freely. 

“Enjoy your meal.”

Lucius waved his hand at the zombie, which was supposed to be a greeting… But zombie had lost all of its senses and only had its eyes on the delicious blood and flesh. Shortly after, the sound of bones and bits of flesh being chewed sounded harsh to hear.

Lucius just shrugged it off and continued walking in the corridor. Zombies preyed on humans. They were never picky about what they ate. Lucius, however, was a picky eater. His target now was people that he would enjoy killing. Sun Qi, who knew his secret, was considered as one. As well as the sniper that stole his prey. 

“The hide-and-seek time is over.” Lucius scanned the corridor, sniffing the scent of blood in the air, and finally found Sun Qi’s blood scent in the room at the end of the corridor, near the stairs. 

“It’s my turn to hunt you down.”

Lucius cracked open his mouth with an excited smile and slowly walked towards the room.

TL’s note 

*Dragunov sniper rifle aka SVD rifle


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